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<nettime> Publishing Company For Sale! (fwd) A sure win for!

This SPAM is simply too much on my hilaric muscles.  Surely something for
ZKP6.  Have Happy Days till !??? (1999)

cheers, patrice

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Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 06:43:22 EST
Subject: Publishing Company For Sale!
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See information about Free Credit Application Below!

My Multi-Million Dollar 
Publishing Company 
ONLY $149

Free Pre-Approved Merchant Account Application with Order!!  To Start Your
Business Out Right!! 

If you ever wanted "the easy way out" to make a lot of money with a
business of your own.... Here is the EASIEST WAY TO START! 

I'm writing this letter to let you in on something that'll blow you away.
What I'm about to present is something I've never done before...something
that I'll never do again.... So PAY ATTENTION! 

For the past few years...I've have been running ads in newspapers &
magazines, by direct mail, and throughout the internet.  These ads were
always small and very cheap... 

On these ads, we have been selling little manuals.  These manuals have
sold for anywhere between $10 to $99 each.  We always ran different ads
for each manual we were selling. 

I like selling information because NOBODY can put a price on
it...ESPECIALLY when it is your own...The Sky is the Limit! 

Plus it is very cheap to reproduce How-To manuals.  It costs between 40
cents and $3 to print the entire print manuals and around 35 cents to copy
the manuals on disk.  AND you can sell them for up to $99 each.  That is
one hell of a markup! 

These manuals tell you how to get a car with no money down and no
credit...another one tells you how to avoid taxes by depositing income you may not be interested in saving money by going
offshore...but believe me....there are MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO DO...and
they are willing to pay me to teach them!!! 

Well this is where the unbelievable offer comes in...I hope you are
sitting down for this one...because this is a once in a lifetime chance
for you.  I do not know of an easier way to become financially
independent...In fact THERE IS NO EASIER WAY!!!  The next few paragraphs
will reveal everything to you. 

I am willing to sell you my entire informational product line with FULL
REPRINT RIGHTS and complete step-by-step instructions on how to start your
mail order information business with very little money. 

Remember, these are PROVEN WINNERS.  If you are stumped on something to
sell or if you are having trouble writing a good ad, I have also included
an entire book on disk to help you produce KILLER ads! 

This entire package which I call a Publishing Company in a Box will come
on 1 CD containing over 2000 'Hot-Selling' Books, Reports And Manuals
ready to print and sell, Sell, SELL! It also will come with a signed
letter giving YOU FULL REPRINT RIGHTS allowing you to sell them for as
much as you want and however you want.  You Can even sell the entire kit
to someone else to resale on their own!  You also receive copies of KILLER
ads which can fill your mailbox with cash! 

I am not even going to ask you for any of the money either... What you
make is yours to keep .  In get to make a ton of money on these
manuals for as long as you wish...and you will never have to pay me
another red cent in royalties! 

I am even going to print out and prepare our #1 selling report which
contains the secrets of obtaining credit without a credit check and
producing an offshore income without taxes so that you will be able to
take it down to your local copy shop and be ready to sell it the same day
you have received it. Watch out though - one individual is making $70,000
a month on this report alone!  (Why - Because you can include a FREE
offshore credit application for those with bad or no credit with this
report and explode your mailbox with orders) Note: THIS APPLICATION IS

All I ask for is...$149 and I will include FREE Priority Mail Shipping! 
Yes, I said $149.  There are no zeros missing.  Plus if you order before
the New Year, Jan. 1, 1999 I will include 4 extra special bonuses... 

Bonus #1 - "Search Engine Magic" on disk.  This report will shoot your web
site up to the top of the search engine listings. Other web advertisers
are selling this manual for $99 by itself - But I will give it to you for
FREE with this package. 

Bonus #2 - The report "How to Make at least $1,600 a week
online...Starting Now!" which is taking the internet by storm will be
included absolutely FREE! 

Bonus #3 - I will include special details about a secret source for direct
mail leads that can produce cash orders along with out KILLER ads.  And
another source will be given which allows you to advertise nationwide
through newspapers to 70,000,000 readers for as low as 7 cents per word. 

Bonus #4 - I also will include a pre-approved application for a merchant
account for your business benefit.  Taking credit cards will increase your
business up to 100%.  The normal $195 application fee will be waved with
this pre-approved application. 

But there is one drawback... I am sending this ad to 10,000 other
people...and I will only allow 50 kits to be sold.  It wouldn't make much
sense if I sold this kit to 1,000 or 2,000 people...The market would be
saturated with these same manuals...  and I don't want to do that.  To
make sure that the people in this offer get the same results I have...ONLY
50 people can have it for $149.00! 

Chances are, I will get all 50 within a week's time.  So if this is
something you are interested in...RUSH me a check or money order for
$149.00 TODAY to insure your future business. 

But, even if you decide to pass this up...Don't sweat it.  It's not like I
am going to be mad or anything like that.  I know I will get my 50 order
limit really fast.  And anyone who gets their check into me late... I will
simply send it back. 

For only $149.00, I am going to let you have the easiest money you will
ever make.  The manuals are written, the ads are presented, the
advertising plan is laid out, and all you have to do is print them out for
pennies and place the ads. 

Do it today! Rush me your payment of $149.00 right now...and get your very
own MILLION DOLLAR publishing company going! 

You can start with one or two manuals...even the day you receive the
package...and then expand to include ALL of them! 

For $149.00, you have everything you need to make a killing with your very
own business.  If you want to make real money - then this offer is for

"I took the report "Search Engine Magic" and sold over 50 copies on disk
within 2 weeks! They sold for $99 and I was able to copy them for under 50
cents each.  Wait till I start marketing the other products included in
this line!!!" Joe Fisher - Internet Marketer

To rush order this "MILLION DOLLAR Publishing Company in a Box" simply
fill out the order form below and fax it to our 24 hour order line at: 

1 (212) 504-8032

Regular Mail to:
Financial Systems
P.O. Box 301
Orange, Ma 01364

Please send to:

Your Name__________________________________________
Your Address________________________________________
Your City____________________________________________
State / Zip___________________________________________
Phone #: ____________________________________________
(For problems with your order only. No salesmen will call.)
Email Address_______________________________________

We Accept Checks or Money Orders along with all Major Credit Cards 
including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  (NOTE - We only 
ship to the address listed on the credit card)

(Please Fill Out Below Section and Make sure that the above name 
and address are listed as it appears on the card) for $149.00

Credit Card Number:________________________________

Expiration Date:___________________________



[  ] YES! Please rush my Publishing Company in a Box.  I 
understand I have FULL REPRINT Rights and can sell any of 
the items for whatever price I desire, even the entire kit.

[  ] DOUBLE YES!  I am order before the New Year, Jan. 1, 1999!  
Please include the extra special bonuses!

* Please check one of the following payment options:
[  ] I am faxing a check (Do not send original, we will make a 
draft from the faxed check) This option not available on orders 
outside continental US.

[  ] I am faxing or mailing my credit card number. (Note your 
card will be charged for $149.00 and we only ship to the address 
on the card)

[  ] I am enclosing a check or money order for $149.00!
(This option is good in the US only)

Note - If ordering outside continental US, please add $5 to S&H

P.S. Don't forget you will receive 2,000 Manuals, Books, and 
Reports (Some of which are up to 200 pages each)...all for 
$149...You have full reprint and resale rights to make as much 
money as you want without ever paying any royalties whatsoever!

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You have been carefully selected to receive the following as 
a person obviously interested in this subject based upon your 
previous internet postings, or visits to one of our affiliate 
web sites. If you have received this message in error, reply 
with the word unsubscribe in the subject.
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