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<nettime> What's in a deadline?

Dear List members,

the deadline of the zkp5/nettime book has been announced several times,
first it was september 13, then one week later, but now we have really
reached the point: it is now or never...  As you have seen in previous
weeks, a lot of interesting materials has been submitted - and there is
still much more to come which is now being (copy) edited. The heavy
traffic might continue for some time. For those of you who suffer of
information overload, we can assure you that the content potlatch will not
last forever!

Please submit your small and big contributions to the normal address: (or to one of section editors you have been in contact
with). The announced e-mail addresses at the server in Cologne have
been out of order all week, due to spam problems. Sorry for this
inconvience. We hope that the mail server will work properly soon, but
for the time being, please use the normal list address.

This week, the final editorial work starts at De Waag in Amsterdam. The
work on the design starts next week. In case you want to reach us there:
tel. +31 20 5579898/5579880 (fax) and via all the private e-mail

We will keep you informed,

yours, cheers, bingo, bok, ciao,

the zkp5 team

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