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1...Postmaster 100........Radio 100 Newsletter
2...alex galloway.........SPLASH/XREF/SUPPORT Info
4...Pat Bentson...........Leonardo Electronic Almanac Launches
                          New Work by Tina LaPorta
5.........................sTALK 9
6...Andreas Broeckmann....Politics & Internet conference,
                          Finland, January '99
7...Geert Lovink..........park


Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 22:25:30 +0200
From: Postmaster 100 <>
Subject: Radio 100 Newsletter

 R * A * D * I * O   1 * 0 * 0    N * E * W * S *L * E * T * T * E * R

* Is The Netherlands a totalitarian capitalist system wherein only things
  generating money count and the rest is irrelevant/subversive/a hobby?

* Under politically pressure Radio 100 (Amsterdam) moved from the
  98.3 FM to the 99.3 FM in the beginning of july (1998).
More info on:
  - English:
  - Dutch  :

* A big support festival will be held at Saturday the 25th of july
  from 15:00 CET untill 06:00 CET on the (re-)squatted ADM terrain in
  Amsterdam. The festival will also be broadcasted in the RealAudio
  format on the website. An IRC chat will be availlable to.
More info on:
  - English:
  - Dutch  :
  - ADM    :

* Please be don't be upset as you receive this mail without asking for
  it. The list was created (and is maintained) manually, you and all
  the other people in our addresbook are working with or showed intrest
  in free media and are considdered important for the existance of it.
  The format of these maillings is "under construction". We don't want
  to waist any bandwith or any of your time. We will try to compact all
  information as much as possible and will often point to pages on the
  website ( ) for more background data.

* The climate for us free ether broadcasters is changing like
  the whole media-world is changing under influence of the new
  technologies which came availlable the last years. Unlike before the
  end of the 90's, many channels are availlable now, finally making a
  crack in the monopoly of "the Hilversum sound". Many more dj's had
  to be employed thus the content automatically became more varied and
  "alternative" sounds got their chance to be played on the media. This
  effect makes the (pure) free (ether) radio seem less neccesary and
  makes it more vulnarable to be taken out of the air. Because of the
  mayor differences between commercial radio and "community radio" we
  think that it is important to not let this happen and call for all
  the support we can get. Community radio has to become an accepted
  fact in the dutch broadcasting culture (like in many other countries
  in the world) to safeguard the free voice and to leave room for
  experiment and art.

* For people who don't know it yet Radio 100 is 100% non-legal,
  non-commercial and it is run totally by "the people" themselves,
  prooving for more then 15 years that that not leads to
  chaos/filth/agitation and other bad things but to a good functioning
  group who binds people from all ages and cultures and gives them a
  good vibe, ideas, comfort, cultural information and more. It also
  shows that running a station like Radio 100 can be done for
  considderably lower costs then the "official" radio. We are
  completely listener/member sponsored so it doesn't cost the
  government anything, very much unlike the "established media"
  who consume exorbitant amounts of money, what a waist..

* Hopefully this message reaches you in time to tell you about our
  biggest support party yet, Sat 25th july, on the ADM terrain in
  Amsterdam. This is where on the moment the subculture/3th circuit/
  bands and other artists again try to establish a place where
  initiatives can grow. It is a old, big shipyard re-squatted after
  (again) years of non-use. Them like us and many others still get
  kicked around the city for big money projects involved with "the
  selling of amsterdam" to tourists and big bussiness people.
  Come over there if you can, there's free busses from the Central
  Station and "Station Sloterdijk" or try to link up over the web,
  there will be a live connection all day! Check the website during
  the festival for where to connect.

* Because of the amount of work this (worldwide) NewsLetter for the
  moment is availlable only in the English language. As we progress
  with our online activities hopefully soon more people will come to
  aid with the web-related activities.

* We are intrested in what you think about the Radio 100 NewsLetter.
  Would you like to see a monthly publication? Want deep interviews
  on free media? Rich HTML? Interactivity?

  Write us at !!


Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 19:20:37 -0400 (EDT)
From: alex galloway <>

Dear friends of RHIZOME:

RHIZOME is pleased to announce three major changes to our web


RHIZOME inaugurates SPLASH, four rotating splash pages designed by net
artists Shu Lea Cheang,, Jake Tilson and Maciej Wisniewski. SPLASH
is an open-ended internet art series that showcases prominent internet
artists and designers with net art created specially for RHIZOME. Reload on to view all four. Artists to follow in this series
include Daniel Garcia Andujar and


RHIZOME implements "Xref" cross-referencing, a smart browsing feature
designed to enhance the reading experience at RHIZOME--making it more
rhizomatic. Now, all articles link automatically to other related articles.
Xref may be by "name," "title," "place," or "keyword." This new feature is
meant to contextualize each text so readers can easily navigate the
substantial new media art discourse that RHIZOME has been hosting and
archiving for more than two years.


Pioneering the future of arts funding, RHIZOME announces a secure online
donation form. RHIZOME is a nonprofit arts organization that needs help to
survive. Now, RHIZOME supporters can make online contributes to RHIZOME at

+ + +

RHIZOME is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the public
interest in and understanding of new media art, design and technology.
RHIZOME is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts,
a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization. Contributions on behalf of RHIZOME
may be made payable to the New York Foundation for the Arts, and are
tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information,
please see or contact Rachel Greene at
212.727.7024 or


Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 09:21:31 +0300 (MDT)
subject: DEAF98 Info

DEAF98 - The Art of the Accident

Rotterdam/NL, 17 - 29 November 1998

The Dutch Electronic Art Festival is a bi-annual international and
interdisciplinary event that deals with the inter-relations between art,
technology and society. Under the title 'The Art of the Accident', DEAF98
deals with concepts of time and space, and with their significance for the
organisation of real and virtual environments. It does this from the
perspective of the accident, of friction and rupture which are necessary
elements of any technical reality. The festival inquires how complex social
relations, individual actions and new forms of identity, take shape at the
intersection between the technical and social reality.

*Programme Elements

DEAF98 consists of several elements:
- the DEAF98 Exhibition of electronic media art works (main locations V2
and the Netherlands Photo Institute, and several special locations, incl.
the MSR Harbour Simulator)
- the transArchitecture 03 Exhibition (at the Netherlands Architecture
- the DEAF98 Symposium (an international two-day conference with artists,
architects, theorists, sociologists and scientists, on 20/21 November)
- the DEAF98 Publication (an extensive illustrated book about 'The Art of
the Accident')
- presentations, panel discussions and workshops (incl. the premiere
presentation of the first international Nettime publication)
- music and sound art performances (in cooperation with Nighttown)
- Future Moves (a festival devoted to media and dance, coordinated by
Lantaren/Venster, 17-22 November)

DEAF98 is realised in cooperation with several national and international
partner organisations, incl. the Ars Electronica Center, Linz/Austria; the
Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe/Germany; and the
Inter-Communication Center, Tokyo/Japan.


Ticket prices for the different programme elements vary. Exact prices are
yet to be fixed. Reservations for the Symposium, presentations and
performances will be advised as soon as the programmes and participants
have been confirmed.

*Further Information

More detailled information about the festival programme will be made public
as soon as possible. You can stay up to date by subscribing to the V2
mailing list through the website, URL: - just follow the
'mailing list' links.

DEAF98, V2_Organisation, e-mail:
Info on Future Moves: Dick Hollander <>

other events taking place in Rotterdam during the DEAF98 weeks include:

- Constant: New Babylon (an exhibition about the utopian designs of the
Dutch artist, at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, opens 21
November; info: <>)

and elsewhere:

- SURRO GATE (an exhibition at the ZKM Institute for Visual Media,
Karlsruhe/Germany, October 30 - December 6, 1998; info:


Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 12:00:34 -0500
From: (Pat Bentson) (by way of (Tina
Subject: Leonardo Electronic Almanac Launches New Work by Tina LaPorta

>>Leonardo Electronic Almanac Launches New Work by Tina LaPorta

>>Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) announces the exhibition of a new work by
>>artist Tina LaPorta in the LEA Gallery. Carl Francis DiSalvo created the
>>previous LEA Gallery work, and introduces LaPorta's piece. Gallery Curator
>>Patrick Maun reports that he plans to continue the process of publishing
>>perspectives of new work by artists who presented work in the previous
>>exhibition, in addition to presenting the views of the artists. As Carl
>>describes, Tina LaPorta, in her piece "Translate { } Expression, 1994," uses
>>the technology of 3-dimensional rendering in conjunction with sound and
>>interaction to engage us in an investigation of the complex interplay between
>>technology, the body, and female subjectivity.
>>Also in this month's issue of LEA we have a fascinating historical survey of
>>the relationship between color and music by Niels Hutchison. And Maria
>>Fernandez and Simon Penny provide a perspective on Jeffrey Shaw's "A Users
>>Manual-From Expanded Cinema to Virtual Reality."
>>LEA can be located at URL:


Patricia Bentson (
Leonardo Senior Editor
Leonardo On-Line Managing Editor



Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 14:29:58 -0200
Subject: sTALk 9

sTALK 9: culture-jamming Italian style.
You are cordially invited to informally stalk with ERMANNO GOMMA from
DEcoder Milan

Saturday	1st August 1998
@       	4:00pm
@       	strike, 11-29 Fashion Street [top floor],  London E1

GOMMA will be presenting video footage relating street activism in Italy with
the activities of Italian digital underground and discuss how new technology
and claiming rights in cyberspace can change the nature of the counter-culture
to provide new signals for the future.
"In the 70's and 80's the counterculture was separated from the civil society
by its own need, but this brought ghettoisation. In the 90's counterculture has
mutated radically. And it assists a great creative phase united with the want
of a transformation of the existing circumstances.">

sTALking Tickets:  2 donation.

For further information contact Siraj Izhar at strike
* email
* tel     	+44  [0]171 375 3596
* fax     	+44  [0]171 366 4469
* @       	strike, 11-29  Fashion Street [top floor],  London E1

Nearest tube: Liverpool Street Station, Aldgate East

>The sTALK will be followed by a roof-top barbeque overlooking the City of
>London. Please bring barbeque-able provisions and drink.

ARCHIVE of sTALK 8 [ sTALK with Pride]
with Angela Mason, Director of Stonewall,
Tom Brookes, Director of Pride,
the artist Michael Petry,
art2go and others at
sTALk >  experimental curating for the nineties.........................>+
a forum to examine independent work>
focus on work to project new ideas, ideas to project new work>
experiment and collide curatorial agendas with science & technology>


Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 12:06:30 +0100
From: Andreas Broeckmann <>
Subject: Politics & Internet conference, Finland, January '99


Politics & Internet conference, Finland, January '99

              On whose terms are the information
              society and technology being developed?
              How are information technology and
              communication affecting democracy and
              making of joint decisions? What new
              networks and models are emerging to pave
              the way for decisions? Is the responsibility
              for content production being left to the
              entertainment industry? Is the government
              under obligation to influence the trend in
              information society, and if so, what is its
              role and scope? What do the new trends
              have to offer different groups or the
                The Politics & Internet congress
              scheduled for January 1999 will be a
              follow-up to the event held in Munich in
              1997. Its aim is to put forward the Nordic
              perspective on a field marked both
              technical innovations and their applications
              in everyday life and an attempt to ensure
              balanced development and social
              The organisation of the congress will be in
              the hands of the Finnish  National Fund for
              Research and Development (SITRA) on the
              initiative of the Finnish Parliament. More
              than 100 organisations are involved in the
              preparation of the project alone:
              companies, associations, universities,
              public agencies, representatives of political
              parties, NGOs, tele operators, the media,

              Close to thousand participants are
              expected to visit the four congress venues -
              Espoo, Tampere, Jyv=E4skyl=E4, and Oulu - on
              6-9 January 1999, making the congress a
              joint national effort. For the first three days
              it will be based on Dipoli in Espoo, after
              which delegates will proceed to the
              satellite congress of their choice in one of
              the other towns.

              The contents of the conference will be
              highly varied. Leading thinkers from
              Europe, the USA and Asia will be invited to
              speak at the joint sessions, which will be
              complemented by sessions on related
              themes viewing the issues from the point of
              view of the ordinary citizen, business,
              research and politics. There will also be an
              exhibition featuring various projects and
              new technologies. The language of the
              conference will be English.



From: Geert Lovink <>
Subject: park
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 18:43:23 +0200 (MET DST)


In the latest PARK TV GUIDE, number 4, the international issue, we had a
coloring picture as centerfold. A drawing made after an original image by
Jocelyn Taylor from the USA. PARK invites you to color the picture and
send it to:
PARK TV - Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 12 - 1017 RC - Amsterdam - The Netherlands.

You can also download the coloring picture on to color it with your computer. Do whatever
you want with it in photoshop or an other program and email it to Please include your name, email adress and age. Your
picture will be exhibited, so try and do your best!
Send your picture before august 20 1998. The best coloring pictures win a

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