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<nettime> B6700

excerpt from Dave Mitchell's article "Mainframes":
"Probably the worst mainframe I worked was a Burroughs B6700.
This monstrosity required 500ft squared of floor space and was
incapable of running for more than two days at a time without
collapsing in a heap. It was a dual-processor system with the
abilty to be partioned into two separate system. However, what
Burroughs neglected to mention was that the system had to be
physically parted and that the operation would take its engineers
at least two days to complete. Sadly, its only saving grace was
an array of lights over the main engineering console that indicated
general activity (if there was any) by flashing the Burroughs
insignia - great for wowing the punters when I conducted tours
of the computer room and explained where 1 million had been
invested.The panel could be configured to your own specification -
a system sent to Russia displayed CCCP in foot-high letters."
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