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<nettime> Alternate Davos (net.debate and meeting)

Attached is some initial correspondence that might be of interest with
respect to the development of a co-ordinated Net based "Alternate

Laurent <jesover@attac.org> has established an e-list to carry on the
discussion... If you have an interest you should contact him about joining
that list.

Mike Gurstein
>From: Laurent JESOVER <jesover@attac.org>
>Subject: Alternate Davos
>I would like to present you an idea concerning the organization of an
>Alternate Davos in the city of Davos during the "liberal encounter" at
>the end of January 1999.
>ATTAC, along with other NGOs (Swiss, European and from else where),
>will organize an Alternate Davos to think about other ways to see
>economic issues. Some of us will be physically in Davos to held a
>press conference : of course a very small number of person, since the
>cost of a physical presence meet more bank executives financial
>possiblities than NGO participants'. Meanwhile throughout Europe,
>meetings will be help by unions and other organizations on specific
>topics still in relation with an Alternate Davos.
>The idea is to be able during the press conference to not speak to
>journalists about ourselves but to present the full diversity of
>possibilities around the world for a real Alternate Davos. The goal is
>not to put us in front of journalists but to let them know that there
>are possible others "news" than the ones create by the Davos encounter
>concerning the world economic well-being and the world development.
>That's why we would like, with your help, to be able to present
>through computer screens an "Alternate Davos" that will match really
>the world size.
>With the help of chatrooms on the Internet we would like to reunite
>during the time of the press conference a number of people that will
>largely out-numbered the Davos participants.
>This "presence" will have two goals:
>- to prove by the number of people virtually but really present at the
>same time and place than Davos economic issues are not world issues
>but just issues raised by a specific set of people and than other
>forces exist that meet more the world diversity.
>- to send a strong message to journalists about the emergency for
>"decision makers" to think differently about world development.
>Technically the page will held the logos of all the organizations that
>will be officially present in the chatroom, giving the possibilities
>to journalist to interview them. It also will enable citizens to be
>present and to participate to the press conference.
>We can also take this opportunity to launch officially a vast lobbying
>action in the direction of governments to held an international
>conference soon to talk about ways of financing sustainable
>development around the world, financing it for example by an
>international tax on international transactions.
>Of course all this is just "ideas" : everything is in the open for the
>moment to let your networks organize it with us. But I am sure we can
>all agree shortly with basic lines that will match our works and
>Please feel free to react to this proposal by emailing me :
>jesover@attac.org and of course to forward this message to anyone of
>your knowledge that might be interrested in this proposal.
>For details about the Alternate Davos organization per se, feel free
>to email Christophe Aguiton :  aguiton@sud.unions.eu.org
>Best regards to all
>---------------------------- http://attac.org/
>~ Il s'agit tout simplement de se réapproprier ensemble l'avenir de
>notre monde. ~ Es geht einfach darum, dass wir die Zukunft unserer
>Welt gemeinsam wieder in die eigenen Hände nehmen. ~ It is simply a
>question of taking back, together, the future of our world. ~ Se
>trata, en realidad y simplemente de reapropiarnos, todos unidos, del
>porvenir de nuestro mundo. ~ Si tratta semplicemente di riappropriarci
>insieme dell'avvenire del nostro mondo. ~ Kortom, op het gezamenlijk
>heroveren van de toekomst van onze wereld. ~ Det dreier seg ganske
>enkelt om at vi i fellesskap krever tilbake makten over vår verdens
>fremtid. ~ Trata-se simplesmente de nos reapropriarmos, juntos, do
>futuro de nosso mundo. ~ Det är helt enkelt en fråga om att, vi alla
>tillsammans, tar tillbaka vår världs framtid.
>http://attac.org/ ----------------------------

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