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<nettime> Stonhenge type artifact is due to be bulldozed Tuesday

An ancient Stonhenge type artifact is due to be bulldozed Tuesday, soon
after the Superbowl.

Famed NASA veteran Richard Hoagland is spearheading the attempt to change
the apartment complex plans to incorporate the site. The Miami government 
has not blocked the bulldozing and has issued all permits. More information 
can be found at:

where there's a link to:

They have the support of many leaders of indigenous people throughout the

This is no UFO or conspiracy theory. Hoagland has called for faxes to be
sent to the developer, Miami mayor, and others listed below:


* Congressional Representative: Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinem (R-FL-18th) Fax #

* Governor Jeb Bush Fax # 850-487-0801

* Lt Governor Frank T. Brogan Fax # 850-921-6114

* Executive Mayor of Dade County Fax # 305-375-6318

* Mayor Carollo Fax # 854-4001

* Dade County Mayor Alex Pinellas Fax # 305-375-3618

* Brickell Pointe Ltd. - Michael Baumann Fax # 305-375-8183

* TV Station Fax Numbers *

* WFOR-4 Fax # 305-477-3040

* WTVJ-6 Fax # 305-789-4202

* WPLJ-10 Fax # 305-325-2480

* WSVN-7 Fax # 305-795-2746
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