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Re: <nettime> net.times, not swatch time

>Our world does not want to become simpler - it wants to be more
complicated. >
 *** I'm sorry if I'm addressing to God Itself but your
statement sounds false in my retina. 

Our world doesn't want anything. It just gets more *complex* as time
passes -- any time, even Swatch's. 

We have to make a distinction between complicated and complex. If the
world is getting more complicated, that means your point of view is
unique, static and sclerosed. It's not the world itself but the idea you
make of it. Maybe you can call that information overload. 

As the world is getting more complex, complication arises, bringing more
chaos until the 'current' order is so much moved that a new, greater and
simpler order arises. Then everything seems simple until this new
'current' order doesn't fit the organic equilibrium and here we go

This explanation is dumb of course, but the idea is that : GO WITH THE
FLOW. By analogy with the elements we can say that the world takes the
path of least resistance to evolve, adapting itself to ever-changing
conditions, and co-creating this context. [I dislike this method of
explaining as it considers 'building-blocks' at such scales that we should
just consider a continuity]. 

On *our* human scale, when things gets complicated, we can take another
point of view and say : ok, things don't change so much, but my pov really
gets stuck into conflicting flows and orders. Now, by changing attitude or
pov, we can get a simpler, and yet complex view. 

Anyway I don't think you intended your words to say the contrary, but
watch your consciousness before making statements concerning the world.
Some people these days think they can change the face of the world by
brilliantly commercialising universal, immaterial concepts such as time
and they don't need to be encouraged in NOT THINKING ABOUT THE

how =8)

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