Patrice Riemens on Tue, 13 Oct 1998 12:02:36 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> Don't panic! Hack it!

Rapture Culture!

Those of you who are reading nettime thru that old fashioned,
zero-security and hence totally inadmissible contrievance of being on its
mailing list, are now being delighted with a neat piece of electronic art
called I say: it's great fun! Could be the Net's first
mailing list entirely written in newspeak, and fully de-automatised to
boot. Reading the headers tells you about its origin (NYC, where else?),
and from there you enter a cloud cookoo land of non existing, or at least
non-effective, machines & commands. is the handiwork of a
true digital artisan, and nothing happens without his or her actual doing
something - manually that is.  So your stoopid request to unsubscribe,
whether you do it for yourself, or try to do it for the whole 850 list
(Yes Stefan, the nettime subslist is (was) open: It's not a bug, its a
feature), will not be entertained (majordomo? hahaha) and ends up in the
analog nirvana of's demiurge (or demi-God). 

So what can you do? Relax! Take it easy! There's not a lot of traffic on (remember, it must all be handled - or even generated - by
hand).  And though this list might have set new standards of spam (the
offer you cannot refuse), it has yet to hack your 'Delete' button (yeah,
that would truly be great!). Wait for a few days.  Better still, go for a
hack of yourself. Try to localise the server & the programs it runs. Don't
go for brute force, that's silly. It should be funnier to try destabilise
that part where originates from. 

Aha, but that's a human brain!  Right ho. Now may be you've approached the
crux of the problem. Time to use your own grey matter.  What are you doing
on the nettime list in the first place?  How have you related to the
developments in nettime of late?  Is nettime your digiatl salon? Have you
contributed to its conviviality, or were you advancing your, err,
'agenda'?  Or were you a mere lurker?  Pfffiiii, then you deserve
everything you've got. No pity, no reprieve.  May more 'art' come your

Meanwhile, its great fun outa here (at Amsterdam elite HQ, aka the
'Kommandantura'). No dearth of theories and psychobabble.  No dearth of
wee little plans either. Near-dead (or zkp5 stunned) Nettime is alive and
kicking again, and you'd come to feel about it as General de Gaulle of
Germany in the hallowed days before 1989: "I love that country so much,
that I am glad there are two of them." 

Don't panic! Hack it!
Have fun and a nice day!

| Be free and don't subscribe! (why do you have the feed for?)

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