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<nettime> going global (fwd) needs some editing!

from Fri Jan  8 08:51:43 1999
date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 08:50:54 GMT
from: (reclaim the streets)

Re Ex british Colonies and the global reach of June 18

The whole point of June the 18th is simultaneous actions acrross the world
- the idea for J18 was inspired by the global horizontal networking
catalysed by the Zapatistas and developed at the Encuentro meetings and the
coordinated actions against the G8 and World trade Organisation last May 9
(coordinated by the Peoples Global Action network see and - Other countries are coming on board , but
we need to do much more networking. There have been some lovely anecdotes
(one of them was in the J18 Bulletin no 0 - so Ive put it at the end of the
message for those who have not seen it yet - it has several bits of
international news about J18) Including someone who went to Argentina did a
load of networking about J18 there and got  replies from groups saying -
"Oh yes we have been working on it for months" - The zapatistas have seen
the action proposal and its been circulated to Mexican NGO's anarchists
groups - A Columbian situationist group is interested too !!!!! So Latin
America is being covered - but the more the better. .

As for Africa - well as always its a very hard palce to network to  - so
much more work needs to go into that.
Other European places working on ideas - Berlin, Turin , Prague,
France,Basque Country, Madrid,  any more ???? anyone out there ??

Anyway heres the Bulletin Again -

UK J18 Bulletin no: 0

"The collapse of the global marketplace would be a traumatic event with
unimaginable consequences. Yet I find it easier to imagine than the
continuation of the present regime." George Soros, financial speculator.


You are being sent this bulletin because you have shown interest in the June
18 1999 action, the simultaneous occupation and transformation of Financial
districts across the globe. This action - timed to coincide with the first
day of the G8 summit of world leaders in Koln, Germany -  is being networked
around the world and hundreds of groups are beginning to organise locally.
This Bulletin has been compiled by some groups in the UK and is just a
glimpse of how planning is going for the day. It should also act as a
catalyst and start the new J18 email discussion list working.

June 18th will be an extraordinary action - the ground is being laid for
huge social and political changes. Radical social movements from all over
the world are beginning to work together; this day could be a landmark in
that process. Never before has there been a time when co-ordinated action
across the planet has been so necessary and so possible.
But there is a lot more work to do if we want to make it truly effective, as
well as pivotal in the escalation and continuation of our struggle. Before
the news - for those who don't know what June 18th is - go to the end of
this message where you can read the action proposal which has been sent out
all over the world.


This list is now up and running. The old list is
now defunct.  If you want to subscribe, send mail to
with the following request:

                subscribe J18DISCUSSION Your Name

The function of this list is to enable global discussion about planning the
list with a bang - send in news from your own region, tell everyone how
preparations and networking are going. What crazy ideas are you having? What
kind of groups are getting involved in your area? What problems are
occurring? etc.


20,000 lovely little folding leaflets have been printed and are being
rapidly distributed. (Contact us if you want some sent to you - they are
very specific to the UK action however.)

We have been holding monthly co-ordination meetings in London (the next one
is Sunday 13th December at 51 Argyle St from 12-3pm.). Representatives from
all UK groups are welcome.   These have been well attended by a variety of
different groups including Reclaim the Streets, London Animal Action, London
Greenpeace/Mclibel, Zapatista Support groups, Genetic Engineering Network
and Green Student Network. We still need to expand the network by a long way
and involve many more sectors - women, workers, students etc.

Local groups throughout the UK are responding to the action - Edinburgh
Autonomous Centre is going to do a local action the week before J18, Bristol
and London and Sheffield groups are planning to hold a large J18
gathering/conference in the new year. Sheffield's is on January 18th @ 8pm
at the Grapes Pub, Trippet Lane. Other dates and venues to be announced.
Groups as diverse as The Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Church Action on
Poverty, Sexual Freedom Coalition, Class War, National Union of Students,
Striking Tameside Care Workers and Earth First! are discussing making the
action part of their campaigning next year, and we were pleased to welcome
the Liverpool Dockers on board last month to add to the diversity which is
the key component to this day of action. Workshops have been held at various
gatherings including the Anarchist Bookfair and Third World First
conference, Earth First! gathering and the Bradford Mayday reunion.


The proposal for action is being networked all over the place - it has been
translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Punjabi, Dutch and
some indigenous Mexican Languages. Answers are coming back from all sorts of
people ranging from indigenous groups to street reclaimers in Bombay,
Sydney, Tel Aviv, New York, Prague and more - from Radical French Unemployed
activists to international hacktivist groups, from the Peoples' Global
Action network to the Anti-MAI network.

Someone told a wonderfully inspiring story of how a J18 proposal email had
travelled from the UK - via New York, Colorado, several other US cities down
to Mexico city then to Chiapas and back to them personally - with a note
reading "wow this action looks exciting - have you heard about it?". The
power of global electronic networking can be amazing.

Much more work needs doing. Many people feel that the day will only reach
its full potential if groups in Europe and the USA and the large social
movements from the South (e.g.. Zapatistas in Mexico/KRRS in India/Movimento
Sem Terra in Brazil) act together.

The UK leaflets are doing the rounds - but there have been some other
publicity ideas:

- Stickers for ATM Cash machines
-Rubber stamping bank notes
-Posters made by screen printing onto pages of the Financial Times
-Regional meetings/workshops

There are also plans to publish a programme with action map of the City of
London (Location of key targets, stock exchanges, Bank HQ's, Transnational
Company HQ's, which will be given out before the day.)

5)SOME ACTION IDEAS for the London event:
There have been many ideas flowing around - some of which can't of course be
talked about on email - but here is a taster:

-giving out free food to city workers at lunch time
- Phone in Sick day
-get cycle couriers to strike
-prevent company directors getting to work
- lots more custard pies (The head of the World Trade Organisation was pied
in London a few weeks ago)
-Laughing all the way to the bank
-Permaculture gardens springing up in unusual places
-critical mass bike demo
-Pirate radio
-workshops in squatted office blocks
-leafletting/agitprop handed out
-Pickets and actions on HQ's, exchanges, banks etc.
-Throwing around lots of fake money
-Everyone brings a corporate share and burns it collectively
-Sound system in balloon floating above the City !

More brainstorming and dreaming is necessary....... A dream list will be put
together by the end of the month, which will be used to inspire ideas for
actions. If you have any ideas to add to the dream/wish list  email them to
the discussion list.

A special J18 web site has been designed and its url is
18. We hope that local groups will put up their own pages on it.

An amazing action which is related to June 18 is the Transnational Caravan
(working title) - organised by groups involved with the Peoples' Global
Action. This is an action tour of Europe by 500 radical Indian activists,
which begins in May and ends at the G8 in Koln on June 18th. The idea is to
bring issues affecting the South to the doorsteps of the companies and
institutions responsible in the North. If you would like to help with this
or find out more email

Let's have more dialogue and more news - June 18th has enormous potential -
SPREAD the idea NETWORK, ORGANISE local meetings, CHOOSE your favourite
Transnational Corporation or bank and find out as much as possible about
them so that you can PLAN your action, and most of all DREAM DREAM

    Proletarian revolutions will be festivals or nothing,
        for festivity is the very keynote of the life they announce.

                                                Mustapha Khayati


A PROPOSAL FOR: A day of protest, action, and carnival in financial centres
across the globe on 18th June 1999.

        ....Wherever there is oppression there is resistance.....

A proposal has been made by various groups and movements of activists from
Great Britain to hold an international day of action aimed at the heart of
>the global economy: the financial centres, banking districts and
>multinational corporation power bases.  The suggested date is the 18th June
>1999.  Movements involved include Reclaim the Streets (RTS, a popular
>movement seeking the liberation of city streets and public spaces using
>direct action, and now Western European Convenors of Peoples' Global
>Action), and London Greenpeace (a group independent of Greenpeace
>International, recently involved in a large successful battle with
>McDonaldís).  This proposal is made in the spirit of strengthening our
>international networks and follows from the success of co-ordinated global
>action during May 16-20th 1998.  These days saw actions, protests and
>demonstrations on all continents, for example over 30 reclaim the Streets
>parties  in over 20 countries - a combination of illegal carnival, protest
>and direct action, catalysed by RTS in London.  In Brasilia 50,000 landless
>peasants were on the streets, while in Hyderabad, India, 200,000 were
>protesting. These events coincided with the 'G8' meeting in Birmingham,
>Great Britain, and the third ministerial meeting of the World Trade
>Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland.  The 'G8' consists of the leaders of
>the eight most industrialised countries and exists solely to promote
>economic globalisation, ëfreeí trade and corporate dominance.
>Next year between the 18th-20th June the G8 will meet in Koln, Germany.
>The idea is to take action around the globe to coincide with this meeting.
>This also links with the proposed tour of Indian farmers/activists in
>Europe to campaign against the World Trade Organisation and multinational
>corporations.  The proposal is to encourage as many movements and groups as
>possible to organise their own autonomous protests or actions, on the same
>day (June 18th), in the same geographical locations
>(financial/corporate/banking/business districts) around the world. Events
>could take place at relevant sites, e.g. multinational company offices,
>local banks, stock exchanges.  Each event would be organised autonomously
>and co-ordinated in each city or financial district by a variety of
>movements and groups. It is hoped that a whole range of different groups
>will take part, including workers, peasants, indigenous peoples, women,
>students, the landless, environmentalists, unwaged/unemployed and
>others....everyone who recognises that the global capitalist system, based
>on the exploitation of people and the planet for the profit of a few, is at
>the root of our social and ecological troubles.
>The proposal has already been discussed by movements and groups on all
>continents, for example the Karnataka State Farmers (KRRS, India), the
>Rainbow Keepers (ecologists from ex-USSR states), Processo de Communidades
>Negras (Colombian Black communities movement), Friends of the Earth,
>Uruguay (Environmentalists), CTERA (Argentinean teachers Union), Reclaim
>the Streets (New York, USA; Prague, Czech Republic; Sydney, Australia),
>COMUTRAS (textile workers union, El Salvador), peasant movements in
>Mozambique and many more.  Plans are already well advanced in London, and
>Koln, Germany.  Ideas are flowing and enthusiasm is growing.  We'd very
>much like to hear what you think.  PleaseIf subscribe to the
> email list , send mail to with
>the following request:
>                subscribe J18DISCUSSION Your Name
>then you can email and your message will
>automatically go to other interested groups around the world to facilitate
>wider discussion of this proposal.  Or write to 'June 18th', PO Box 9656,
>London, N4 4JY, Great Britain.
>for more information on Peoples' Global Action visit
>for more information on Reclaim the Streets visit
>for more information on London Greenpeace / McLibel visit

££££££££££££££$$$$$$$$$$$$RECLAIM THE STREETS$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$£££££££££££££

"the collapse of the global marketplace would be a traumatic event with
unimaginable consequences. Yet I find it easier to imagine than the
continuation of the present regime." George Soros

 Get ready for "June 18th 1999" International Day of Action - Simultaneous
Occupation and transformation of global financial centres -


Or Go here today:

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