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<nettime> Citizenship in the information age

"Citizenship in the information age" is the lofty title for a very quick 
paper I am doing for a foundation. It is due on January 29.

I think its purpose becomes clearer when I say that I'm looking at the ways
in which new (and not so new) electronic tools are being used by people to
become involved in political and community efforts outside their own
personal lives.  Certainly many of the nettime postings are concerned in
some way with that.

However, I'd like to make a request for readers who would like to comment on
this privately or on nettime.  I'm looking at everything from net activism
as defined by Ed Schwartz of neighborhoods online to community technology
and media centers to Electronic Disturbance Theater, Radio B52, Milles
Collines Radio, and the V2 Insular Technologies workshop and the Jesse
Ventura political campaign in Minnesota.

If you know of projects where tools are being used in new ways, where people
are organzing in ways they could not do with phone and fax and print, please
let me know. I may not have time to comment, but thanks in advance.

Steve Cisler
4415 Tilbury Drive, San Jose, CA 95130
(408) 379 9076
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