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<nettime> Swatch's Internet Time is BUGGED (was Re: net.times, not swatchtime)

I really wonder how such an autocratic decision of 'inventing' an Internet
time, based on a corporate HQ's time would pass. 

Maybe Swatch people thought the inertia would be so long that a wide
acceptance would be achieved before any serious action could be taken ;
though it is more probable that they even didn't think about that. 

At least they didn't think about the SIT (!) bug... 

Let's take an example : 

"On December, 20 @005, all Swatch-related web servers worldwide will
...And sorry for those who miss the 20th and act on 21th


By assuming Internet Time on a physical day basis, Swatch people fell into
the gap between material and immaterial and made their concept born-dead
on a more-than-one-day basis. A chance for them they put both times on
their watches. 


The concept of Internet Time is interesting though as it allows not to
compute the timezones for online events synchronization. And it saves 5
chars ;) On the Internet we really dont care of biorythm when it comes to
tell people from all over the globe to gather for a chat or synchronize
hacktivities worldwide. 

Now is 19:52 GMT+1, Swatch's : 828, mine : dinnertime-15minutes. 

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