Steven Kurtz on Tue, 29 Sep 1998 19:59:16 +0200 (MET DST)

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Hello Ricardo,

>thanks for setting all memories beyond frabrication and that no
>distortions now live in the archive 

CAE only gave a ~memory~, we never claimed to offer truth nor claimed
that CAE~s archive is without factual blemish. We simply offered a
version of micro-history which from our perspective seems to blend more
accurately with the documented levels activity.

>that CAE even statethat i was part of the group at one time and had
input >in a groupwith a few small bits of words, gestures, or perhaps
even >developed some CAE ideas is fine with me. 

We certainly would not and do not deny that. CAE is incredibly thankful
for the years of dedicated labor, inspiration, and contributions that
you gave to CAE~s process from 1988-spring 93. In the letter, we were
quite explicit that we were only speaking about the planning and
production of the books. 

>i think it is very important for everyone to know that the production
of >all CAE work, and ideas, were and are a group effort and not outcome
of >one individual.

That is very true, and all we are asking is that you respect the
collective process by not claiming production status in collective
processes that you were not a part of.

---Critical Art Ensemble
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