Ivo Skoric on Tue, 1 Dec 1998 18:06:23 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Monitor 3

The bets are out on would Milosevic be dragged out in the street and 
hanged out at the square like Mussolini, or would he rather go in 
front of the firing squad. I  bet on the firing squad. Trial and 
execution instead of a simple lynch - whoever would get into his 
place would be desperate to recover Serbia from the deepest p.r. 
ditch where it is now. Huh, on top of him doing that purge - KLA 
released those Tanjug journalists and LDK activists gaining some 
sweet press coverage, just as Milosevic showed how shaky his position 
really is. It seems that Americans and emigrees who gave money from 
here are now guiding a little the KLA image-making just as they did 
in Croatia and later in Hercegovina. 

Besides, hanging in the street gets you two, maybe three days of CNN, 
and then it's over - trial and execution may take a month of 
international press coverage that new Serbia's spokesmen may use to 
polish Serbia's act a little.

Then, well aware of Caucescu's fate, Milosevic may just disappear 
from Serbia if the going gets too rough.


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