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<nettime> ...a sigh of relief (ADMINISTRATIVA)


obviously, traffic on nettime is getting heavier--too heavy for
a lot of people, it seems. the range of material is fantastic,
but probably too fantastic for all but a very few people. as a
result, we're going to experiment with turning the moderation
up slightly: that means nettime's_digestive_system will gather
together more stuff, and fewer things will be approved. it's not
that we don't love you--we do. but a high-traffic list that no
one reads doesn't make much sense. so please be patient if you
send something and it doesn't appear. there are ~850 subscribers
now, and they really are everywhere; so we'll try to make choices
based on the logic that fact suggests. we'll also take a look at
whether something has bee CCed to four other lists with a lot of
subscribers in common, so people don't get too much nettime mail
AND have half of it in quadruplicate. but we'll also probably try
some new techniques, a bit like the announcer and the digestive
system, maybe a nettime_communicator with pointers to news items
people send in, maybe a nettime_updater with recent news about
long-term efforts. we'll have to experiemnt, see what works. with
a little luck we can find ways to make less more and more less.

the moderators

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