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<nettime> americana

  i've been thinking about the Harley Davidson phenomenon,
  that is, the outlaws of the 1950s and 1960s now having
  become a fashion for wealthy Accountants and Lawyers...

  then, on simulation, thinking of the 'weekend warriors'
  with the look, the sound, the material object of desire..

  potato!potato!potato! engine roar

  there goes an accountant with a cigarette perfectly posed
  off lip, full leather, half-shell helmet, and centerfold
  model on the back, as asthete driving by, charging by--

  warrior, outlaw, most certainly, the symbolic capitalist
  engine, riding motorized, the accountant, the lawyer, at
  the helm of the state, governors of policy, of direction,
  despotic, yes, the horrid beauty of perfected philosophy..

  no more simulation, it has passed unto the real, the real
  outlaw, the real demonizer is this new Harley rider, the
  one who terrorizes, not robbin-hood, but dictators of the
  wasteland, working the engine for their own kind, own mind..

  kapitalist kings and queens of the pornographic playground,
  of no rules, no ethics, no law, except that of greed, money..

  that is that, aesthetic as perfected beauty, the old world,
  the old word, and how i wonder where the old outlaw is, if
  running drugs and being on the underground is still on the
  agenda, or if it has indeed become a policy of state, both
  a state of mind and a state of weekend warriars, all buying
  and stealing their way to the revolution centuries underway.


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