Andreas Baader on Wed, 16 Dec 1998 17:41:22 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> some not so late thoughts on net-based direct action

this is a reaction on the bits and pieces Carl Guderian and Stefan Wray
wrote. Not only that but it tries to have a solution to some problems
occuring between net-based action and "real life" actions. 

It seems to me that a lot of the political hackers work on their own. When
i say "on their own"  i do not mean alone as an individual, but it can
also mean as a group of people working togheter. 

While alot of action groups have their own websites, for example Animal
liberation, they just give information about actions happening on the
street or at other places besides the web while not using the web for
hacking multinationals like, let's name them again, Mc Donalds. 

I think a solution could be, if it does not happen in this manner
allready, that hackers and other organisations will contact eachother and
learn about eachothers ideas/mestakes and plans. There are numerous
activists outside of the web and lots of them "inside". It would be a
brilliant thing if the activists learn how to hack homepages from
multinationals at the exact date when there's a demonstration on the
street. A problem can be that not every country has got a big 'political'
hackers scene or does not want to have that much attention, hell, not
every country has got a big activist scene to teach about hacking. 

For an example let's take 'reclaim the streets'. Isn't it a good idea to,
while there's a worldwide demonstration going on in the streets of the
united states and europe, hack national sites of companies that make the
roads or for that matter governments that are clearly pro more roads? 

Just to state it a bit more clear:Per country political motivated hackers
should get in contact with the organisations they support or with another
goal they support and if possible the other way around. Show the activists
how to hack and the other way around show the hackers how to organize
streetactions and how to get people to show up. This way we can really get
big. If a press statement tells about off- and online action the news will
be bigger and has alot more impact. Many Ofline activists have email now
for example. There should be a maillinglist from people that work togheter
or with the same ideas. The way they are now are mostly short briefings
telling what has happened to a certain object. I am not talking about
nettime alike lists, but the lists from the activists trying to get
something going through the net. Let other people really get involved and
not just read the latest news. Instead of reading "come to the demo
for........" write "come to the demo on the 18th of april or start hacking
sites from......". 

Like stated before, maybe it allready happens, but if so it does in a smal
way. Maybe this a something to think about or just do. 

greetings, robert

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