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<nettime> Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Project?

Please answer these questions:

What is life without Macdonalds?

Have you ever seen dead body?
 Where? Whose?
 Did it stink?
Why is the old ugly?
Why do they stink?
 What smell is it?
Why does foreigner stink?
 What smell is it?
 Why do you stink?
 What smell?
 Aren't you stink yourself?

Do you want to look at my sister's body?

What is "adultery"?

Have you ever been beaten by somebody ?
How did it strike you?
When did it happen?

Takuji Kogo

how can I eat the last food - an apple -, when it is so cold here and I
 don't even remember my fucking pin code for my creditcard (this weekend is
starvation by defaut)?

how can I forget (adding more irresponsibilities)?
 how can I forget (practicing presence and nothing but presence)?
 how can I forget (when all these fucking unpaid invoices and bills are on m
y floor and I don't have the desire to fuck the insurrance system since this
would add new claims )?

 how can I go to war if I don't want to turn on TV?
 how can I not go to war if I just stay in bed ( you are the winner!! congra
tulations!!!! laughter -go GO GO GOGOGOGO)?

how can I start learning another language - chinese - in january 99 if I
can't properly remember all the other ones (flucht nach vorne) --- WHO WANTS

help? HELP? (please help me, my project, with what I want to do!!! no protec
tion required)

Rainer Ganahl

Are we the same?

How are we the same?

If not the same how do we differ?

Aren't we all the same?

Aren't we equal?

Do you equal me?

Who do you love?

Do you love yourself?

How can you do what you do?

G.H. Hovagimyan

More questions and answers

Takuji KOGO

candy factory

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