Martin Schitter on Fri, 16 Oct 1998 12:15:40 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> little steps

well - it's long ago since i wrote my last massage here ;)

somehow this may look a litte bit strange if you see mailing-lists as a
straigh-forward model of real social life or usual communication...  but
even there in this everyday life out there you may find yourself sometimes
in periodes of silence and more or less depressed mood. 

nothing special but the way i feel like on Xchange and nettime right now. 
so i have to ask why this whole virtual communitys here find so much
interest and fascination in topics like infowar and similar games and not
in the opposite problems: how to concentrate more intellectual power on
questions and strategies toward peace and to discuss solutions for
critical situations in social space. 

other people here on this list could write much better about this kind of
topics and they shouldn't stop to do so because of some personal conficts
we should try to solve in a more personal way of communication. i just
think, i want to tell them that i would really like to see this idea of
common search and emphazised interest in some kind of (ok - you may call
it old-fashioned) humanistic orientation a little bit more visible. 

well - i don't see, what i could do to get closer to this goal right now.
no idea at all! sorry!... but i really would like to see us all invest a
little bit more power to find back and change our styles of confrontation. 

ok. - i hope (well - i know very well that it is a bit unusuall to hear
this kind of thing out of my mouth ;), nobody here will see this lines
just as a kind of cynism or provocation... probably it doesn't reflect the
outer world and the things going on here on the list as much as
necessary... it's more an inner state of consciousness... but it's
definitly a kind of subjective unhappyness i want to express... 

well - not all storys can lead to an happy end - i know!..  but we should
try our best to find back out of this dark labyrinths - back to open
places, where different visions and human beings of all sort can coexist
close to each other and everybody - the louder ones and the more silent
and shy ones - get heard! 

love, peace, and long hair!

         Martin Schitter, free media-artist, somewhere in europe
             (finger for PGP-key)

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