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<nettime> Classic Spam

Some of spam I'm getting are so cheesy they're worth savoring. Note the
obviously fabricated quotes from noted publications such' Financial Week': 

   "Watch them, monitor them, extract their knowledge
   and try to become one of them. That is the soundest
   financial advice we could give to someone".

Classic spam - gotta love it!

Dear Friend:

This is an extremely IMPORTANT announcement for you!

                       IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT
                       IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

                       Your Future May Depend on it!!!

BUT FIRST, please read the following Editorial Excerpts from some
important publications in the United States:

New York Times:   "In concluding our review of financial organizxations
''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''        to effect change in the
90's, special attention should
be called to 'World Currency Cartel' organization based in California. The
members of this organization are amassing hundreds of millions of dollars
in the currency market using a very LEGAL method which has NEVER
been divulged to the general public. While their purpose is not yet known,
their presence has most certainly been felt".

NBC Nightly News:   "Members of the World Currency Cartel organization,
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''        who always keep Low
Profile of themselves, are some
of the most powerful and wealthiest people in this hemisphere".

More Excerpts later, but first let us give you this "Important Announcement":
We are glad to announce that for the very first time, the World Currency
Cartel organization will instruct a LIMITED number of people worldwide on

We will transact the first conversion for you, after that you can quickly and
easily do this on your own hundreds or even thousands of times each and

It is even more explosive than we have yet disclosed. While currency does
fluctuates daily, we can show you HOW TO CONVERT $99 INTO $580 as many
times as you want. That means, you will be able to CONVERT $99 American
Legal Currency Dollars for $580 OF THE SAME. You can do this as many times
as you wish, every day, every week, every month. All very LEGALLY and

It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes each time you do this. You can do this
from your home, your office or even while travelling. All you need is an
access to a phone line and an address. Best of all, you can do this from

Again, we must reiterate, anyone can do this and the source is
Never-Ending. For as long as the global financial community continues to
use different curr- encies with varying exchange rate, this "SECRET FLAW"
will exist. 

As we have said earlier, we will do the first transaction for you and will
also show you exactly how to do this on your own over and over again. 

The amount of exchange you would do each time is entirely up to you.
Working just 2 to 10 hours a week, you can soon join the list of
Millionaires who do this on a daily basis several times a day. The
transaction is so simple that even a high school kid can do it! 

We at the World Currency Cartel organization would like to see a uniform
global currency backed by Gold. But, until then, we will allow a LIMITED
number of individuals worldwide to share in the Unlimited Profits provided
for by the world currency differentials. 

We will espouse no more political views nor will we ask you to do so. We
can say however, that our parent organization Diamond International
benefits greatly by the knowledge being shared as we ourselves alongwith
YOU benefit likewise. Your main concern surely will be, how you will

As soon as you become a member, you can start making transanctions from
your home, office, by telephone or through the mail and even while
travelling. As said earlier, we will do the first transanction for you and
will show you exactly how to do this on your own over and over again. 

No one can stop you from earning hundreds of thousands and even millions
of dollars each year for as long as this "SECRET FLAW" exists. 

Don't believe us, experience it for yourself!
================================ Unlike anyone else, we will assure you a
great financial freedom and you will add to our quickly growing base of
supporters and you may join the list of Millionaires being created using
the "SECRET FLAW" in the world currency market. 


There is a one time membership fee of only $195.00. BUT, if you reply by
NOVEMBER 5, 1998; which is our company's 2nd Anniversary date, you can
join us for only $45 administrative cost. Your important documents,
instructions, contact name & addresses, phone numbers and all other
pertinent information will be mailed to you immediately. So, take
advantage of our Anniversary date and join us today. 

If you are replying AFTER NOVEMBER 5, 1998; you must pay $195.00 for the
membership fee. NO EXCEPTIONS and no more e-mail inquiries please! 

Upon becoming a member, you promise to keep all infos CONFIDENTIAL.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Should you choose to
cancell your membership for any reason, you must return all documents for
a refund within 60 days.

1.....Write your name & mailing address VERY CLEARLY on paper
2..... Below your address, please write your E-mail address (Optional)
3..... At the top Left Hand corner, write the word "New Member"
4..... Attach a CHECK or M.O. for $45 plus $3 for postage & shipping
        (TOTAL = US$ 48.00)
5..... Please make the Check/M.O. payable to "Diamond  Int." and mail to:

                                      DIAMOND  INTERNATIONAL
                                      9903  SANTA  MONICA  BLVD;
                                      SUITE  #  405
                                      BEVERLY  HILLS,
                                      CA 90212.     U.S.A.

( Outside  U.S.A.  Must add  US$10  EXTRA  for  shipping). US$ FUNDS ONLY!

Here are some more Editorial Excerpts:

Wall Street :  "A discreet group of Americans, operating under the guise
                             of World Currency Cartel have recently begun
making rumbles in the world finance market. While at this time, their game
is not completely known, they certainly be watched by those making major
moves in the currency contracts". 

Financial Week :  "Watch them, monitor them, extract their knowledge
                             and try to become one of them. That is the
                   soundest financial advice we could give to someone". 

National Business Weekly :  "While this reporter has been left in the cold
                                          as to its method of operation,
we have been able to confirm that World Currency Cartel and its members
are literally amassing a great furtune overnight". 

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ E N D $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Steven Carlson                 A conclusion is simply the place
iSYS Hungary Kft              where you got tired of thinking

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