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<nettime> India/Internet/Privacy

>Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 23:29:36 GMT
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>From: "David G. West" <>
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>Subject: India/Internet/Privacy
>X-Comment: Global day of action against financial markets
>Dear List,
>If this gets passed in India, and the American "battlespace" operation
>takes place, others are likely to follow suit, and we can wave bye-bye to
>the only tool we have to bring about any planetary improvement - the
>Internet. Maybe the Caravan from India to the June 18 gathering in Koln
>may have something to say?
>Kind Regards
>"The ruling BJP in India announced details of the country's first
>Information Technology Act, to be introduced shortly; it sets up a
>government-appointed Central Authority Controller authorised to monitor
>and intercept all material coming through Internet providers; senders of
>encrypted messages will have to decode their mail for the government when
>asked -- or be sentenced to jail by a new, special court to be established
>under the controller; the government will fund special, dedicated telecoms
>lines for military and civilian intelligence bureaus to monitor electronic

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