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<nettime> Acessing Time Warner

[ok, this is old news, but besides it's poetic qualities, good news -
regarding the possiblities of 'infowar' - problem is that the *hacking ethics*
is really centered around finding security loopholes and just NOT abusing
it. because, really,  what would have happened if some nasty stupid lines of
text would have scrolled over millions of tv-users? showing that the net is
bigger then the net, and that its system borders  fundamentally providing a
certain degree of permeability. have a look at the screen shots!  /p]

source: http://www.antionline.com

Time Warner Network Compromised

              A hackgroup known as "Legions of the Underground"
              have gained access to a section of the Time Warner
              Cablevision Network. The hackers have apparently not
              only gained access to video and data monitoring stations,
              but also claim to have (with a good deal of proof backing
              them up, including screenshots, logs, and server files):

              access to nexus modulater (channel spanning)
              direct terminal access to lan and sparc stations
              remote access to fiber networks
              direct terminal access to channel switching
              access to com satellite
              HDSL remote access concentrator
              frame relay/isdn Access Router
              access to several webservers including:

              The attack was apparently originated at the west valley
              location in Chatsworth, CA. The hack, according to the
              legions, did not take place via the internet, but rather by
              directly dialing into the machines in question. The
              hackers said they found these machines by scanning a
              range of numbers that they suspected may be related to the
              Time Warner network. Time Warner was apparently
              unaware that their security had been compromised before
              a staff member from AntiOnline contacted them. Time
              Warner representatives have refused to comment on the
              situation at the time this story was published. The Legions
              of the Underground tell AntiOnline that they had help with
              these series of attacks from a founding member of the
              "MOD". The Master of Downloading made national news
              when they were able to gain access to sensitive military
              software used to monitor the Defense Informations
              Systems Network which is run by the DISA.

Time Warner Network Compromised
Interview With The Legions of the Underground

              Here's AntiOnline's interview with Legions of the
              Underground founder, Optiklenz. The interview took
              place via irc (internet relay chat), but the hacker's identity
              was verified via several methods. JP is AntiOnline
              founder John Vranesevich. (Please Note: The interview
              does not appear in full. Sections were edited out to
              protect the identity of the hackers, and the security of the
              Time Warner Network)

              JP - so what exactly did you gain access to?
              Optiklenz - ok
              Optiklenz - i'll list things we have access to
              Optiklenz - i at home have direct link access to their
              channel modulater which allows for channel spanning and
              frequency correction
              Optiklenz - that basically means if one of your cable
              channels are screwy and unwatchable im probably
              playing around =]
              Optiklenz - because by changing channel frequncies you
              change the channels status and outlook
              Optiklenz - that comes in with digital channel
              modifications using a program ran remotley on their
              systems called "commander plus"
              JP - so you have the ability to literally shut down cable
              Optiklenz - sure do
              Optiklenz - i am also able to switch channels
              JP - have you put this theory to the test? to see if you can
              actually accomplish it?
              Optiklenz - I have for a few seconds out of curiousity
              JP - and it worked?
              Optiklenz - and it turns out things worked out as planned
              JP - What else do you have access to?
              Optiklenz - i have access to their communications
              JP - "access to their communications satellite", what sort
              of "access"
              Optiklenz - I can change the different frq's sent out by the
              Optiklenz - as you know most cable company's have
              switched from analog boxes to digital
              Optiklenz - thats all controlled by satellite
              Optiklenz - i have the capability to add channels and
              remove channels or deduct how many channels one
              digital box can receive
              JP - you have this access how?
              Optiklenz - direct dailup
              JP - how did you gain access
              JP - or find the dial-up numbers
              JP - in the first place?
              Optiklenz - we already have the number for their
              modulater so from there all i had to do was scan with the
              prefix and drag out other #'s and since i have access to
              one thing i than found i had access to many other things
              only high level company techs would have access to
              JP - what is a "modulator"
              Optiklenz - a modulater is something that controls on the
              Optiklenz - for example
              Optiklenz - they use something called a nexus modulater
              and every channel has a distinct station with 1 modulater
              Optiklenz - so you have 1 modulater that will control
              channel 1 and another that will control channel 2
              JP - ok
              JP - conroll it how?
              Optiklenz - it can be controlled by certain commands
              given in a terminal location or through a program which
              is used to make the interface easier for the cluebies that
              work there
              Optiklenz - =]

[ the graphics are here:

thanks to John Vranesevich for giving the permission to republish]
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