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01 . Uros Indihar            . Teleporting An Unknown State
02 .        . Vermittlungsstrategien der Netzkunst
03 . A. Jenn Sondheim        . Upcoming at Hunting Beach / Beyond Baroque
04 . Trace                   . trAce Update
05 .          . Serge Onnen in PARK MUSEUM
06 . T. Dokter               . Dantes Inferno
07 . yoonah                  . ZUSH's CD-Rom "Psicomanualdigital"
08 . Richard Wolff           . Conference in London in Dec.98
09 . ib                      . LADA 98 / L'Arte dell'Ascolto
10 . Matt Locke              . Hub Club event - Public Access

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Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 21:15:09 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Uros Indihar <>
Subject: Teleporting An Unknown State

What: Teleporting An Unkown State (New Web-only version)
Who: Eduardo Kac
Where: Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia
When: From October 24 to November 7, 1998


Short Description: This is a web interactive installation that allows web
participants to send light from eight areas of the world to a single seed
planted in the Multimedia Center Kibla Art Gallery, in Maribor. The seed
depends on light sent by web parti cipants to be able to do photosynthesis
and grow in a completely dark room. This work uses the notion of
teleportation of particles (photons) to create the metaphor of the
Internet as a life-supporting system. Requirements: No plug-ins or
downloads are required to participate in Teleporting An Unknown State.
However, the specific configuration of your browser and operating system
may affect your experience of the work. We tested Teleporting An Unknown
State on several configurations. It works well on Netscape 3 and some
versions of Netscape 4, including version 4.05. If you are using Explorer,
please press the Refresh button (at the top; to the left of the Home
button) to make sure you see the image updates. If you are logging on with
WindowsNT, please disable cache permission at the OS level.

Short Technical description: The 9-image grid is comprised of a central
image and eight surrounding images. The central image shows the physical
space at the gallery, in Maribor, and is updated automatically (to provide
feedback to web participants). The surrounding images are activated by web
participants at will and immediately projected onto the earth, where the
seed is planted, in the gallery. The central image is captured and
uploaded automatically with a self-contained camera server. When
projected, this image concentrates the light sent by web participants and
projects it onto the seed. The eight surrounding images are automatically
captured by the KIBLA server from webcams around the world and made
available every five minutes. They are uploaded i nteractively upon the
web participant's request. The default state of this work is a central
image surrounded by black rectangles (which are filled with live images
when requested by the participant). If you see a black image when you log
on, either it is dark at the moment at the selected geographic location or
the corresponding image was not selected by the previous web participant.
Once selected by the web participant, an image remains active (online and
in the gallery) for five minutes. After this per iod it is replaced by a
black rectangle, to enable incoming participants to make their own

Full description of the first version (1994/96):

A bilingual 88-page catalogue is available (ISBN 961-6304-00-3).
To purchase it, please contact Peter Tomaz Dobrila at:

For more information, please contact:
Peter Tomaz Dobrila
Head of MC KIBLA
Narodni dom - Multimedia center KiberSRCeLab - KIBLA
Kneza Koclja 9
2000 Maribor Slovenia

   ................................................................... 02

    Von: (Media Arts Lab)
  Datum: 24.10.98, 01:48:00
Betreff: Vermittlungsstrategien der Netzkunst

Netz, Kunst und Publikum -
Vermittlungsstrategien der Netzkunst
Ein Symposion im Media Arts Lab des Kuenstlerhauses Bethanien

von Freitag, 30. Oktober bis Sonntag, 1. November 1998

Studio II
Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin

Mit der weiter wachsenden Relevanz der elektronischen Netze stellt sich
die Frage nach dem Wirkungsanspruch der Netzkunst neu. Die Uebergaenge
zwischen Netzkunstwelt und der Aussenwelt muessen auf ihre Begehbarkeit
geprueft werden.

Das Symposion wird Kuenstler, Theoretiker, Kuratoren und Galeristen
zusammenfuehren, die sich seit laengerer Zeit mit dem Medium auseinandersetzen.

In Workshops, Vortraegen und Diskussionen werden unterschiedliche
Herangehensweisen der Praesentation von Netzkunst vorgestellt und auf
ihre Wirkung hin untersucht.

Die Veranstaltung ist oeffentlich.


Inke Arns
        Freie Kuratorin, Berlin
Rachel Baker
        Kuenstlerin, London
Martin Berghammer
        Shift e.V., Berlin
Joachim Blank und Karl Heinz Jeron
        Kuenstler, Berlin
Josephine Bosma
        Journalistin, Amsterdam
Heath Bunting
        Kuenstler, London
Vuk Cosic
        Kuenstler, Ljubljana
Rachel Greene und Alex Galloway
        Rhizome Communications, New York
Olia Lialina
        Kuenstlerin und Kuratorin, Moskau
Florian Schneider
        Journalist und Filmemacher, Muenchen
Alexei Shulgin
        Kuenstler, Moskau
Kerstin Weiberg und Richard Schuetz
        Kuenstler, Berlin

Freitag, 30. Oktober

Begruessung durch Valentina Djordjevic, Gerrit Gohlke
Vorstellung der Veranstaltung

Schnittstellen zum RL 1/2
Praesentationen von Alexei Shulgin, Weiberg & Schuetz, Rachel Baker

Schnittstellen zum RL 2/2
Praesentationen von Heath Bunting, Blank & Jeron

What is Net Art?
TeilnehmerInnen zeigen ihre Lieblings-NetArt

Samstag, 31. Oktober

Vortrag von Inke Arns und Blank & Jeron

Netzgalerien und -vermittlungen:,
Vortrag/Praesentation von Rachel Greene und Alex Galloway, Olia Lialina

Who determines art
Vortrag von Josephine Bosma


Zwischen e-commerce und Geschenkoekonomie
Paneldiskussion mit Kuenstlern, Kuratoren, Galeristen

special concert and party:
cyberpunk rock band 386 DX
Alexei Shulgin <>
visuals: ascii video
Vuk Cosic <>

Sonntag, 1. November

Netz, Kunst und Publikum?
Abschlussdiskussion aller Teilnehmer

30.10 bis 1.11.
Installation des Internetprojekts von Weiberg & Schuetz

Alle Veranstaltungen finden in englischer Sprache statt.

Organisation und Konzeption:
Valentina Djordjevic und Gerrit Gohlke


Media Arts Lab
Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien | Mariannenplatz 2 | D-10997 Berlin
tel +49.(0)30.6169030 | fax +49.(0)30.61690330

   ................................................................... 03

Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 23:17:13 -0500 (EST)
From: "A. Jenn Sondheim" <>
Subject: Upcoming at Hunting Beach / Beyond Baroque (fwd)

Inviting anyone in the Los Angeles area to come to the following:

Friday, 8:00 PM, November 6
"Alan Sondheim on Internet Subjectivity"
Huntington Beach Art Center
538 Main Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
General admission: $5
Student, seniors, members: $4

from 405 Frwy: exit Beach Blvd.-South, drive 5 miles, right onto PCH,
right onto Main St., drive 3 blocks, art center is at 538 Main St. Free

Also showing tape/reading along with Tyler Stallings showing tape/reading
at Beyond Baroque, Thursday, Nov. 5, at 7:30. (I don't have their phone
number for other details, check the phone book.)

(There are other talks in classroom situations; you could contact me
back-channel for further information.)

Please come and introduce yourself, thanks!


MIRROR with other pages at:

   ................................................................... 04

From: Trace <>
Subject: trAce Update
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 10:40:00 -0000

* trAce Site Access
* CommunityWare
* Online Writer Discussion


We are currently experiencing some difficulty with the network here at
the Nottingham Trent University, which may result in access problems
with the trAce site.  We advise you to use this URL:

to view trAce until we can resolve this problem.

Due to access problems with the trAce site, you may wish to enter
CommunityWare via one of these URLs:

will take you directly to the trAce Online Writing Community section
of CommunityWare, and

will take you to the homepage of the CommunityWare site.

You are cordially invited to attend a joint discussion between SOCKS &
Organised by Barbara Steinberg of SOCKS

Thursday 29 October
2.30pm GMT
6.30am Los Angeles
9.30am New York
1.00am Friday 30 Oct Adelaide

In the trAce Meeting Room, LinguaMOO

What makes a skilled online writer? How does online writing build
community through email? Why is text email still such a powerful
vehicle for communication even though there are all these other
graphically based products on the market? What are people's personal
experiences with online writing? Has a response to your
online writing changed your life, in that you made a new friend or saw
the world a new way?

trAce holds many online meetings at Lingua MOO.It takes a little time
to learn how to interact in a text-based virtual community, but it's
definitely worth the effort.

Click here for a Beginner's Tutorial.

To enter Lingua MOO via your telnet client

>trAce international online writing community
>Faculty of Humanities, Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Lane,
>Nottingham NG11 8NS UK
>phone: ++ 44 (0)115 948 6360  fax: ++ 44 (0)115 948 6364

   ................................................................... 05

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 19:36:53 +0100
Subject: Serge Onnen in PARK MUSEUM

We would like to invite you on the opening of SERGE ONNEN in the PARK WWW
The work 'Passport Eaternovember 3 in the PICT ARCHIVE and from november 4
in the GIF DEPOT.


                           P . A . R . K .  4 D T V    AMSTERDAM - NEW YORK
         NEW YORK - EVERY WEDNESDAY 02.00-03.00 A.M., CHANNEL 34 MNN
         P.A.R.K. 4DTV   Korte Leidse dwarstraat 12  1017 RC   Amsterdam
         TEL/FAX +31 20 6390414   -   INFO@PARK.NL
         H.Haagsma, M.Ploeg, D.Tuinder, W.Seuskens, K.Terwindt,
         S.Hamel, J.v.d.Brink, J.Kooimans, M.Takken

   ................................................................... 06

Date:  Wed, 28 Oct 1998 03:53:49 +0200
From: (T. Dokter)
Subject:  Dantes Inferno

"Dante's Inferno" an installation by Raul Marroquin
Winston Hotel Warmoesstraat  123-129  1012 J A Amsterdam. Tel +31 20  6231380
October 28 1998
Opening 20.00 hours
Winston Hotel in Amsterdam presents "Dante's Inferno" an installation by
Raul Marroquin as part of a group exhibition titled "The New Face of Hell"
In "Dante's Inferno" Marroquin assambles and presents an anthology of
different approaches by artists scholars and illustrators to this
particular segment from Dante's master work throughout almost 500 years and
through that analyzes the way in which this particular work  is understood
and interpreted through out different periods in history, as well as the
way in which the Florentine poet looked up on hell, punishment - and  the
reasons for punishment- in that particular period dominated by
Judeo-Christian morals and ethics in that part of Europe.
Raul Marroquin especially selected this work to use it as a metaphor and
the departure point to open a broader discussion about the role of the
artist, the visual artist, in today's postindustrial, information society
where the audio-visual bombardment of advertisement.
entertainment and the media have take over the (former) role of the artist
in the community.
With in the capitalist parameters in which politics, economics and culture
take place in the Western world at present, artists hardly can perform
their traditional role characteristic of the entire industrialist period:
reflecting up on developments in society and bringing them back to the
community from a different perspective. Today they are relegated -in the
best cases- to illustrate concepts and ideas put on the table by curators,
philosophers and scholars or, in most cases, to operate as graphic or
industrial designers -artisans- that are there to implement the ideas of
what business and industry think is required in the market.
In his installation "Dane's Inferno" R. Marroquin uses this particular part
of La Divina Commedia to discuss, and to a great deal renogociate, the
visual artist role in today's neo-liberal, Western society that tries to
force the artist into one more source of financial source totally
disregarding their (the artist) responsibility towards their vocation and
the community from which they are an integral part.
In "Dante's Inferno" Marroquin combines the traditional frame work of the
installation (wall works, objects and projections) with the "Dante's
Inferno" page in the world wide web published in his web site De
HoeksteenNet. URL:<>
An on-line discussion is simultaneously held where artists, theoreticians,
scholars, critics and politicians are invited to participate taking La
Divina Commedia in general and the Inferno in particular as points of
departure to basically ventilate today's morals and ethics and the role
that the artist can and must play in this important debate.
Raul Marroquin was born in Bogota Colombia in 1948. After following studies
in the School of  Fine Arts in  La Universidad Nacional in Bogota,
Marroquin went to the Netherlands to follow postgraduate studies at The Jan
van Eyck Academie in Maastricht (1971) Since than he has worked with audio
and video (and is considered one of the pioneers of video art in the Low
Lands) objects and installations. He also has been producing and
programming radio and television for more than 20 years. One of his latest
ventures is De Hoeksteen Live! Television a 12 hour long live political and
financial television program cablecasted by Salto (Amsterdam local
television) since 1992.
He regularly exhibits in the Netherlands, other European countries, North
and South America and his works are part of many public and private
collections all over the world.
Since 1979 Marroquin has giving lectures and conducted workshops in
universities, academies, art schools, etc. in more than a dozen countries.
He writes for academic publications and special interest magazines on a
regular basis.

   ................................................................... 07

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 11:46:54 +0100
From: yoonah <>
Subject: ZUSH's CD-Rom "Psicomanualdigital"

El CD-Rom "PsicoManualDigital" de Zush, por fin esta
en venta. Puede conseguirlo via Internet de la tienda
on-line en el siguiente URL:
o bien en los siguientes puntos de venta :

* Galer╠a Rafael Ortiz
TEL: 954.214.874
C/.Marmoles 12,
Sevilla 41004

* Galer╠a T R I N T A
Tel: 981.584.623
Rua Nova, 30.
Santiago de Compostela 15705

* Llibres d'Art 1 + 1
TEL. 93. 458 89 07
Libreria de la Fundaci█ La Caixa
Paseo de Sant Joan 108
Barcelona 08037

* FUNDACI" M E T R O N O M (Llibres d'Art 1+1)
Fusina 9, Barcelona 08003

*Libreria de Centre D'Art Santa Monica
Ramblas de Santa monica, 8
Barcelona 08001

* M A C B A (la tienda del Museo)
Plaza dels Angels,1
08001 Barcelona

* L O R I N G (Loring Art S.L.)
Tel: 93.318 5329
Tel: 93.412 0108
Gravina, 8
08001 Barcelona

   ................................................................... 08

Date:          Fri, 30 Oct 1998 08:46:12 +0100
From: "Wolff, Richard" <wolff@GEO.UMNW.ETHZ.CH>
Subject:  Conference in London in Dec.98

Dear INURIANS, Sophie Watson of the University of East London asked me to
mail the following:







The 8th INURA conference on DiverseCity has been successfully held Sept. 14
to 20, 1998 in Toronto. Next year's INURA conference will be in Europe, in
May 1999. If you like to be kept informed, please write to

   ................................................................... 09

From: ib <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 15:13:21 +0000

Giardini Pensili

LADA 98 / L'Arte dell'Ascolto

Med Media & Radio Festival 8th edition

┤Listening the Mediterranean'

Rimini,  november 7 - 8, 1998

Palazzo del Turismo, piazzale Federico Fellini

'L'Arte dell'Ascolto: un surprenant festival
d'art acoustique qui m╚lange volontairement le genres avec un zeste de

Armelle Cressard, Le Monde

promoted by

Giardini Pensili Rimini (I), Assessorato alle Politiche
Giovanili e al Turismo del Comune di Rimini (I),

L'Atelier Mediterranee de creation Radio Marsiglia (F)


UNESCO-OCCAM Milano (I), CNRS Images / Media FEMIS-CICT Paris
(F), Regione Emilia-Romagna (I), Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo
Napoli (I), Provincia di Rimini (I), Universitř di Siena / Corso di
Scienze della Comunicazione (I), Universitř del Mediterraneo Roma (I),
INU Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica Roma (I), Fondazione Federico
Fellini Rimini (I)

broadcasted on

ORF Kunstradio Vienna (A), San Marino RTV (RSM), Radio Popolare
Milano (I), network indipendenti, ARIA Marsiglia (F), Radio Rai Roma
(I), Webcasting Internet


On-site: ARIA network (Barcellona / Lisbona / Marsiglia / Rimini
/ Vienna), Sebastiano Bagnara / University of Siena, Isabella Bordoni,
Andrea Borgnino / Golem RadioRai, Giorgio Conti / University of Ancona,
Vittorio D'Augusta, Pinotto Fava, Gabriele Frasca, Luigi Lai, Norbert
Math, Predrag Matvejevic', Antonella Bukovac Moreno Miorelli Donatella
Ruttar - Stazione Topol┌, Leonardo Montecchi, Lullo Mosso, Bruna
Miorelli / Radio Popolare, Gian Filippo Pedote, Stefano Ricci, Pino
Saulo, Pierpaolo Saporito / OCCAM-UNESCO, Massimo Semprini, Giuseppe
Silvi / Piazze Telematiche, Gianluigi Toccafondo

On-line: Radioqualia Adelaide (AUS), Radio Student
Ljubljana (SLO), ORF Kunstradio Vienna (A), Reni Hofmueller Graz (A),
Radio Ozone Riga (LV), Ilana Zuckermann Gerusalemme (IL), Radio Fro
Linz (A),

XLR (A/D/SLO), Ars Electronica FutureLab Linz (A), Fa. Huber Berlin (D)
 (partial list)

[ webcasting starts at 24.00 CET friday november 6 ]


This is an inusual kind of festival: a non-stop
workshop-festival which runs permanently from midnight november 6 to
midnight november 8. The 8th edition of L'arte dell'Ascolto will take
place in Rimini Italy, november 7-8, 1998, and it will have as a
starting platform the writing of Predrag Matvejevic'.

The Festival - traditionally linked with the area of the neighbouring
countries of Italy - becomes from this year on, permanently focused on
the realization of projects within the sphere of the Mediterranean.

Eight years after its first edition L'Arte dell'Ascolto now further
investigates its plan to define the town as place of total and
unconditional hospitality: the town-refuge. In this sense the town is
proposing itself as a place where to cultivate the only possible
ethics: the ethics of hospitality (Jacques Derrida).

One of the main purposes of the Festival is the development of
artistical projects based on the utilization of telecommunication
technologies in order to create communities of people operating
simultaneously in electronic space and in the real world and to relate
traditional cultures to modernity. Making the most of a culture that
naturally and everywhere is becoming multi-ethnical is to us
fundamental and so is the need to aggregate those who are interested
around events able to conjugate entertainment with research. In the
meantime we badly fell in this new Kosovo crisis just waiting for NATO
decisions. This of course is going to influence what will happen in

The project is based on exchange and on the reciprocal influences
between the various worlds. As tradition and vanguard are at the same
time human and poetical reservoir, so our cultural differences take us
towards a new way of thinking about our time and our space, that become
time and space of enlarged communities.

An adventure that combines art with scientific research. A project
aiming to define the chances of wireless communication with special
regard to those areas of the Mediterrenean which are disadvantaged
under the point of view of the systems of communications;  and for
which, therefore having access to Internet through the radio could be
of great importance.

Master of the Sardinian music - Luigi Lai - together with other fine
musicians will be present, ready to jam with realaudio streams and
other artists. Physical venue in Rimini will be the ground floor of a
public building from the beginning of the century located few hundred
metres from the Adriatic Sea.

The space will be fully equipped with sound and videoprojection systems
and a permanent connection to/from the net. Sound and video artists
will create a permanent environment mixing all kind of materials both
from the net and the place here. All direct links with participants
will be organised in LADA homepage. Images from webcameras will be also
mixed and screened in Rimini in order to have a dynamic visual
environment created after all the places connected.

This year image will be related to some very fine participations:
Stefano Ricci which will document in realtime through drawings what
will happen in Rimini, Gianluigi Toccafondo which will use his
animation movies to create the moving image of LADA98, Yervant
Gianikian and Angela Ricci-Lucchi which will present their most recent
film dedicated to the Balkans

LADA 98 Program

From 24.00 friday 6 november webcasting:


9.30-24 Workshop & mix by Itaca & Aria []

11.00   Greetings from Luca Ioli, head of Youth Projects Department of
the City of Rimini

11.30   LADA 98 with Predrag Matvejevic' and Roberto Paci Dalo'  [press
conference via net]

12.00   Gianfilippo Pedote "Mediterraneo" (video, Italy 1994)

13.00	Buffet

14.00   "" A radio & telematic project among Barcelona,
Lisbon, Marseille, Rimini, Vienna

15.00   Predrag Matvejevic' "L'arte dell'ascolto"

16.00   Pinotto Fava "Audiobox"

17.00   "Net radio: about sound on the net". Presentations on-site &
on-line of projects and experiences

18.00   Pierpaolo Saporito / OCCAM-UNESCO "Mediterranean: navigations
and collaborations"

18.15   Nicoletta Fabbri, Pierpaolo Paolizzi "Reading from Breviario

18.45   Discussion

19.30  	Dinner

22.00	"Mondo ex" Predrag Matvejevic', Luigi Lai, Lullo Mosso, Massimo
Semprini & Webcasting

	[sounds live from Adelaide, Belgrado, Berlino, Gerusalemme, Graz,
Ljubljana, Novi Sad,

	Riga, Split, Vienna, Zagreb and more...]

24.00-9.30 "Maqam" [sounds live from the

        Mediterranean & Net. Dance floor between electronic and

	Events & performances on-line and on-site. Soundlandscapes.


9.30-24 Workshop & mix by Itaca & Aria

10.00	Bruna Miorelli "Radio Popolare: between local and global"

10.15	Giuseppe Silvi "Piazze Telematiche: a platform for art and

10.30	Giorgio Conti "Local identities vs. global identities?"

10.45	Gabriele Frasca "Collettivo 33"

11.00	Moreno Miorelli, Antonella Bukovac, Donatella Ruttar "Stazione
Topolo' / Postaja Topolove"

11.30	Sebastiano Bagnara / Universita' di Siena "Ithaca and more"

11.45	Andrea Borgnino "RadioRai: IperGolem"

12.00	Pinotto Fava "L'immagine leggera"

12.15	Leonardo Montecchi "The multiple identity"

12.30	Luca Ioli "Local city, global city"

12.45	Discussion

13.30	Buffet

14.00	"Euromediterranean projects, audio and radio pieces,
works-in-progress, ideas"

18.15	Ana Peraica Marin Zoric Zidar Betonsky "Technology of sounded
space" (on-line intervention)

18.30	Rainer Rosenberg / Herbert Depner  "Radio1476 & Polycollege
(Sarajevo, Triest, Vienna)" (on-line intervention)

19.00	Predrag Matvejevic' "Listening the Mediterranean: the search for

19.30	Dinner

21.45	Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci-Lucchi "Nocturne" (film, Italy

22.00	"Mediterraneo" Predrag Matvejevic' & Webcasting with sounds from
the Net

23.00	"Audiobox on-line" Webcasting hosted by Pinotto Fava, artists in
Rimini and connected via Net.

	Open end


Artistic Direction Roberto Paci Dal┌  []

Scientific Team

Giorgio Conti / Archivi della Modernitř Venezia

Pinotto Fava, Roma

Giuseppe Silvi / Piazze Telematiche []

Organisation Daniela Leardini []

Internet Webcasting & Design Enrico Marchesin  []

RADIO L A D A. Web Art Radio:WAR

   ................................................................... 10

Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 10:51:23 +0000
From: Matt Locke <>
Subject: Hub Club event - Public Access

Monday 9th November

Kirklees Media Centre
7 Northumberland St

Public Access

Digital Technology is changing our society, but how and for whom? With the
launch of digital TV and the rise of the internet, communicating across the
globe has never been so easy, but how do you get access? Who is getting
left behind in the wake of technology's 'cutting edge'?

The first in a new series of Hub Club meetings showcases two very different
projects that work against the corporate  domination of digital culture -
Backspace ( and Mongrel (

the yorkshire hub club meets on the second monday of the month alternately
in Sheffield, Bradford or Huddersfield.
the hubclub is a national forum which supports individuals and small
organisations in developing the creative use of affordable desktop
computers by providing a forum for the dissemination and discussion of a
wide range of ideas. It also aims to showcase new ideas and best practise.

t:01484 431289   

the hub club is presented by TEST ( Lovebytes
( Huddersfield University and the National Museum of
Film, Photography and Television


Matt Locke
Artistic Director
a new digital arts research facility opening late 98

T:+44 (0)1484 431289
F:+44 (0)1484 513739


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