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<nettime> Re: Net Criticism 2.0/network extension

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Jordan Crandall wrote:

> ... We
> are beginning to understand how fraught critical positions are now - how
> contradictory, how hypocritical, how implicated...
> ... Here is a good exercise for us...
> ... the intellectual
> vanguard "is in fact a reactionary force trying to protect its political
> patrimony by imposing traditional interpretations and ideals."

Many squelched and chastised voices have been restating these objections
for years! The bloated, pompous and decrepit institution of the vanguard
will adopt and absorb any rhetoric as long as its increasingly insular
mandates and critical-career positions are maintained. These institutions
must _first_ be dismantled and discounted. 

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