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<nettime> New DES contest is about to start

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It's that time again. The annual RSA conference starts on Monday. And means:
another DES cracking contest! This time, the challenge is bigger than ever:
the key has to be found within 56 hours to win the contest. 24 hours to win
the full $10,000 prize.

In the last DES contest, the secret key was discovered by EFF's custom built
"Deep Crack" computer, checking as many keys per second as Distributed.Net's
global network of PC's combined. This time around, Deep Crack and
Distributed.Net are joining forces to set a new record for breaking DES.

You can help demonstrate the weakness of DES by installing Distributed.Net's
client software on your computer *today*. Then just connect to the Net
Monday evening to automatically fetch the challenge. If you already have the
software installed, you still might want to upgrade to get one of the new
faster cores.

The client software can be found at

Happy cracking,
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