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<nettime> calling up the neightbours

Calling up the neightbours

A new rage of getting people to buy something is to just call em up and
ask if they want the product you are selling. 

A recent study in the Netherlands shows that more then 89% of the dutch
people mostly get annoyed by the callcentres. Another study made in
asignmend by those same callcentres shows that just one in ten of the
dutch people actually get called and that it will never be more then three
times a year. Is this true? 

I started working at of of these places 1,5 year ago. I had a mohawk and
no one would hire me except this place and i had to earn money somehow so
after thinking about it for a while i decided to do it. 

By now i can defanitely tell that it is a lie that people get people will
not get more then three calls a year. The place i work for gets addresses
and make their own lists of places to call. We work for more then fourty
advice agencies so you can quess that when you get agencies in for
instance The Hague they will use the same list. Not interrested? You'll
get another call in half a year for sure, back in the list! 

Another thing is that people get told to lie if they have to to get a
person that far to buy the offered product. Allthough it is legally
necassery to ask if you can talk about your product no one cares and does
that because everyone knows that the answer will most propably be "NO"
from the start. Who wants to be bottered during the eating of your meal or
while relaxing after a hard days work. And if the answer is no......"Why
not??" No wonder people get mad! 

>From the workers side: they have no rights yet. After a vew years of
intensively calling people every one had it with these calls. Who gets the
blame: the workers for not being serious enough. So what
happens:supervisors get more stricted with rules, no talking while
working, breaks only when allowed and asked for and the break starts when
the supervisors says and you stop working the same. Offcourse after one
week they realize that is of no use and the rules get less stricted again. 

When will they realize that not everything is the slaves fault!

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