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<nettime> Straight edge


Minor tread, a hardcore band formed in the early eighties, was one 
of the first bands to introduce a way of living that would get
a name in the ninetees. What it is all about is to get your body, mind
and soul pure and clean. In real life it basicly means:No drugs, no meat and
no sex untill you're married or have a partner you are sure of you are
going to spend your life with. The band turned out a huge succes
in punk society. The follow up to this group, Fugazi, plays all around
the United States of America and the whole world. In February they 
play the California area with dutch punk legends The ex.

Around '93 so called "straight edge bands", known for having a black cross
written on their hand, started to become a  hype. Would it be destroyed
like so many other hypes across the world or will it surive.
As it turns out it's not doing so bad with staying alive allthough you hear
less and less about the straight edge part while the bands stay in the zines
talking about positivity, because that's another part of the story.

Something went wrong. Fundamentalism started dripping in and there goes
the neightbourhood, so to speak. You have the vegetarians and the vegans.
Vegans are, in case if anyone doesn't know, people using 0% of animal
products, this includes honey, butter, milk while vegetarians will use 
them even if they come from an animal. Vegans will say the animals are
treated as products doesn't matter in what way the animals are treated while
vegetarians will say that the named products won't cause the animals any harm.

Offcourse there is the sex part. What can you do about it. Some people 
have certain urges and you cannot judge them on wanting to have sex.
They were now the weak/fake sellouts.

And final with the positive thinking and all people started looking for the 
right lexture to read. Hare Krishna offers nice cookbooks for vegetarian and
in certain countries they have real cheap restaurants wher you can eat
that food. the "clean punks" started getting into the religion and
bands like Shelter with Ray Capo were formed. This was around 1994
Latest on them is two members are staright edge off...........

greetings ,
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