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arthide does not understand the web

                         no links ?

 pidgin stuttering. decelerated time. murphy brains and webs
                         and machines and codes in secret dysfunction.
confusing wild
                         and unrecognized void. constructive forgetting in

                         privacy and intimacy in the web is based on an
                         environment. more than just agreements about
                         communication it depends on agreements and
                         regarding the telematic context. in cryptologic or
                         or personal sense arthide plays with beliefs and
codes on
                         different plateaus. dis/appear, un/cover, un/wrap:
                         future games.

                         what should be shown to whom, how protected should
it be? an
                         envelope, no address to nobody, publish the access
to a
                         certain page by e-mail, use more private channels
or an
                         article? stay anonymous or personalise? when the
                         code will be commercialized and cognition be widely
                         digitalized, what will be the meaning of being
cryptic? What
                         about democratic liberties and duties in a world of
                         multinationals, e-commerce and e-communities? here
is a
                         tiny experimental space, dedicated to an artful
approach to
                         such a kind of questions.

                         sites at arthide shall not be linked to the web.
do not feed us
                         into seeking machines. do not point at us from a
                         most pages here in different ways and meanings are
                         Many are protected by password. some internal
pages, links
                         and materials occasionally show up on the
shortlist in the
                         small public area /0pub.

                         "the editor" is a board, an artificial
personality. if you are
                         obsessed by a cryptic artistic or scientific idea
for our
                         digital nirvana, this is the contact.

                         have mercy, no virii please, no worms, no business, no
                         junksex, no intelligence service or conspiracy (as
far as we
                         can be shure about ourselves). materials which lead to
                         pressure on us suddenly might go zero (and
possibly show up

                         at this address some surfers successfully were
bored by the
                         former art performance page - while the friends of
                         steganography had a jolly good time within its
black ground
                         (see: ).

                         get better software: divide micro/soft.

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