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<nettime> no deportations to turkey

No deportations to Turkey!  Papers for all!  No one is illegal!

Next Tuesday 12 January, Hasan Ay and Mustafa Tayfun two refugees from
Kurdistan are threatened with deportation to Turkey.

On January 7th, Hasan Ay and Mustafa Tayfun started a hunger strike in
the German detention camp Bueren.. Ten other kurdish refugees, who are
also imprisoned there, have joined the action.

Hasan and Mustafa belong to the 260 illegalised kurdish people, who are
struggling against their imminent deportation to turkey for almost one 

(background http://www.ncadc.demon.co.uk/news10html/sanct.html).

Both were arrested in December, when they came back from a  meeting.

Within the next days several actions to protest against the deportation 
of Hasan and Mustafa will take place.

Please express your solidarity by sending protest faxes to the minister 
of interior affairs of North-rhine-Westfalia, Dr.Fritz Behrends:

Model letter below, copy, emend or write your own.

Fax: From UK: 00-49-211-8713355  Other countries ++-49-211-8713355


Dear Dr.Fritz Behrends:
        We find it appaling that you intend to deport  
        Hasan Ay and Mustafa Tayfun (both refugees from Turkish 
        occupied Kurdistan) to Turkey on Tuesday 12 January. 
        Turkey has a appaling human rights record, it is this dreadful
        record that keeps Turkey out of the European Union. Deporting
        Hasan and Mustafa will put their lives in great danger. We      
        implore you to exercise your compassion and revoke the
        deportation orders and give Hasan and Mustafa, papers that 
        will enable them to live in Germany.

Yours Sincerely


please send a copy of the fax to Netzwerk Asyl in der Kirche
>From UK: 00-49-221-3382-281

Every activity - especially faxing the German minister-might help to 
stop the deportation.

No deportations to Turkey!  Papers for all!   No one is illegal!

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