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01 . Jaka Zeleznikar   .   Aberration . . . .
02 . Sophie Lewis   .    FINAL CALL !!!  Residencies
03 . Michael Gurstein    .  CALL FOR CHAPTERS
04 . Federica Foroni Lo Faro   .   Workshopsserie 'Auteur in de Nieuwe Media'
05 . human being   .   architexturez
06 . Art McGee   .   Culture, Class and Cyberspace
07 . Joyce Hinterding   .   terra_nova
08 . Station Rose   .   The  Station Rose Newsletter
09 . Marion von Osten   .   "Antiracist Bordercamp"
10 . Arrin Crowe   .   META99 DOCUMENTARY

   ................................................................... 01

Date:  Mon, 18 Jan 1999 16:44:20 +0100
From: Jaka Zeleznikar <>

 Jaka Zeleznikar:

     **$$$     **$***b.  *$P***$F
       $ "b     4$   .$   $F e  "
      $L..$L    4$****e.  $P*$
     d"    $c   4$    JP  $F   4$
    """"  """" """"""""  """"""""

    *$****e    *$***$e    **$$L
     $    JP    $    $%    4$ *c
     $***$"     $**$$"    .$...$.
     $   ^*e    $   "$c   $"    $.
    """"   """ """"   "" """" ^""""

  4$**$**$ ***$**  .e****e  *$b  '*$*
  4$  $  $   4$   .$     ^$  $F$c  $
      $      4$   4$      $  $F "b $
      $      4$    *e   .d"  $F  ^$$
    """""  """"""    "**"   """"   "

  Aberration is a ascii www/hypertext

  Welcome. Welclick.

   ................................................................... 02

Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 17:02:50 +0100
From: Sophie Lewis <>
Subject: FINAL CALL !!!  Residencies for Media Artists in UK, Germany & Hungary

Artec . C3 . HTBA . Werkleitz

In Brief

Artec, C3, HTBA and Werkleitz will provide opportunities for artists to
create new work via EMARE 99, the fifth European media artist in residence
exchange programme.

Artists nominated through the partner organisations - Artec and Hull Time
Based Arts in the UK, the Werkleitz Gesellschaft together with the Media
Association Saxony-Anhalt in Germany and the Center for Culture and
Communication in Budapest, Hungary - will be spending up to two months
during the summer developing projects in London, Budapest and Saxony-Anhalt.

Participating artists will be provided with accommodation, technical
resources, a grant and travel expenses, as well as participation in
forthcoming media art festivals or a separate presentation of work.

DEADLINE for Applications:  31 January 1999.

(see contact and application details below)


To enable collaboration between European artists on projects with host
media arts organisations. EMARE 99 offers the opportunity for individual
artists to experiment and develop their own projects within a new context.
Single screen video/film or digital media installations will be produced
and shown at international festivals.

An archive of previous EMARE projects and more information about the
residency exchange programme and the selection process can be found at

The Partner Organisations

Artec, C3, HTBA and Werkleitz will each provide resident artists with
approximately two months basic accomodation, a grant equivalent to 1000
ECUs, travel expenses and access to film / video, sound or digital
production equipment and technical support.  In addition, projects will be
developed for presentation at the Friewild and the HTBA International ROOT
festivals.  For more detailed information about the resources of each
organisation check or contact HTBA.

For more information about the indvidual partner organisations and what
they do visit:

Artec, London, UK (

C3, Budapest, Hungary (

Hull Time Based Arts, Hull, UK (

Werkleitz Gesellschaft, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany (


Artists in the UK should contact Hull Time Based Arts immediately for an
application form and apply in writing to HTBA (artists from Germany and
Hungary should contact Werklietz or C3 respectively).

Applicants will need to include a brief project outline, an indication of
the area of technical interest, a budget indicating any other sources of
funding, CV, 2 recent photographs of yourself, documentation.

Deadline for applications: 31 January 1999

UK Applications should be sent to:

Hull Time Based Arts
EMARE Coordinator
8 Postingate

Tel: 01482 216 446
Email: (no faxes please!)

There is no age limit and knowledge of foreign languages is not necessary.
However, students are not permitted to apply and applicants cannot apply to
do a residency with organisations in their own country.

artec . artec . artec . artec . artec . artec . artec . artec . artec .
artec . artec

David Sinden
Arts Programme Coordinator
Artec / Channel

Tel: +44 (0)171 477 2775 . Fax: +44 (0)171 477 2813 . Email:
Artec web:

- * channel experimental web art projects:

artec . artec . artec . artec . artec . artec . artec . artec . artec .
artec . artec

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Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 12:35:56 -0400 (AST)
From: Michael Gurstein <>

(Submission deadline February 15, 1999)

Community Informatics:  Enabling the Community Use of Information and
Communications Technologies
A book edited by Dr. Michael Gurstein, University College of Cape Breton

"Community Informatics" (CI) is an approach for linking the opportunities
which Information and Communications Technologies (ICT's) present, with
economic and social development efforts at the community level in such
areas as support for SME's and electronic commerce, community and civic
networks, electronic democracy and on-line participation, self-help
health communities, on-line advocacy, and cultural and linguistic
regeneration among other areas.

The book will be an introduction and elaboration of the "Community
Informatics" approach, a series of overview presentations of CI
developments in particular subject areas, and a set of case studies of CI
in action in selected communities. The book will include invited papers
and contributed chapters by researchers and practitioners addressing
issues, trends, controversies, challenges and opportunities facing the
community application of ICT's into the millenium. Among the areas that
will be addressed are community access, the role of telecentres, community
oriented on-line health and wellness initiatives, local use of GIS/GPS,
public service networking and so on. The volume will include discussions
and cases from North America and elsewhere in the developed and developing

Representative topics include but are not limited to the following:

Towards a Theory of Community Informatics
Research Methodologies for CI
Technology Issues for CI
Universal Access and Other CI Public Policy Issues
CI and Social Theory
CI and Gender Issues
CI and Community Networking
CI and Community Renewal and Development
CI and Local Economic Development
Community Use of GIS/GPS
CI and Marginal Communities
Putting the Community into E-Commerce

CI and Voluntary Action
CI and the Digital City
CI and Digital Democracy
CI in the Asia Pacific Region
CI and Civic Participation/Civic Activism
CI and Community Health & Wellness
CI and Civic Networking in Europe
ICT & Government Services to Local Communities
CI in a Third World Context-Telecentres and Beyond
CI and the Evolving Role of Libraries
Culture, Language, Ethnicity and CI
CI and Distance Education/Training
CI and K-12

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit a 2-3 page manuscript
proposal clearly explaining the missions and concerns of the proposed
chapter on or before February 15, 1999. Authors of accepted proposals will
be notified by March 15, 1999 about the status of their proposals and will
be sent chapter organizational guidelines. Full chapters are expected to
be submitted by May 15, 1999.  All submitted chapters will be reviewed on
a blind review basis.  The book is scheduled to be published by Idea Group
Publishing in December 1999.

Inquiries and Submissions can be forwarded to:

Michael Gurstein, Ph.D.
ECBC/NSERC/SSHRC Associate Chair in the Management of Technological Change
Director, Centre for Community and Enterprise Networking
University College of Cape Breton
P.O. Box 5300
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-563-1369 ~ Fax: 902-562-0119 ~ Email:

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Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 14:00:16 +0100
From: Federica Foroni Lo Faro <>

Workshopsserie 'Auteur in de Nieuwe Media'

Stichting Mediamatic Magazine organiseert een serie langlopende
workshopsover auteurschap in de nieuwe media.
In deze workshops wil Mediamatic het eigene van de
interactieve media onderzoeken en beter leren toepassen. De nieuwe
mogelijkheden vragen om eigen vormen en genres. Schrijvers,
kunstenaars,  denkers en vormgevers werken samen aan kleine
www-projecten met als doel de inhoudelijke mogelijkheden van het Net=20
verder te ontwikkelen. De workshops vinden plaats in wisselwerking met
Mediamatic Magazine. De thema's die centraal staan in het te=20
verschijnen nummer van het tijdschrift, lopen parallel aan die van de
lopende workshop, waardoor een vruchtbare kruisbestuiving kan
Auteurschap van gedrag is de derde workshop in de reeks.

Auteurschap van Gedrag

De nieuwe media onderscheiden zich
van de oude media doordat ze gedrag vertonen: ze doen iets terug als je
ze gebruikt. De workshop 'auteurschap van gedrag' gaat over het bewust
ontwerpen  van dat gedrag. Op welke manier kunnen auteurs 'gedrag'
gebruiken als uitdrukkingsmiddel? In de workshop wordt gezocht naar
nieuwe inhoudelijke inzichten en specifieke vormen of genres van
interactiviteit en de praktische toepassingen daarvan in de context
van het eigen werk van de deelnemers.

De workshop begint met een inleidend tweedaags symposium. Het onderwerp
wordt aan de hand van lezingen, demonstraties en discussie verkend. Aan
het eind van het weekend wordt over mogelijke projecten gebrainstormd.

Tijdens de eerste werkbijeenkomst worden keuzes gemaakt uit de
geopperde projecten. Werkgroepen worden geformeerd op  basis van
affiniteit met de  voorstellen.  Er wordt naar gestreefd mensen van
verschillende professionele achtergrond te laten samenwerken. Het
gebruik van elkaars inzichten en ervaring brengt naar verwacht ook een
groter technisch begrip van de huidige mogelijkheden met zich mee. De
werkbijeenkomsten beginnen steeds met een verslag van de vorderingen en
moelijkheden, gevolgd door discussie.  De resterende tijd wordt=20
gewerkt aan het realiseren van de gekozen projecten.  De daarvoor
geschikte resultaten  worden gepubliceerd in Mediamatic Magazine, en
eventueel te zijner tijd gepresenteerd in club BABY.

o Inleidend symposium 6 & 7 februari 1999 met lezingen en
demonstraties. Dit weekend is ook apart bij te wonen, zonder verdere
deelname aan de workshop.

o Zeven werk- en feedbackbijeenkomsten op donderdagavond 11, 18, 25
februari, en 4, 11, 18, en 25 maart  1999.

o Eindpresentatie 28 maart 1999.

contactpersoon:  Klaas Kuitenbrouwer.
tel: (020) - 6266262  fax:(020) - 6263793

Federica Foroni Lo Faro
Mediamatic Workshops             (
phone: +31-20-626 62 62        fax:  +31-20-626 37 93
postal address : p.o. box 17490, 1001 JL  Amsterdam, the Netherlands
visiting address : Prins Hendrikkade 192 1011 TD Amsterdam, the Netherlands

   ................................................................... 05

Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 12:44:57 -0800 (PST)
From: human being <>

 architexturez: looking for a few good founding members...

 "the architexturez project is an attempt to create a place online for
 the collaboration of a distributed network of architectural students,
 researchers, practicioners, professors, critics, theorists, laypeople,
 and others interested in the study and understanding of the designed
 and built environment. there are no requirements or political allegiances
 needed to participate in this networked forum, other than to share your
 architectural ideas in public, outside of the traditional architectural
 institutions. by contributing your thoughts, you become an active part
 of the architexturez network."

 what do you think..?

architexturez: an online community for
hacking and cracking the architectural code:

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Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 04:14:21 -0800 (PST)
From: Art McGee <>

I now have my own page up for the links:

You should point to that instead of creating separate
pages or waiting for a list update. Thanks.

Art McGee

|  Organization Consultant    Institute for Global Communications  |
|  SEIU Local 790                                   IRS 501(c)(3)  |
|                     |

   ................................................................... 07

Date:  Wed, 20 Jan 1999 08:55:37 +0100 (CET)
From: Joyce Hinterding <> (by way of Josephine Bosma)

a nocturnal online sojourn, to be undertaken by nervous_objects
each night from January 24 - 31, 1999

>From January 24 - 31, nervous_objects will be presenting their third online
work, terra_nova, based in and around a stone dance hall in Pekina, South

This week long nightly sojourn will give rise to an online,
environment-driven, spatial narrative. Experimental, collaborative work
will be developed in response to the remote location of Pekina, a small
town in the wheat belt of Central South Australia.

Set your browser location to each night, where
terra_nova will be evolving.

The Pekina window times are:

19.00 - 24.00 [CAST Central Australian Standard Time]
19.30 - 24.30 [EAST East Australian Standard Time]
16.30 - 21.30 [WAST West Australian Standard Time]

8.30 - 13.30 [GMT Greenwich Mean Time]
9.30 - 2.30 [Central European Time]
3.30 - 8.30 [USA Eastern Standard Time]
2.30 - 7.30 [USA Central Standard Time]
1.30 - 4.30 [USA Pacific Standard Time]

nervous_objects are a group of 10 artists from around Australia who have
been working together for the last 2 years on a number of online internet
based projects.

For further information about terra_nova:

Funding for the development of terra_nova was provided by the New Media
Fund of the Australia Council, the Federal Government's Arts Funding and
Advisory Body.



Joyce Hinterding

5/32 Arcadia st
Coogee 2034
NSW Australia.

tel: (02) 96654096


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Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 17:59:33 -0800 (PST)
From: Station Rose <>

The  Station Rose Newsletter, January 1999

* special WEBCAST_Edition *

Dear Gunafa Netizens,

we invite you to the premiere of Station Rose Webcasting at .

We„ll be sending multimedia from the media exhibition "crosslinks"
<>, Berlin, on from Friday, Jan. 22nd 1999.

"Die Webcast_Aktive_Woche" goes from 22 - 29/1/99.
Die Kuenstler sind anwesend.

Please see exact LIVE dates on the page.

the Station Rose

STATION ROSE hypermedia (Elisa Rose & Gary Danner)
*"1st decade" (1988-98) - Das BUCH. ISBN : 3-85266-082-3
* homepage <>
* Frankfurt Conference <>

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Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 19:17:13 +0100 (MET)
From: Marion von Osten <>

 "Antiracist Bordercamp" of the campaign "No one is illegal" in Germany

>The 1999 Antiracist Summer Camp at the German-Polish-Czech borders in Saxony
>The second time the campaign "No one is illegal" will move to the EU-
>frontier between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The campaign exists
>since 1997 and is run by numerous independent groups of the antiracist spectre
>some with a confessional or trade unionist background  As we did last
>year we want to disturb the border populations' everydays life of
>denouncing refugees and migrants that come secretly across the border, of
>a high-tech armed border-police that has nearly powers like in a state of
>emergency, of a mainstream atmosphere inside the racist society in Germany
>and the upcoming of new and powerful groups of neofascists, that control
>many towns and cities in Eastern Germany.  And we want to make a point
>against the everydays chase of "illegals" along the German and all EU-
>borders which costs many of them their lifes or health - since 1993 there
>died about 90 people at the German Eastern border and, according to the
>UNITED documentation more than 1100 people along all Western-European
>borders - ; against a foreigners administration and the German legislation
>upon asylumseekers and foreigners, which is part of a system which is more
>and more becoming a means of keeping out any refugees and migrants or to
>freeze out those, who are already there. We want to make publicity for a
>radical different way to treat people that come to Europe to find a life
>perspective or some refuge from wars, civil wars or political persecution
>and  social or sexual harassments they experienced in their countries of
>origin or elsewhere.
>And we also disagree with those liberal pretenders who want to distinguish
>between the welcome asylumseekers for political reasons and the unwelcome
>majority of refugees and migrants for economic reasons. We assume that
>everybody has the right to life wherever and however he or she wishes to
>We want all borders to disappear, we want freedom of movement and
>unrestricted admission for all especially to the so-called Fortress
>Last year in Eastern Saxony we managed to get the commune officials, the
>state police and the Bundesgrenzschutz (the federal border-police) and
>great parts of the population confused or even moved them to thing over
>some of their positions. We were doing manifestations, demonstrations, a
>big 36-hour-rave, we opened some uncontrolled checkpoints at the German-
>Polish borders, we gave some free music and radio performances for some
>deportees detained in Goerlitz, we had a streetball event with a famous
>Berlin basketball player, we established an own little camp-radio, we
>attacked some Nazi-meeting-points, we we had a big "Antiracist Regatta" on
>the river Neisse and we have "won" a grand bicycle race in Goerlitz
>promoting the case of secret border crossing, helping people to do so and
>to live in dignity in Germany. And we distributed a camp newspaper with a
>high circulation to the border population to if not convince them to give
>them an idea of our demands, as a kind of letter claiming responsibility.
>And we felt the sad obligation to protest spontaneously in Freiberg at the
>Herman-Czech border where some secretly bordercrossing people died in a
>small van that crashed after a chase with/by the Federal Border-Police:
>seven of the Kosovo-Albanians died, some of the remaining 21 were severely
>This years Camp, the "1999  Antiracist Summer Camp" will be in August and
>again at or near the border triangle between Germany, Poland and the Czech
>We invite all interested groups and persons to come, to participate and to
>contribute to the camp. We want to have some more discussion in content
>this year and hope that some groups from other European countries,
>especially from Eastern Europe will be ready to give some reports or
>thesis upon the human rights and the situation of minorities, refugees and
>migrants in there country, but also artificial contributions, some public
>or clandestine actions and just the presence in the camp are welcome. We
>should all together knit an independent net of antiracist action groups
>and groups that provide support of any kind for refugees and migrants in
>Europe. By the way, there will probably be some parallel camps at the same
>time in the US/Mexico at their highly protected border, in Italy at the
>Adria coast next to Albania, in maybe also in Belgium and Austria. We want
>to establish some internet-video-conferences during that days.
>Inform your groups, come to the camp, for further information upon the
>exact date and location, keep in touch with the organizators:
>or write a letter to:
>"Kein Mensch ist illegal"
>c/o Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht und Migration,
>- Sommercamp -
>Gneisenaustr. 2a
>FRG-10961 Berlin
>And you may visit our website:
king forward to Your answers and ideas!

   ................................................................... 10

Date:  Wed, 20 Jan 1999 09:32:03 -0800 (PST)
From: Arrin Crowe <>
Subject:  ann! ...  META99 DOCUMENTARY



Sorry about the delay in the info
The project is still on.
We ran into some problems outside of the project that need to be taken
care of.

We've got someone working on a quicktime database for all clips to be
sent into centalstation.

Anything goes
Primary doc based in cyberland
but looking for hard copies also to make broadcast quality documentary.

Will send complete info by thursday of next week
Lee and Carrie



working ideas
please ad to keyword list
modify for 99

january 7 1997

Milleany Theory

milleany : an active philosophy for 2000-3= the cause, or a duck in
recognition only.

millennialism : a doctrine that the prophecy in the book of revelation
will be fulfilled with an earthly millennium of universal pease and
the triumph of righteousness.

millenarian : one that believes in the millennium.

millennium : a 1000th aniversary or its celebration. a period of
prevailing virtue or great happiness or perfect government or freedom
from familiar ills and imperfections of human existance.

catabolism / katabolism : (gk. katabole, throwing down)
                                        (fr. kataballein, to throw down)
        : destructive metabolism involving release of energy and
resulting in
true excretion products although certain new substances may be formed
in metabolic processes that are mainly catabolic - opposed to
anabolism - the enemy.

anabolism : constructive metabolism
        anabolic : relating to anabolism
        anabolite : also anabolin / a produst of an anabolic process.
        anaboly : anything thrown up, prelude, act of delaying ascent;
throw or lift up, evolutionary differention involving the addition of
new terminal stages to the ancestral pattern of morphogenesis. :
biogenesis - the formation and differentiation
of tissues and organs - organogenesis.

meta : of a higher logical type - beyond - transending

law that governs the correlative rights and duties of intelligent
beings on earth and those intelligent beings that are found in outer
space and that is based on the postulate that those on earth must
treat others as they desired to be treated.


Absolute; A-series and B-series: appearance and reality; backwards
causation: being- change-
conjunction-cosmogony-cosmology-creation-descriptive metaphisics-
determinables and
world-fact-final-cause-genus and
species-haecceity-idealism-philosophical-Indian philsophy- internal
and external relations-kind-natural-logical
causation-monism and
and nonparticulars-phennommena and noumena-plurality of
causes-potentiality-primary and secondary qualities-prime
and antirealism-relations-relations-internal and external-rigid
designator-space-substance and attribute-substratum-teleological
explanation-thing in
self-things-time-timetravel-transcendentalism-univerals-vague objects-

metabolism : CHANGE: the some of the processes concerned in the
building up of phrotoplasm and its incidental to life. : the chemical
changes in living cells by which energy is provided for vital
processes and activities and new material is assimilated to repair the
(Anabolism ; Catabolism) compare assimilation.
Nutrition, Secretion - the sum of the processes by which a particular
substance is handled ( as by assimilation and incorporation or by
detoxification and excretion) in the living world. some of metabolic
activities taking place in a particular habitat or environment...

metabasis : a shift from one subject, point, or diversion in a
discourse to another - a rhetorical device used to effect such a shift.\

Metabolite: a metabolic waste usu. more or less toxic to the organism
producing it.


a transformation, as by magic or sorcery. a marked change in
appearance, character, condition, or function. transformation of one
kind of tissue into an other; esspecially, degeneration.

[complex processes of historical metabolism involving the whole range
of human kinds cultural, social and ecomomic existence.]

metaph : metaphor; metaphorical. metaphysical

metaphrase : a word for word translation, to manipulate the wording of
(a text) especially as a means of subtly altering the sense

metaphrast : one who renders a text into a different form as by
recasting prose in verse.

metaplasm : the changing of a word by adding, subtracting, or
transposing letters and syllables.

metapsychology : Philosophical speculation on the orgin, structure,
and function of the mind, and on the relationship between the mind and
objective reality.

metastable : Designating a relatively unstable, transient, but
significant state or conditionof a chemical or physical system, as of
a supersaturated solution or an energetically excited atom.

metazoan : a member of one of two divisions of the animal kingdom,
metazoa, which includes all animals more complex than one celled

???what is the purpose of materialism???
???how does it support this document????


Lee Wells
Carrie Holt

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