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Today's headlines for the Albanian Daily News :

Wednesday , September 23, 1998
* PM Says Government Reshuffle After Coup Effects Eliminated
* Opposition Democrats Allies Start Boycott of Parliament
* Ruling Coalition MPs House Blasted
* Kosovo Politician Gunned Down in Albania

Tuesday , September 22, 1998
* Berisha Urges Right-wing Opposition to Boycott Parliament
* Prosecutors Say to Continue Unrest Case Despite Threats
* PIP 1998-2001 for Albania Presented, International Factor Supportive *
Austria Allocates $100m for Albanian Railways * Albanians Propose Peace,
1991 Referendum Starting Point * Albanian Police Arrest Head of
Pro-opposition Radio

Weekend , September 19, 1998
* Albanian Parliament Removes Berisha's Immunity
* Berisha Leads Anti-government Rally in Tirana
* Four Opposition Officials Released and Put in House Arrest
* Most of Northern Police Station Attackers Identified
* Kosovo Leaders Split on U.S. Envoy's Kosovo Policy
* Keep Cool, OSCE Urges Albanians

Friday , September 18, 1998
* Parliament Committee Demands Lifting of Berisha=92s Immunity
* President Excludes Technical Government as Solution=20
* Three Gunmen Killed as Police Station in Northern Town Attacked
* Government to Cover Damages of State Institutions, Commission Set Up *
Kosovo Albanian Arrested for Role in Tirana Violence * Pro-government
Rally in Southern Adriatic Town

Thursday , September 17, 1998
* Defiant Berisha Calls for Daily Protests
* PMs Motor-cade Attacked, Ministers Ambushed in the Wake of Unrest
* Seven Killed the Past Three Days of Unrest
* Kosovo Refugees Swarm in Albanian Northern Town from Montenegro
* EU Presidency Appoints Special Envoy for Albania
* Albanians Must Boost Efforts to Strengthen Democracy, Top CoE

Wednesday , September 16, 1998
* PM Says No Political Negotiations until Democrats Hand over Arms
* Opposition Stages Peaceful March, Despite Police Ban
* Foreign Diplomats Support Democratic Solution to Crisis
* Finance Minister Resigns in Wake of Unrest
* Coalition Government Party Leaders Condemn Violence, Opposition
Reiterates * U.S. Holds Albanians Responsible

Tuesday , September 15, 1998
* Armed Opposition Supporters Take Over Albanian Premier=92s Office,
* This Is a Coup d=92Etat, says PM
* Police Back in the Streets After Morning Violence
* Speaker Says Situation out of Control

Weekend , September 12, 1998
* Albania Concerned by Serb Violence in Kosovo
* Coalition Urges Measures Against Berishas Violence
* Nano in Expo=9298, in Portugal, to Attend Albanias Day
* Investigation on Tobacco Factory Damages Powerful Albanian Businessman *

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