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01 . Lev Manovich              . Media critic/theorist faculty position
                                 at UCSD
02 . Emmanuel Ayah Okwabi      . africa web magazine
03 . Dmytri Kleiner            . >> IDIO-AUDIO Radio >>
04 . Martin Sjardijn           . WSP VRML
05 . ricardo dominguez         . CALL FOR FLOODNET ACTION FOR PEACE 
                                 IN THE MIDDLE EAST

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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 18:00:08 -0800 (PST)
From: Lev Manovich <>
Subject: Media critic/theorist faculty position at UCSD

We are looking for candidates for the following faculty position.
The rank is open so both beginning and senior people can apply.
New media critics/theoretists are welcome!

For more information on our department, see:

VISUAL ARTS DEPARTMENT, University of California, San Diego

MEDIA/PHOTO HISTORIAN/CRITIC.  Assistant Professor, tenure-track to
beginning Professor level with tenure.  Rank and salary commensurate with
qualifications and experience and based on UC pay scales.  The candidate
should have a concentration either in film, video, digital media or in
photography.  The position requires a grasp of the social-historical, art
historical, cultural and technical issues informing the medium as an art
a visual arts department which offer majors in conceptually oriented
studio, computing and media art-making programs and in art
history/theory/criticism.  Teaching will include history courses specific
to her/his area and also an ability to address other topics on the history
and theory of contemporary media at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Ph.D. or equivalent, publications and teaching experience required.

Send letter of application, curriculum vitae, names of three references
not send letters of recommendation and/or placement files), and copies of
publications and/or public lectures with return mailer & postage to:

                        Louis Hock, Chair (Position #2063S)
                        University of California, San Diego
                        Visual Arts Department
                        9500 Gilman Drive
                        La Jolla, CA 92093-0327

All applications received by February 16, 1999, or thereafter until
position is filled will receive thorough consideration.  Please reference
position number 2063S on all correspondence.

UCSD is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer with a strong
institutional commitment to the achievement of diversity among its faculty
and staff.  Proof of U.S. citizenship or eligibility for U.S. employment
will be required prior ro employment (Immigration Reform and Control Act

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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 18:10:58 +0100
From: Emmanuel Ayah Okwabi <>
Subject: africa web magazine

                                 December 1998

Editor : Emmanuel Ayah Okwabi
         Emmylundsvgen 3-832
         171 72 Solna,Sweden
         Tel 08-833237
Home Page:

Africa web magazine is a monthly magazine about Africa as well as current
economic,politicaland social events. Readers letters are welcome for
subsequent publication

Content: Media art Symposium in Stockholm (Mass 98)
         Africa and the Asian crisis

Media Artists Meet in Stockholm by  Ayah Okwabi

Creating bridges across borders among scholars,critics,curators and people
is essential in the global society of today. The media art
symposium(Mass'98)  held from Dec 7-11 in Stockholm as part of the
activities marking Stockholm as the cultural capital of Europe for is an
example of this collaboration noted Swedish minister for culture Marita
Ulvskog in an opening address at the symposium. Information technology is
not only a business but a tool for the promotion of democracy and free
speech .Creativity is at the heart of art,she stated. What shall we do
with this new infrastrcture? The humanistic dimension of information
technology cannot be overemphasised.

Although art and culture can stimulate technical development,truth and
meaning,how to communicate them to other human beings are old questions we
should never forget. Participants in the symposium were drawn
fromFinland,Austria,Germany,the United Kingdom,the United States and
Ghana. Carin Fischer,secreatary-general ,stockholm cultural capital
committee said issues concerning new media,its implications and
applications have been an integral part of the Stockholm-cultural capital
of Europe programme. "Three major exhibitions related to media art have
been held and projects lanuched in schools. Through close collaboration
with the Royal institute of technology,the cultural capital has been able
to able to access advanced technology," she stated. Growing contacts with
major media art centres like such as Ars electronica, Linz, Austria and
ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany have been the basis for building new networks. One
of Sweden's major actors in the commercial arena,the Bonnier group has
through its sponsorship given the cultural capital invaluable assistance
and resources. Through cooperation with artists' organizations the
cultural capital had the opportunity to contribute to stimulate competence
and skills in mastering new tools. Roy Ascott,director of the for centre
for Advanced enquiry in the interactive arts(CAIIA),Wales in the United
Kingdom said art is the search for new ways of constructing language. He
said breaking free of categories is the objective of the artist.Finding a
single context for human existence must be abandoned,adding that art is an
agency of becoming. Shamanism and cyberbetics can coexist.Art is
transformative,connecting self-fulfilment and transformation by engaging
in a struggle against the limits of existing society.It is community that
creates values. True satisfaction lies in the ability of individuals to
fight against existing constraints in society. Cyberspace has sometimes
been seen as a black hole for perveted can stimulate changes in ourselves.
Can consciousness be shared?Do we possess creativity or does creativity
possess us ? Interactive media,immaterial or rematerialized,however
conceived and implemented support an art which is essentially
transformative.In the flux of the net ,our own identity and sense of self
are challenged as are our many assumptions about the nature of art and
meaning. The bottom-up process needs to flow into politics,society and new
relationships,he concluded. Char Davies, a renowned media
artis( speaking speaking on the topic "immersive
technoligies said being immersed means total involvement in one's
surroundings adding her wormall productionk over the past 20 years seeks
an alternative to the control and manipulation of cyberspace with its
origins in military technology using buttons and wheels. She said her work
explores being or consciousness,reaffirming the role of the body and
nature as metaphor. "By changing space,by leaving the space of one's usual
sensibilities one enters communication with a space that that is
psychically innovating.For we do not change space,we change our
nature,"she said Her work challenges conventional approaches to virtual
reality by using three dimensional computer graphics,interactive three
dimensional sound, a head mounted display and real-time motion tracking
based on breadth and balance. Heidi Grundmann editor of Kunstradio in
Austria( said Kunstradio has been
facilitated by the emergence of cheap,small production technologies.
"Artists who concern themselves with political,economic and social
questions are involved in the production of programmes." Radio art has
been influenced by the history as a public,non-commercial institution. As
a result of the convergence of mass media,telecommunication and
computers,the nature of this medium has changed just as the work of
artists involved in productions. "Creating a situations in which others
can become active is what some artists are doing." Prof. Hans Peter
Schwarz, director of Zentrum fr Kunst und
Medientechnologie,ZKF(http// )said the nature of meseums as a
place for merely keeping objects is changing . He said the institution of
meseums is an evolving concept which is partly influenced by the
expectations of the audience. According the Prof Schwarz meseums are
vehicles for cross-cultural dialogue,not simply spaces for displaying
objects. Prof Tony Bennet said the function of the eye in viewing objects
in a meseum has been undermined by recent technological developments.
"There is a shift from a world of solitude to one of sound and
sociability. A journey from silence to sound, a wondering rather than a
steady eye." He said meseums are interesting for presenting science to
'those who run and read', or the working class who because of their work
had no time for book learning. Geert Lovink,speaking on the topic" media
politics said instead of privatization and deregulation,there is a fight
over scarce radio and tv channels,the closed worlds of high speed
bandwidth and censored magazines. He said Europe is still focused on
exclusion. Robert Coover,author of several books on innovative fiction,
speaking on the topic"lyric and narrative in hyperspace," said
hyperfiction allows one allows one to link windows of text in several
ways,creating multidirectional webworks of text in place of the
fixed,linear narrative. (http:www.brown,edu/Departments/English/Hotel/) He
said in collaborative fiction it is possible for two or more persons to
co-author a book.( 69) Timothy
Druckery,curator and writer leading a discussion at a workshop on
"curating media art" said there has been a transtion from
photography,video and the digital photography. He said there is a gap
between traditional art insituttions,independent institutions and media
art institutions with many institutions in dealing with media art.
Druckery said educational programming using main stream media is a way of
building an audience.


Asian crisis and Africa

A media seminar involving sixteen African ministers of trade and industry,
representatives of the world bank,UNCTAD,UNDP,ECA and the organisation for
African unity(OAU) was recently held in Abidjan,capital of La cote d'
Ivoire to  discuss the implications of the Asian crisis for Africa.The
seminar was held in collaboration with the steering committee of the
alliance for Africa's industrialisation.
The meeting concluded that globalisation and images of collapsing strong
economies are negative signals as weak and unprotected economies are
exposed to the uncertainties of international business and financial
One obstacle to african pprogress was bad leadership and governance which
leads to a weak economy.Political stability is a necessary condition to
about economic progress on the continent.The current spate of wars and
strife could do nothing to create a conducive atmosphere for economic
growth.High on the list of ills were corruption,lack of transparency and
recklessness with which national coffers are looted.
Regarding the Asian economic turbulence in relation in relation to
liberalisation and local manufacturing,goods and currencies  -a drop in
price of commodities that are chief foreign exchange earners for most
countries in the region was envisaged.

Africa could take advantage of devalued Asian currencies by importing
manufactured goods and services from there.
Ugandan minister for tourism,trade and industry,Alhaji Gen Moses
Ali,lamented the marginalisation of Africa with regards to foreign direct
investment flows which he considered negligible.Such funds,he argued,could
be generated internally with the prevalence of the right economic climate
for growth.He blamed the world bank and the IMF for the woes of the
continent with their bitter prescriptions which worsened ills rather than
curing them.
The world bank was condemned for citing flattering growth indices in the
region including Ghana and Uganda despite overwhelming evidence of
overwhelming poverty in those countries.
UNCTAD coordinator for Africa Kamran Kousari said despite many years of
economic reforms,adjustment policiesdo not sufficiently explain recent
economic trends.Out of 15 countries on the continent that were identified
as 'core adjusters' by the world bank as recently as 1993 only three today
are classified by the world bank as 'strong performers.'
He said policy reforms in Africa had failed to bring about an investment
Kousari called for an independent review of Africa's debt,arguing that
relief measures for the continent were still insufficient and too slow to
ensure growth   in the region.
Torben Roepstorff,UNIDO senior economist  indicated that Africa would
suffer a possible decline in official development assistance from 8.4
billion dollars in 1997 to 4.4  billion dollars in 1998, with private
financial flow dropping by 25 per cent.

Eritrea-ruling accepted
the eritrean government said it would abideabide by the international
arbitration tribunal ruling which said abide by the international
arbitration tribunal which said that the disputed hanish islands in the
sea, would now come under the sovereignty of Yemen.
In 1995 the two countries clashed when Eritrean troops invaded the islands
and claimedsovereignty.Isayas Afewerki ,president  of Eritrea said during
recent meeting with Yemeni deputy primeminister and foreign minister,abd
qadir bajammal that there was no longer any problem between their two

   ................................................................... 03

From: (Dmytri Kleiner)
Subject: >> IDIO-AUDIO Radio >>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 16:11:21 GMT

[For good luck, forward this magic eFlyer to other interested parties]

THIS FRIDAY: Experimental Test Broadcast #3

	New this week: SpeekFreely added.

	Plus the usual interactive mayhem!


   >>>> <<<<

  		     ///  IDIO-AUDIO
... a weekly online  ///     {{ Radio }}      \ /
 conspiratorial salon <----------------------- * -
                                              / \
                        11 PM - 3 AM
  !! Every Friday !!
                            +++ RealAudio
  < PsuedoNeoDadaSitu       +++ MBone
    Interactive             +++ Microradio
    Electrobohemia    >     +++ IRC
                            +++ SpeakFreely
			    +++ HTTP

    ... and new interfaces will be added as the 
     IDIO-AUDIO Radio Broadcast Network expands
     like a fungus across all known media.

 psychogeographical unitary urbanism detournement wrapped
 in an enigma of automatic everything.

				Tune in live every friday!!!

                >>>> <<<<

An Idiosyntactix Incident....

			    *   O
			     I I
			* r a d i o *
			     U I
			    A   O
			   *     *

			    r   *
			     a I 
			* A U d I O *
			     I i
			    O   o
			   *     *

			   *     *
			    A   r
			     U a
			  * I d I O *
			     i I
			    o   O
			   *     *

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Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 18:47:50 +0100
From: Martin Sjardijn <>
Subject: WSP VRML

Den Haag, december 21 1998
VRML project WSP-2000 by Martin Sjardijn

WEIGHTLESS SCULPTURE PROJECT 2000 proudly presents Realtime art in VRML,


Thomas Banchoff, Alfred Eikelenboom, J.C.J. van der Heyden, Bander van
Ierland, Jan E. Lockett,
Kas Oosterhuis, Philip Peters, Rob Scholte, Lars Spuybroek, Peter
Struycken, Kroly Tth.

WSP2000 is an art project in the realm of todays space/cyberspace
WSP2000 is presenting  artists, architects, scientists in
WSP2000 can be visited at

Best viewed at 1024x786 with the Cosmoplayer 2.01 plugin
after installed use also the menu-button left-down in Cosmoplayer.

with kind regards,
Martin Sjardijn

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Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 12:11:44 -0500
From: ricardo dominguez <>

>From the Electronic Disturbance Theater


Friday, December 18, 1998

>FROM 10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM
(Washington D.C. TIME)

>FROM 4:00 PM TO 10:00 PM

We oppose the U.S. military attack on Iraq and believe that
the timing of this assault is designed to detract attention
>from President Clinton's impending impeachment hearing
in Congress.

We do not accept the logic of the White House and the Pentagon
that Iraq poses a national security threat. If any country is guilty
of harboring weapons of mass destruction it is the United States.

We know that the U.S. government views the Middle East as a
strategic area because, in part, it is an oil rich region. And we
know the United States consistently uses the veil of "national
security" as a means to pursue and justify its agenda of global
economic domination.

We support the skeptical and angry views of the Russian,
Chinese, and Iraqi ambassadors to the United Nations Security
Council who strongly voiced their opposition to U.S. and U.K.
aggression against Iraq.

We are saddened by the images on CNN of the innocent
people who were injured in the first hours of the aerial
bombardment. Moreover, we are aware that these victims are
just a few of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have
either died or suffered greatly since the first Gulf War in
1991 and under U.S. backed sanctions that have existed
since then.

We support the lifting of sanctions against Iraq. We support
the efforts of international human rights organizations,
groups  like Friendship Across Frontiers, and other sectors of
international civil society who have been
working for years to help the Iraqi people.

We do not support Saddam Hussein but we believe
it is not our right as Americans to go beyond merely having
opinion. It is up to the Iraqi people,
and others in the Arab world, to remove Saddam Hussein
>from office, if that is their desire and will.

We believe the age of imperialism should come to an end.
It is quite telling that the imperial power of the 19th century,
Great Britain, and the imperial power of the 20th century,
the United States, have joined forces alone as we enter the
21st century.

In one instance, we agree with a characterization of the
United States, made by Iraqi leaders. The history of U.S.
military and intelligence intervention, both covert and overt,
in Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and domestically
within sovereign Native American territory, is enough evidence
to support the classification of this country as an Evil

We support all efforts to denounce, oppose, protest, and
resist the joint U.S.-U.K assault on Iraq, both domestically
within the United States and England, in other European
countries, in Middle Eastern countries, and
throughout the world.

We recognize that resistance to the current bombardment
of Iraq, and resistance to all future war, will take place in
two spheres. One is on the ground, in the streets, in offices,
in universities, in factories -  in real spaces. The other is
on the Net, in what the Pentagon now calls "battlespace.
And we support the development and practice of joint
virtual-real actions of resistance.

We do not believe that only nation-states have the
legitimate authority to engage in war and aggression.
And we see cyberspace as a means for
non-state political actors to enter present and future
arenas of conflict, and to do so across international borders.

We do not know how long the current U.S.-U.K. aerial assault
on Iraq will last. Indications are that it will be short-lived.
It may therefore not be an appropriate or strategic moment
to attempt to inspire, coordinate, and sustain a campaign
of virtual-real actions of resistance.

We do feel, however, compelled to take some action.
And therefore we will use FloodNet, the same tool
we have been using against web sites of the Mexican
government, to now make a symbolic gesture of our
opposition to the current assault on Iraq.

We therefore urge all people of good conscience
who have the clarity of mind to oppose these aerial
assaults to join us in a ongoing, nonviolent,
virtual sit-in on the White House web site.
We urge you to join us in a FloodNet  Action
for Peace in the Middle East.

Friday, December 18, 1998

>FROM 10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM
(Washington D.C. TIME)

>FROM 4:00 PM TO 10:00 PM

The Electronic Disturbance Theater

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