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<nettime> (fwd) war on women *another comment*

	[original to moneynations@access.ch]

martine anderfuhren wrote:

> The Taliban's War on Women:

> ************ STATEMENT:
> In signing this, we agree that the current treatment of women in
> Afghanistan is completely UNACCEPTABLE and deserves support and action
> by the people of the United States and other countries and their
> Governments and that the current situation in Afghanistan will not be
> tolerated.  Women's Rights is not a small issue anywhere and it is
> UNACCEPTABLE for women in 1998 to be treated as sub-human and so much as>
> property. Equality and human decency is a RIGHT not a freedom, whether
> one lives in Afghanistan or the United States.*****

Two important questions: What kind of support? What kind of ACTION?
The bombing of talliban bases and their leaders shelters? The rearming of
some third party to restore something that doesn't exist anymore? The
problem is always the same - and this statement (and introductory text) is
exactly on the same line of thougth that is leading the occidental politics
(specially on the USA) towards Afghanistan and many other places aroud the
world. We need a different kind of conceptual aproach(and practice!) to
deal with this problems. To be correct and to point the terror those women
are living is not enough.

cristina mateus/miguel leal

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