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<nettime> [AFIB] High-Tech Entrepreneurs Bankroll Aryan Nations

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                       * SPECIAL EDITION *
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     1. (S-R)    THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW [Spokane, Washington]:
                 Spending a Fortune on Beliefs
                 Aryan Nations - Christian Identity and Fascist
                 Terror [excerpts]
                              * * *
     AFIB EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION: Christian Identity, the
     "religion" of the racist right, got a huge shot in the arm
     from two unlikely sources: multi-millionaire exiles from
     California's Silicon Valley. Driven by a belief in "end
     times" theology and white supremacy, computer chip moguls
     Carl E. Story and R. Vincent Bertollini, are planning to
     pour huge sums of money into the Pacific Northwest's most
     dangerous Identity congregations - Dave Barley's America's
     Promise and Richard Butler's neo-nazi Aryan Nations. The
     low-key duo's organization, The 11th Hour Remnant Messenger,
     has already financed a slickly-produced racist, anti-Semitic
     poster and other propaganda, mass-mailing them to thousands
     of Idaho residents. As recent revelations of close ties
     between top Republican party politicians and the racist
     Council of Conservative Citizens indicates, fascism is
     making significant inroads into the political "mainstream."
     That Aryan Nations now have well-heeled corporate
     benefactors is a new and very serious development; one with
     grave consequences if underestimated or left unchecked.
                              * * *
     Ex-Californians tap wealth to promote white supremacy
     Spokane, Washington
     Sunday, December 6, 1998
     By Bill Morlin, Spokesman-Review Staff Writer
     Two men who made their fortunes in California's computer
industry are spending large chunks of money promoting two white
supremacy churches in North Idaho.
     Carl E. Story and R. Vincent Bertollini are using their
ministry, The 11th Hour Remnant Messenger, to benefit America's
Promise and the Aryan Nations.
     For Story, his new alliances evolved after he gave $4
million to TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart and $5 million to a
charismatic Christian church near San Francisco almost a decade
ago, his friends say.
     An engineer-turned-businessman, Story was convicted in 1979
of illegally shipping his computer chip manufacturing equipment
to the Soviet Union.
     The high-tech hardware apparently made its way to the
Soviets' missile development facility during the Cold War,
federal investigators say.
     Now, Story and Bertollini are promoting Christian Identity,
the same racist theology that underlies Aryan Nations and
America's Promise Ministries in North Idaho.
     But the pair bring something to the movement that alarms
human rights activists: money.
     The 11th Hour Remnant Messenger has spent $1.5 million in
the past eight years, Bertollini said recently.
     "What's new is the amount of money that Story and Bertollini
are willing to spend on their anti-Semitic and racist message of
hate," said Bill Wassmuth of the Northwest Coalition Against
Malicious Harassment.
     The two men paid for the production ans separate mailings of
a large color poster explaining Christian Identity, and a
videotape of an interview with Aryan Nations leader Richard
     A $4 pamphlet, published by anti-Semite Charles Weisman of
Burnsville, Minn., was included in the mailings.
     Bertollini said the posters cost $9.45 each to print, fold
and mail. The posters were sent in September to 9,000 people,
including thousands of residents in Kootenai and Bonner counties.
     Butler also handed out copies of the poster and pamphlet
during last summer's Aryan World Congress, which included a
parade in Coeur d'Alene.
     In 1996, the men paid to bring anti-government lecturer
Joyce Riley to Sandpoint for two nights of speeches. Hundreds of
people attended the lectures at the Panida Theater, including
Militia of Montana co-founder John Trochmann. At the lectures,
Riley claimed the U.S. government is lying about Gulf War
     The speech was sponsored by America's Promise Ministries.
But Bertollini's name is on documents promoting the Riley
appearances, and he now says he and Story picked up the tab.
     Story, 65, and Bertollini, 59, operated in obscurity until
last fall's mass mailings. Law enforcement officials and human
rights activists knew little about the two men.
     Bertollini declined requests for a formal interview, but
answered a few questions when he attended a human rights
community meeting in Sandpoint last month. The meeting was called
in response to the Remnant Messenger mailings.
     He and Story don't promote hate or white supremacy,
Bertollini said.
     "Our intent is to bring truth to a world that believes a
lie. It's a burden, a burden on my heart, and it's Carl Story's
burden, too."
     Story refused to be interviewed or answer written questions.
     "An interview will never happen!" he responded in large
print over a letter requesting an interview. "Do what you will."
     Story and Bertollini, who've been friends 30 years, formed
The 11th Hour Remnant Messenger in 1990 when they still lived in
the San Francisco Bay Area.
     The name apparently refers to mankind's final days and Story
and Bertollini's belief that they and other whites are remnants
of God's chosen people.
     During their business careers, the two men used their
engineering and marketing skills to help make two computer chip
companies multimillion-dollar concerns.
     The pair left California in 1995 and decided to move to
North Idaho after spending six months touring the United States.
     "We crossed the bridge into Sandpoint and said, `Voila, this
is it!'" Bertollini said.
     He wouldn't say if they were attracted to the region by the
presence of America's Promise, which moved to Sandpoint from
Arizona in 1989, or Butler, who arrived from California in the
     Story, who is divorced, lives in an upscale home overlooking
Lake Pend Oreille. Bertollini is married and lives in Sandpoint.
     They both own Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Lincoln Town
Cars, and are known at various Sandpoint restaurants and lounges
for quoting the Bible and leaving $100 tips.
     Bertollini has performed at least one wedding in Bonner
County as a "lay minister" for the Remnant Messenger, public
records show.
     He is serving 10 days in jail for drunken driving and
driving without privileges in Bonner County.
     The Remnant Messenger literature lists a Sandpoint maildrop
as its "business suite," and Bertollini sometimes uses the name
Vincent Bert. He said the alias isn't meant to be deceptive.
     "Bertollini is too long, too hard to say, and so Bert is
easier," he said.
     Story's son, Craig Story, also lives in Sandpoint but didn't
want to talk publicly about his father. He did, however, provide
a written statement saying he has nothing to do with his father's
     "I would like it to be known that I do not agree whatsoever
with the 11th Hour Remnant ministry and its message," Craig Story
wrote. "I am completely opposed to their latest scroll and the
manner it was sent to homes in Sandpoint and surrounding area
     Stewart C. Best of Wheeler, Wis., said he has known Carl
Story for several years and described him as evolving from a non-
Christian, to a fundamentalist Christian, to a charismatic
Christian, to a Christian Identity believer.
     Best operates Best Video Productions, which sells a variety
of conspiracy theory and Christian prophecy videos.
     For a time, Story spent thousands of dollars on multiple
copies of such videos as "Daniel and the Four Beasts," "Iron
Mountain" and "False Prophets," Best said.
     "He believed the message and would send them out all over
the world," Best said.
     At the time, Story and Best shared the religious view that
all mankind is embraced by God's "agape," or divine, love. But
Best said his friendship ended when Story embraced Christian
     Best later wrote Story and Bertollini letters, denouncing
their beliefs. "I warn you through tears that you have gone down
a wrong pathway, one that will take you both to eternal ruin and
loss," his letter said.
     Best also said Story once told him he gave TV evangelist
Swaggart $4 million when his ministry was on the verge of
collapse about ten years ago.
     Swaggart's limousine occasionally visited Story's home in an
exclusive development adjoining a golf course in Cupertino,
Calif., former neighbors say.
     "I met Jimmy Swaggart myself in Carl's back yard in
Cupertino," said former Cupertino neighbor Mike Meurisse, who now
lives in North Carolina. "Carl told me that he gave Jimmy
Swaggart a great deal of money."
     Swaggart and his staff didn't return telephone calls and e-
mail requests for comment.
     Best and others said Story also gave an estimated $5 million
to the Jubilee Christian Center, an independent,
nondenominational church with about 8,000 members.
     At some point, Story began drifting toward people preaching
about redemption and the end times -- the study of eschatology.
          "He told me he had done everything else, and now he was
going to start his own church," one former neighbor said, asking
not to be identified.
     Bertollini said the Remnant Messenger "has sent 10 major
mailings, all over the world."
     One of its first publications was an "urgent, special
report," entitled "The Loss of Woman in the Home."
     The changing role of women in Western society is "pervasive,
diabolical and insipid," says the publication, written by Vincent
     It quotes Bible passages and claims that "virtually every
modern convenience" that women use today on the home was designed
by a man. The devices allow for more freedom for women who should
like remaining home, it says.
     From that, the Remnant Messenger went on to publish a large
poster explaining "True Salvation." Another publication describes
"How Man Has Deceived Man in Our Day."
     For example, a piece of 2x4 lumber really isn't 2 inches by
4 inches, it says. "The American public has come to accept this
as a natural deviation in their daily lives. It is a lie, it
always was a lie and we no longer think anything about this, most
obvious lie!"
     The most recent productions include the videotape of Butler
being interviewed at the Aryan Nations compound.
     The interviewer isn't identified on the tape, but Bertollini
reluctantly confirmed that he is the one asking the questions of
Butler in the video.
     Bertollini described Butler as a "rather benign guy" who
isn't "dangerous at all."
     They produced and distributed the video so the Aryan
leader's message will be recorded for posterity, Bertollini said.
     One Remnant Messenger publication describes how the United
States "has not only provided technology to the Soviets,
sanctioned by the government, but has given food and other
commodities to our `friends.'"
     It doesn't mention that Story sold technology to the Soviets
while working in California's Silicon Valley.
     Story and his former business partner, Gerald Sterak, were
convicted in 1979 of shipping $299,970 worth of computer-chip-
handling equipment to the Soviet Union during the height of the
Cold War.
     Three shipments of computer chip robotic equipment made
their way in the mid-1970s to a military facility outside Moscow,
investigators said. Authorities believe the gear was used to
develop Soviet missile-guidance systems.
     "It was cutting edge technology and these shipments were
sold strictly for money," said U.S. Customs case agent Charles
     The fourth intended shipment was secretly intercepted by the
Customs agent in Kansas City, and the computer equipment was
replaced with bags of sand, Mcleod said.
     In a plea bargain, Story avoided federal prison but paid a
$25,000 fine and was placed on three years probation, court
records show.
     Bertollini says he and Story are committed to spending their
money to "get the truth out" before the end of the world, which
they believe is fast approaching.
     The truth, as Bertollini explained it, is that white people
are the true Israelites, descendants of Abel. Nonwhites and Jews
are descendants of Cain, born after a mating of Satan and Eve.
It's called two-seed Christian Identity theology.
     Bertollini said nonwhites "have a special place on this
planet." But "They don't have to deal with the law and redemption
and the power of Jesus Christ" like white people do.
     "We don't hate them. God, we're blessed that they're here.
They don't have to deal with what we have to deal with. They
don't have the responsibility that we have."
     White people, he said, "are caretakers of the world."
     "Don't you see that? Isn't that simple? Isn't it obvious?"
     One woman who knows the men said they're convinced they must
give their wealth to their religious cause to win God's
     "I'm on a mission from God, and it will not end until my
last breath is gone."
     Bill Morlin can be reached at (509) 459-5444 or by e-mail at
     Copyright 1998 The Spokesman-Review
                       Research Directors:
               David Lethbridge,
            Helmut-Harry Lowen,
                       By David Lethbridge
                              * * *
     Aryan Nations is simultaneously a religious movement and a
political movement. The two aspects cannot be separated one from
the other. It is profoundly white racist and anti-Semitic. In
order to achieve its ends, it has, in the past, resorted to every
form of terror: from threats, to intimidation, to armed robbery,
to assault, and to murder. There is every indication that it will
continue to do so. Its ultimate aims are the destabilization and
overthrow of the governments of the United States and of Canada,
and the creation of a white racist State either in the Pacific
Northwest alone, or throughout North America. While the influence
of Aryan Nations within the much larger en-Nazi movement
continues to rise and fall, and to rise again, the presence of an
Aryan Nations outpost constitutes a serious danger to the
community in which it becomes established. 
     Another name for Aryan Nations is the Church of Jesus
Christ, Christian. As such, Aryan Nations is an Identity church.
Identity, sometimes called Christian Identity, or Kingdom
Identity, is a particularly perverse and racist variant of the
Christian religion. Identity is widespread in the USA and Canada,
and has a distinct history which will be examined shortly. As a
theology, Identity belief has managed to unite diverse sectors of
the extreme right, including many groups within the Ku Klux Klan,
neo-Nazis, the Posse Comitatus, some groups of Nazi skinheads,
and a number of survivalist factions. It should not be imagined,
as some commenters do, that Identity religion is simply a
convenient cover for psychopathic violence, or a method of
seeking tax advantages through claiming religious status. On the
contrary, Identity believers are often much more devout and
committed than many so-called "mainstream" Christians.
     The central beliefs of Identity are that:
1) - The Biblical God, or Yahweh, created a single race in his
own image - the White Race. These are the Chosen People. The
message of the Bible, both Old and New testaments, is a message
only for the White People. Only White People have souls, or have
a hope of salvation. The identity of the White People - and hence
the name Christian Identity - is that they are the Old Testament
Israelites. Some Identity believers follow all of the dietary
laws and prohibitions of the early chapters of the Bible, and the
majority maintain a fundamentalist belief in the literal
interpretation of Biblical texts. In their view, Christ himself
was a blue-eyed, blond-haired Israelite, with absolutely no
Jewish ancestry, or any connection to the Jews. To claim that
Christ had a Jewish genealogy is, from the point of view of
Identity, a blasphemy of the first order. The White People
eventually became dispersed from Israel and settled in Northern
Europe, Scandinavia, Britain, and eventually, in the USA, Canada,
Australia, and New Zealand. These White People are known as the
Aryans, and where they live are the Aryan Nations.
2) - Before the creation of Adam and Eve, the God Yahweh created
a second race. These are sometimes called "Mud People" in
Identity literature, and are the ancestors of all people of
color; Africans, Asians, Aboriginal Australians, African-
Americans, and so on. These "Mud People" were intended by God to
be the servants and slaves of the White People. They have no
souls, are not truly human, and are not valued by God.
3) - The third race of people are the Jews. According to
Identity, they were not created by God but by Satan. They are not
the Old Testament Israelites, but have simply falsely assumed
that ancestry in order to hide their evil origin, and as a cover
for their Satanic purposes. The Jews have intermarried with the
Mud People and created a variety of mixed racial groups in order
to further insinuate themselves into the human community. Lacking
souls, or even a conscience, they are able to devote themselves
to their true task - the destruction of God's chosen people - the
Aryans. The Jews do this through slyly pitting people of color
against the Aryans; through taking control of the world banking
and financial institutions; through the invention of socialism
and communism; by taking control of the media and of the
government; and by an endless conspiracy to seize global control
through a One World Government.
4) - Identity theology maintains that any intermarriage between
Aryans and non-Aryans automatically yields off-spring who are
spiritually, biologically, and mentally degenerate, and who are
soul-less. They believe that intermarriage is slowly polluting
Aryan gene pools and destroying the Aryan peoples. Any Aryan who
has mixed-race children, who marries a Mud person or a Jew, is a
"race traitor." Race traitors, so defined, are frequently the
objects of intimidation, assault, or murder. In the white racist
State advocated by Aryan Nations and other militant Identity
groups, race traitors would be summarily executed by the State.
Parenthetically, the term "race traitor" is sometimes used in
Identity literature to denote Aryans who are actively opposed to
Identity, such as anti-fascist or anti-racist workers.
5) - Identity also maintains a strong belief in the Second Coming
of Christ. Like many fundamentalist Christians, they believe that
Christ will return soon and usher in the Millennium - a thousand
years of God's Kingdom on earth. However, they also believe that
Christ will not return until the Aryan people have done their
duty and restored God's original plan; namely, the return of
people of color to servant and slave status, and the genocide of 
the Jews.
     Identity theology recognizes that the Jews will not kill
themselves, nor will people of color voluntarily return to slave
status. Therefore, many Identity groups are heavily armed and
engaged in weapons training and survivalist tactics. They are
prepared for a racial war - a racial holy war - as a long period
of what they call "Tribulations" before Christ's ultimate return.
The bombings, murders, and assassinations that Identity
organizations have already engaged in must be understood within
this religious and political context.
     Identity is a more militant form of British-Israelism, which
had its origins in 19th century England. British-Israel maintains
that Anglo-Saxons, and Aryans generally, are the descendants of
the Old Testament Israelites. People of color, and the Jews, were
considered inferior to the white Israelites. British-Israel
ideology moved into the United States through British Columbia
and Ontario in the late 19th and early 20th century, and
gradually became transformed into the more extreme racist and
more extreme anti-Semitic form of Identity. In Canada today, some
British-Israel organizations are more moderate, and some have
become outright Identity groups.
     Identity, as a distinct theological and political movement,
can be traced back to Wesley Swift, a former California Ku Klux
Klan organizer, who founded the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian
in 1946. Swift argued vehemently from his pulpit for the genocide
of all Jews. Another early Identity preacher, William Potter Gale
was an associate of Wesley Swift. Gale introduced Richard Butler,
head of today's notorious Aryan Nations, to Swift in 1963.
Throughout the 1970s, Butler developed the Aryan Nations, and
Gale helped create the Posse Comitatus. In the 1980s, James
Wickstrom became the major Identity preacher for the Posse.
Together, Aryan Nations and the Posse Comitatus have been among
the most violent of the Identity organizations.
     Today, there are literally hundreds of Identity groups in
the USA and Canada. The Reverend Pete Peters, a rising star in
Identity, broadcasts a radio message from Colorado that can be
received widely throughout the US. Peters is not only a white
racist and anti-Semite, but has called for the death penalty for
homosexuals. Violence against homosexuals has become an
increasing trend within Identity. An underground Identity group
called the Phineas Priesthood has recently been discovered as a
result of a series of bank robberies. The Phineas Priests special
calling is to act as God's executioners for race traitors.
     An October 1994 catalog from the Sacred Truth Ministries in
Mountain City, Tennessee offers for sale a list of 800 Identity
groups. Sacred Truth is itself an Identity ministry and book
service. It sells Bibles, Bible commentaries, the works of Wesley
Swift, of Posse Comitatus leaders, of Hitler and Goring, of the
American Nazi Party, and an entire range of racist literature.
This catalog was itself offered for sale by the Council on Public
Affairs, in Salmon Arm, BC, itself a group with Identity
     "Posse Comitatus" means "power of the county." Posse
believers, like many white supremacists, maintain that the
federal and state governments of the US have been taken over by a
world-wide Jewish conspiracy, or "ZOG": the Zionist Occupation
Government. The Posse was first organized in 1969 by Henry Beach,
formerly of the Silver Shirts - a pro-Nazi US group that operated
in the 1930s. The Posse operates mostly in the mid-West and
Western US and has more recently spawned a number of anti-tax
organizations in their region. Posse members have committed
robberies and murders, and issued numerous death threats. As an
Identity organization, they are violently anti-Semitic. While
William Potter Gale was the primary Identity preacher of the
Posse in its earliest phase, James Wickstrom had overshadowed him
by the mid-1980s. Wickstrom's sermons and literature advocated
guerrilla warfare, paramilitary training, and the lynching of
Jews, Communists, and all opponents of the Posse. Wickstrom
published a regular periodical called the "Posse Noose Report"
which featured an illustration of a hangman's rope beside its
violent Identity message. One of Wickstrom's close associates in
Kansas, Mike Ryan, had 50 automatic and semi-automatic weapons,
150,000 rounds of ammunition, and a number of Wickstrom tapes on
his farm, when he was arrested for the torture-killings of a
five-year-old boy and a young man in his twenties. Ryan had said
the small boy was a "racial mongrel" because his mother had sex
with an Indian.
     After serving a short jail term for impersonating a public
official, Wickstrom moved to western Pennsylvania where he set up
the Identity "Church of Christ in Israel." It is through this
church that Charles Scott was ordained as an Identity minister by
James Wickstrom. August Kreiss III, a former Klansman and another
Church of Christ in Israel pastor in Pennslyvania, is closely
connected to Scott. Kreiss has threatended to send armed militia
members across the US border to defend Scott. Scott also claims
to have been involved in security work at the Aryan Nations
headquarters in Hayden Lake, Idaho, and to have been ordained
there by its leader, Richard Butler.
     Richard Butler's Aryan Nations holds a unique place in the
history of organized racism. In the late 1970s and early 1980s,
Aryan Nations led the drive toward increased militancy and armed
resistance. Butler's vision of an all-white nation appealed to
large sectors of the extreme right. Aryan Nations was able to
form a volatile merger of neo-Nazis, the Klan, and Identity
religion, and became the unifying force of white supremacy.
Besides holding annual conferences and congresses, Aryan Nations
publishes two periodicals: "Calling Our Nation" and "The Way."
Both are prison newsletters aimed at white convicts, and are a
major part of the Aryan Nations prison outreach program.
     At least two ultra-violent groups have been spawned from
with Aryan Nations: The Order, and The Order II. The first Order
was led by Bob Mathews, and engaged in an 18-month terrorist wave
of armed robberies and assassinations. Of the $4 million dollars
stolen by The Order, most of it was never recovered. It is
believed to have been distributed across the country to help
finance other white-racist groups. Much of the money almost
certainly went towards the purchase of arms. Bob Mathews himself
was shot to death in 1984 by FBI agents on Whidbey Island,
Washington, and he has become a revered hero and martyr among
white racists throughout the US and Canada. In 1988, Butler and 9
other leading white supremacists were charge by the US government
for treason and sedition. All were acquitted.
     The Aryan Nations symbol aptly combines a Christian cross, a
half-swastika, and a sword: the cross indicating Identity, the
swastika glorifying Nazism, and the sword representing the
necessity for violent action.
     Richard Butler's Aryan Nations has a wide web of connections
and associations. When the American Nazi Party originally split
apart in the 1960s, two major factions were created which
eventually became James K. Warner's Christian Defense League, in
Metairie, Louisiana; and William Pierce's National Alliance, in
West Virginia. The Christian Defense League is strongly Identity;
the National Alliance is not. The National Alliance is more
overtly pro-Hitler, and retains much of the Nazi Party influence.
Richard Butler is well connected to both organizations, as well
as to several important Ku Klux Klan leaders. Close Canadian
connections are with John Ross Taylor, formerly of the Western
Guard; Tony McAleer of the Canadian Liberty Net, and associated
with the Aryan Resistance Movement; Terry Long, leader of the
Canadian division of Aryan Nations, Randy Sanders, of the Ku Klux
Klan in Alberta, and several others including, of course, Charles
Scott. Internationally, Butler has developed close ties to
Manfred Roeder, a major leader of the German neo-Nazi movement
who, in turn, has worldwide neo-Nazi connections.
     Copyright 1998 The Bethune Institute for Anti-Fascist
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