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<nettime> cyberwars

Serbian cyber-unit of special forces (Black Hand - named after the 
Serbian terrorist organization in Austrian province of Bosnia at the 
turn of the century) after vandalizing several Albanian web sites, 
attacked the largest Croatian daily English pages 
(http://www.vjesnik.com). Croatian hackers retaliated swiftly by 
tearing down the pages of Serbian National University Library (NSB). 
So, the cyberwars began.

Serbian ruling family established quite a presence on the Internet 
since the sanctions against Yugoslavia (that banned them from 
Internet) were lifted following the Dayton agreement 

Read http://www.globetechnology.com/search/news.19980706/UMILON.HTML

Slobodan Milosevic's official homepage is at 

His wife sweet personal page has its own domain:
...and opens with a flower in her hair and a calming message of 
peace: "The new world is coming. More rich, more just and more 

His son, Marko, has a page so powerful and new, that most of the 
necessary Netscape plugins are not designed yet. Don't even attempt 
to go there if you don't have a machine capable of running macromedia 
shockwave and real-video. I guess after a Ferrari, the largest 
discotheque in the Balkans - the most powerful website is the next 
aquisition of a spoiled dictator's son.

During the threat of NATO bombing, artist Andrej Tisma organized an 
Internet contest for the "humanitarian bombing of Serbia" in which 
contestants contributed bomb designs and the winner was awarded with 
a set of Monica Lewinsky's lips.

Welcome to the new world.


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