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01 . Albert Rindfleisch             . TTNEWS: kapielski / juliette
02 . Hybrid Media Lounge            . check out our new members
03 . Alondra R. Nelson              . AfroFuturism|Listserv
04 . newsletter                     . THE THING NEWS - February 1999
05 . Gerbrand Oudenaarden           . Next 5 Minutes +++ Call For Tapes !!
06 . dogfilm                        .
07 . . PD92: (7.2.99) Wizards of OS
08 . Tomek                          . communicate 2
09 . Guy Van Belle                  . Call for the 1999 Leonardo 
                                      Music Journal CD
10 . TechNet                        . Forecasting Critical Technologies 
                                      TechNet Think Tank
11 . Videotage                      . web broadcasting & seek

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Date:  Wed, 3 Feb 1999 15:42:00 +1
From: "Albert Rindfleisch" <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  TTNEWS: kapielski / juliette

hallo, ein paar termine.
macht blo nie den fehler und kauft euch so eine ergonomische krankheit 
von tastatur! immer schn auf die packung gucken!




Danach war schon
Gottesbeweise I-VIII
192 Seiten  DM 24,-

mit dem Motto:
Frher war schner.
Heute ist besser.
Frher gings uns gut, heute gehts uns besser.
Besser were,
es wrde uns wieder gut gehen.

Einladung zur Buchpremiere
Kapielski mit Musike
und das Oberkreuzberger Nasenfltorchester: Der Grindchor
Sonntag, 7. Februar 1999, 18 Uhr
Kastanienallee 7-9, 10435 Berlin




10119 berlin
Heinrich Dubel
frauen mit waffen/berliner serienmrder
crazynazicomedy- die sekte um ludendorff
die ausstellung ErratischeArchitekturkritik(nazi/porno) ist noch bis
20.2.zu sehen

peeer martiny liest paul gurk- tresoreinbruch
roman aus den 20er30er ber die legendren knackerbrder sass

peter wawerzienek$ florian gnter

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Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 14:15:36 +0100
From: Hybrid Media Lounge <>
Subject: check out our new members

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Hello from the Hybrid Media Lounge.

Dozens of new organizations joined just before the deadline, so please
back to update your network page! The relationships between organizations
are an important part of the project. (If you haven't finished filling in
your other data, this is also a last chance to do that.)

Please log in with your password (not as a new entry!) at

We have to ask you to do this by Friday, as we must edit all 350+ entries
in just a few days before we start beta testing.

Thanks again for Lounging, and for all your help and contributions. We
think you will be pleased with the result on March 11.

Laura, Geert and Marleen
Hybrid Media Lounge
Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam


Hybrid Media Lounge

Editors: Laura Martz, Geert Lovink, Thorsten Schilling, Marleen Stikker
Database coordinator: Bente van Bourgondien
Producer: Philippe Taminiau
Design coordinator for website and CD-Rom: Mieke Gerritsen
Designers: Janine Huizenga, Jan Enning, Sonja Radenkovic

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Date:  Wed, 3 Feb 1999 16:15:12 -0500 (EST)
From: "Alondra R. Nelson" <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  AfroFuturism|Listserv

Guest Moderator|DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid

Join AfroFuturism, an on-line discussion of futurist themes in African
diasporic art and culture.
Possible topics include-

        Visual Art | Digital Art | New Media and Cyberspace 
         Music | Music Videos | SciFi and Speculative Fiction 
Sign on at <leave headings and body
of email blank> or go to

This month, fellow traveler DJ Spooky that Subliminal inaugurates the
AfroFuturism listserv.  He asks, is there such a thing as digital
double consciousness? 

Check it | Afro-Futurism '99
A new series exploring new forms of African American culture that have 
emerged from the digital domains of the late 20th century, curated by DJ
Spooky at The Knitting Factory (NYC), Wednesdays in February.  For more
info go to

<AfroFuturism is an Apogee Project>

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Date:  Thu, 4 Feb 1999 02:20:24 -0500
From: newsletter <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  THE THING NEWS - February 1999

THE THING NEWS                               
NYC,  02/03/99

Yes, finally we are getting it out.  
It's THE THING Newsletter!


Vital Stats:
phone: 212.604.0698
snail: The Thing, 601 W 26th Street, NY, NY 10001



DIA Art Foundation aquires Stadiumweb. 
Moma merges with PS1.  


Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

In [projects]: 

GraphicJam, a web artwork by digital artists Andy Deck and Mark 
Napier, connects visitors into a live, online collaborative 
drawing.  A collage of creative impulses, GraphicJam is a live
mix of doodles, drawings and color created entirely by those who 
visit the web site. The project  officially opens on February 8, 
at [projects]

Like live music, GraphicJam unfolds over time as participants 
interact with the site and with each other. Visitors can draw and 
paint, choosing from a rich set of drawing tools and thousands of 
colors, easily adding their own marks to an ongoing graphical 
artwork.  Or they can watch designs unfold in their browser window
as other visitors draw. 

GraphicJam is inspired by the spontaneous energy and contrasting
aesthetics of the web.  Like the improvised creations of live jazz,
GraphicJam synthesizes the contributions of many people into one 
flowing, evolving design. It is a place on the web where anyone can 
add their creative impulse to the mix.  

Andy Deck specializes in digital drawing and animation. Over nine 
years he has developed collaborative drawing software using java, 
viewable at his website Recently, his writing 
for 'Museums and the Web 99', has addressed the transformation of 
media and the prospects for networked, independent artists.  Mark 
Napier has been making art for the web since 1995.  He is creator 
of, a conceptual net art studio that includes
The Digital Landfill, a public repository for digital debris, and 
The Shredder, a browser that turns web pages into graphical confetti.


In [audio]: 

officeradio [the mix].  The story of the cut T1 line.  An audio 
collage by The Thing Crew produced for an upcoming show at the 
Musee d'Art  Contemporain in Lyon, France.  

Interview with Manuel De Landa by Ricardo Dominguez from the Electronic 
Disturbance Theater.

Btw, you need a real player ( to get the streaming
media stuff.


In [video]: 

A new tape with three "commercials" by Momoyo Tirumitsu featuring
Miyata Jiro, the Japanese business man robot.

Collider, GH Hovagimyan's weekly talk show,  features an interview 
with Rainer Ganahl, conceptual artist and photographer of academic
superstars.  Drop in at Rainer's reading seminar in [threads], 
he needs a pen pal.  It's urgent.


    "The entire art of war consists of a
    well reasoned, extremely circumspect
    defense, and of an audacious and rapid


>From Keith Sanborn's "Napoleon, How To Make War."  The latest 
book review in [review].



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Date:  Thu, 4 Feb 1999 14:55:49 +0100
From: "Gerbrand Oudenaarden" <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  +++ Next 5 Minutes +++ Call For Tapes !! +++

Next 5 Minutes 3
Screenings & Call For Tapes

The third Next 5 Minutes, an Amsterdam based conference on 
tactical communications culture, featuring do-it-yourself media, 
dissident art and electronic media activists from around the 
world, will take place on the 12th, 13th and 14th of march 1999.

During the conference there will be a program of formal 
screenings related to the themes of this conference. We are also 
continuing to develop our already extensive archive of tactical 

During the previous editions of the Next 5 Minutes we have asked 
tactical media practitioners to contribute to our archive of 
tapes (and other media, CD roms etc). This archive is available 
to visitors during the conference for both formal screenings and 
informal viewings. Fragments of the tapes will be put online on 
our website: 
During the conference these fragments will also be accessible 
through our local network based in Amsterdam.

In previous years many groups have agreed to donate their work 
to the archive which is permanently housed at the Dutch not for 
profit, Foundation for Social Movements where it is both 
conserved and also made available for researchers. The Next 5 
Minutes 3 is an ideal opportunity to continue to develop this 
archive with its accompanying database, which will be an 
invaluable source of information both for today's activists and 
researchers and for generations to come. 

We would be grateful if you or your group would send us anything 
you consider relevant for either a conference screening or for 
the archive. A series of films and videos related to the 
tactical media theme will be screened at N5M3. There is also 
space available for screening recent material that deals with 
the conference themes. 

Videotapes, together with the tape content, title, format, 
running time, author/producer and contact person can be sent to 
the editors at 

The Next 5 Minutes 3
attn. Giselle Micolo
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam
The Netherlands
phone: +31 20 5535188
fax: + 31 20 5535194 
(address until April 1, 1999)

If you have any objections against your material being published 
online or otherwise, please let us know. We would appreciate it 
if you send us your tapes before the conference, so that we can 
include the tapes in the catalogue. 

Please contact us at <> if you have any questions 
or suggestions.

   ................................................................... 06

>From Thu Feb  4 18:04:00 1999

Dear friends,

"" is finished and will be having its premiere
at the Berlinale.
Information about the film and exact dates can be found under:

Jrg and Tina dogfilm

   ................................................................... 07

>From Fri Feb  5 04:31:33 1999

PUBLIC DOMAIN V92.0 on Sunday, 7.2.1999:
Wizards of OS
Volker Grassmuck on operating systems as public domain of society

   "On  the  occasion  of  the  current debate on Microsoft and Linux,
   "Wizards  of OS" will check out the meaning of operating systems as
   the  basis  of  the "information society" of today. Focal points of
   the  event  will  be  the  functioning  of operating systems, their
   connections   to   social   systems  (politics,  economy,  culture,
   education etc.) and the alternatives to MS operating systems."

Volker Grassmuck will present the ideas behind the congress "Wizards of
OS" (OS = operating system) which will take place in Berlin in July 1999. 
This event - meanwhile even supported by the Berlin Senate of Commerce -
will bring together people who want to work on solutions of independant
platforms for the development of a communication society. 

Volker Grassmuck is member of mikro e.V.  (  and
collaborator of Professor Wolfgang Coy at the "Institute for informatics
in education and society" at the Humboldt University in Berlin. 

By the way: Our series of events called "PUBLIC DOMAIN" is usually not
dedicated to the software of the same name, but the name itself is
program:  We want to present a wide range of interesting and visionary
topics, of which we think that they concern everybody, and we want to
create a place of open exchange. But with the topic of this month the name
fits also in the direct sense... 

Place and Time:   Sunday, 7th of February 1999 from 3 pm
---------------   at Bunker Ulmenwall, Kreuzstr. 0, Bielefeld, Germany

PUBLIC DOMAIN contact:   FoeBuD e.V.
----------------------   Marktstr. 18
                         D-33602 Bielefeld
                         Tel: +49-521-175254   Fax: +49-521-61172

Background of the PUBLIC DOMAIN events:

PUBLIC DOMAIN is a series of monthly events at Bunker Ulmenwall in
Bielefeld, which runs already since 1987. Every first sunday of the month
there is a lecture, a demonstration, a workshop or a panel discussion on a
different topic. PUBLIC DOMAIN has become an important regional and also
national monthly meeting point for all people interested in the
fascinating field between future and society, technology and environment,
science and general knowledge, art and culture and who want to exchange
with others. 

PUBLIC DOMAIN welcomes especially those who don't just want to listen, but
contribute by bringing their own work, share their ideas with others in
the network and who like exciting and controversial discussions.

   ................................................................... 08

Date:  Fri, 5 Feb 1999 09:49:26 +0100
From: "Tomek" <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  communicate 2

Communicate number two

We have got a many responses from all over the world. So we think the idea
of Avantgarde-Ariergarde Festival is really interesting one for a many
people. There are some new details about the Festival :

When  - from 21 to 25 July 1999

Where - a little town Insko on Insko Lake placed in a center of Inski
Landscape Park, surrounded by lakes, woods and little hills. Insko Lake is
known for its very clean water. 
Inski Landscape Park with its lakes and woods, and charmed little towns in
the neighborhood are ideal for walking and cycling tours.
Attention : Insko has only 2 small  hotels. For your hospitality there are
only some places in private accommodation facilities, camps. So, don't
forget a tent and sleeping bag ! For some participants organizers are
preparing lodgings in hotels, private houses or school classes.
What - music, films, theatre, off-theatre, happenings, painting and
assemblages, poetry, art theory and more...
There are prepared a few scenes for performances. Main one will be a local
movie. It will be stages for musical performances and films. Another
stages are : so called "dechy" (boards) on lake shore - for "electric
players", stadium stage - for "ecological performers", school hall - for
theatres and for discussion, local restaurant - for a cameral recitals and
discussions, all the town - for happenings and hot-minded performers,
church - for some specific "mystic" arts.

Participants - avangardist, ariergardist and sympathizers all over the
world. We haven't a lot of money to pay a great salary for everyone (if
any), but if you think the idea is good for you, you ought to participate
in a festival performances. We help you in any way we could help. Off
course all festival performances will be a free of charge. 

We'd asked in first communicate your advises and we'd get a many ones. So,
there are crystallized a first rays of an idea of avantgarde-ariergarde
movement. Most of people thinks "avantgarde-ariergarde" is a something
"out of establishment, art business, big stage". A-gardist is for you a
real A-rtist who creates not for money, not for fame,  but for Art, as a
most important part of human activity, which ought to really define a
human nature. And A-gardist aren't the people leading towards a "new
horizons", but "only" trying to reach an art nature of man. So, for us
A-gardists are both the artist looking for a new direction of art
(avantgardists-ariergardists) and "an ordinary people" creating their
"today art", (amateurs-ariergardists). Both them are an outsiders, and
both of them are closer to heart of art than "people on main stage". Both
them are A-gardist and we couldn't say who of them are "av" and who are
"ar", because "extreme sides give themselves a hands".

- could the years of art-education kill an individuality of  the
"avantgardist" ?
- might the people without any concrete education be a true "avantgardist"
We try to explain it.

What do you think - is it true ? :
A-garde hasn't a stars, A-garde has an individualist.
A-garde isn't a way of a "new", A-garde is independent of the time.
A-gardist aren't looking for fame, A-gardist are looking for authenticity.
Today so called "art" doesn't create contemporary culture, but
contemporary culture create so called "art". There is more "so called"
then "art". We are against "so called". If you feel A-gardist you create
real art. Its no matter of fact you are professional or amateur. 
"A big stage" has stolen an idea of avant-garde movement and now true
avangardist became an ariergardist like an amateurs artists.
Both they become an A-gardists.

We are waiting for your opinion about these question. It will be discussed
on festival and some of most interesting voices will be inserted in a
festival book. 
And, we are waiting, off course, for your participation in
AVANGARDE-ARIERGARDE FESTIVAL or som kind of help (giving information to
others, for example).


 adresses :

Tomasz H. Rzonca
70 - 853 Szczecin
ul.Warminska 21/1

fax: (48)(091) 433 55 69

   ................................................................... 09

Date:  Fri, 5 Feb 1999 10:06:33 +0100 (MET)
From: Guy Van Belle <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  Call for the 1999 Leonardo Music Journal CD

Call for the 1999 Leonardo Music Journal CD
Title: "Converted to Streaming Between Machines"

Deadline: March 1st 1999.

OK, 1999 today, and whatever you may think about 2000: the millenium bug
is coming! Beware! Panic will rule your life. Nothing will be the same
afterwards again. But hey, relax till New Year's eve 2000. Sit back and
contemplate about the past century. 
(e-mail re: *ahem* so now you went for the commercial approach? Throw in
some Millennium fever? hi hi hi On the cover of last week's Time mag: "The
end of the world!?! Y2K insanity! Apocalypse Now! Will computers melt
down? Will society? A guide to Millenium Madness.")

Also the Leonardo Music Journal is in a reflective mood (could that be the
real bug?). Computers, Internet, multimedia: what have we done to music?
Where is the composer, the programmer, the author, the DJ & VJ, the
artist, the broad/netcaster, the kid, the enthousiast, the bricoleur. 
Nowadays, what is experimental, new, alternative, and what is along the
lines of tradition? Who is making this all up and who is drawing the
borderlines between genres, social groups, disciplines? 
Art, Science & Technology! Is there still an audience, where have the real
people gone, and isn't there anything more to expect than what we find on
the web? Once the wavelets are in the right format, and out there,
transmitted through fiber-optic, and copied from disc to disc. It almost
seems as if the audience consists rather of the millions of machines
keeping the systems running, than the few humans caring to click and
download and listen. We are sitting in a room and waiting and thinking. 
Next question: who takes the call? 

The current musical landscape seems more diverse than ever before. But if
it is true that all media are converging - that they are translated into
the computer paradigm then, certainly music is doing its best to prove
that right! For any genre, composers have moved to the computer for
editing, synthesis, and mixing. MIDI is where we left it a couple of years
ago, and due to newer processors, we are overwhelmed with software that
allows complex sound synthesis and real-time manipulation. Furthermore,
music and sound are losing their autonomy and a growing number of
'multimedia composers' is getting involved in performances and cd-rom
editions. We are not talking about the high-end super-expensive production
software. Most of this is happening through small-scale and low-cost code,
often programmed by enthusiasts and shared all along by a growing
community of DIY noise makers. Leonardo Music CD wants to show what is
happening with shareware and freeware. 
1. Who are the developers? 
2. Who are the users? 
3. What is your music? 
But, who-ever-you-are & what-ever-you-do: take the call!

Yes, the Internet. Does it become mature so that we can speak of a new
generation of 'netcomposers'? No, this call is not about the new data
types & protocols, but about the new generation of media artists using
sounds and images and working with low data rate transfers. Netcasters
performers, DJ's, VJ's, or just people putting free audio on-line! A
growing number of creative people are building new communities, the link
is the music that streams for ever. Leonardo Music CD wants to show what
is happening out there on the Net. 
1. Who are you? 
2. Where are your servers? 
3. What is your music? 
So, who-ever-you-are & what-ever-you-make: take the call!

Finally, if there is anyone out there who feels neglected, or is convinced
this call doesn't touch ground, do contact us. Motivate why sound and
music in 1999 is different, and provide us with the appropriate examples -
euh - samples...

> Just add something saying VERY CLEARLY 
> that it is a multi-use CD, which means QuickTime, 
> software, hypertexts, graphics, pure audio, etc., 
> and that you are soliciting all of the above.
OK OK: we want to have enough diverse material to compile a cd-extra
(audio + cd-rom on 1 disk). So please, indicate the format of your
contribution. Our policy is to include any (multimedia) format that is
used by contemporary music/sound-related artists. 

For more information, mailto: 
Get us a short explanation of your proposal, describe the format(s) of
your submission, explain why you have to contribute. We will get back to
you to see what you got. We can provide you with an upload site for small
files, and with a snail address if you want to send a tape or cd-r. Good

For additional information about the Leonardo Music Journal:

   ................................................................... 10

Date: Thu, 4 Feb 99 20:05:38 EST
From: TechNet Conference Manager <>
Subject: [TECHLIST:17] Forecasting Critical Technologies TechNet Think


                          PUBLIC INVITATION
                      TO THE TECHNET THINK TANK:


                    FEBRUARY 15 TO MARCH 15, 1999


You are invited to subscribe to the World Bank's TechNet Think Tank
electronic discussion "Identifying Critical Technologies for Developing
Countries."  The conference will be operated jointly by TechNet and the
RAND Corporation's Science & Technology Policy Institute. This electronic
discussion will focus on the process of technology forecasting for
developing countries, paying particular attention to the needs and roles
of firms.  The discussion will run from February 15 to March 15.


A Think Tank is a conference discussion that is conducted entirely through
electronic means.  Approximately 20 experts from government, private
sector, academia, NGOs, international organizations and the World Bank
will discuss these issues for a period of four weeks.  The discussion will
be broadcast only to subscribers, but readers are encouraged to comment
and to pose questions.

To participate in this event, you will need to subscribe by sending an
e-mail message in the following form:

     Subject: tec4tech
        Text: subscribe tec4tech FirstName LastName

     (Give your own FirstName and LastName)

After you subscribe, you will receive by e-mail a welcome letter with
conference details from Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA), the
conference manager.  Beginning February 15 you will find the conference
contributions posted on the TechNet Think Tank archive at

We look forward to your participation!

   ................................................................... 11

Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 20:17:41 +0800
From: Videotage <>
Subject: web broadcasting & seek curator...Videotage

                              The Atlas -  Video Opera

Hong Kong Arts Festival 99                                       Exxon
Energy Limited

An Exxon Vision
                                                    (HK Time) 8:00pm.
12th -13th Feb. 1999
                                                   3:00pm.    13th Feb.
                         Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong

                 A Flowery Flowery World and Videotage production

Programme Description

Every city has its own map, and everyone who reads the map will find a
city of his own imagination. The memory of city-dwellers is an atlas -
of words, images, sound, touch, smell and taste, or of an individual or
collective mirage created out of imaginative personal time-tracks.

Based on Hong Kong writer Dung Kai-cheungs novel The Atlas -
Archaeology of an Imaginary City as a basis, composer Chan Ming-chi and
multi-media theatre worker Afa Chiang collaborate with several other
local artists to bring us a new understanding of the city.   They will
present the work by composing original music, images, installations and
body language to  a maps concept  with its all ratios, legends,
longitudes and latitudes. This programme is a contemporary music concert
staged in a special theatrical space created by video images, lighting
and dance.

This will be the first time in Hong Kong that literature, music,
performance, video art and the electronic media network come together in
a single boundary-breaking programme.  It will be an amalgamation of
concert, broadcast, theatre performance, exhibition, and literature.
Participants both inside and outside the theatre will be able to create
and experience a brand-new dimension of space and time.

Artistic Aspect

1. Stage and Visual Image
Multi media theatre artist Afa Chiang works with visual images and the
stage  setting-up to create special effects within the confines of a
theatre. Taking the structure and concepts of the book as the starting
point, local video/visual artists -Ellen Pau, Yank Wong, Wong Chi-fai,
Jamsen Law, Ernest Fung, Lo Yin-shan, Mark Chan and Choi Yee-yuen, will
create images of Hong Kong which can be associated to the performance
thematically on their own interpretation on the five movements (the
Standing Point, the Physical Stage, the Emotions, the Traveling Path and
the Next Step) of our living environment.  The screening  of these video
images during the performance will provide a visual dimension to the
performance structure and to stimulate  the  audiences appreciation of
>the total theatre. Body movement  will also be staged. The parallel
images of the live and pre-recorded images creates a dialogue about the
real life and the virtual world.

With the technical assistance from AT &T, Tiger Information Systems
Ltd.,  Mei Ah Innoweb Co Ltd., Microsoft Hong Kong Ltd. and The Chinese
University of Hong Kong (HKIX),  the live transmission from three other
locations will be synchronized with its digital broadcasting from the
theatre, which means that the on-site audience and web-site users can
simultaneously enjoy performance taking place at different places.  The
concept of such setting is to break down the physical boundary of
performance which is limited by the architectural space of the theatre.

2. Music and musical performance - The Unpredictable Universe
Award winning local composer Chan Ming-chi will focus on the drawing
inspiration and space references from Dungs philosophical contemplation
affected by the geographical changes of Hong Kong over the past
century.  Chan will write a 80 minutes Chinese chamber music work
divided into five movement for an ensemble of The Atlas Ensemble and New
Tune Music Association .

The placement of the musicians will be in accordance with the spirit of
ying-yang and the five elements(metal, wood, water, fire and earth).
Sound and colour design will change along with shifts in time and
direction.  Musicians will circulate around the audience and play the
sheng, whose long sustained sounds represent the frozen moment in time
of non-existence in the womb of the Universe.  In addition, the
impressions conveyed by the performers interact with other image media
so that all participants - performers, audience, listeners - will
realize that a map goes beyond any boundaries of space and time to
create a pluralistic space of complexity.

Technological Aspect
This production tries to utilize technology as a tool to break down the
physical boundary of the performance which is limited by the
architectural space of the theatre.

1. ISDN transmission
Other than the pre-recorded video, live images will also boardcasted
during the performance. ISDN lease line will be used to transmit images
of three different live happenings from three selected locations - the
Central escalator, Cafe Visage Too and the Videotage office back to the
theatre.  This adds an extra spatial and temporal dimension to the
performance. The multiple layers of image will give an ambiguity meaning
to the definition of real/delay time and the different location/space
while the audience is watching the performance.

2. Internet broadcast
The performance in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the images of the
other locations will be live broadcasted over the internet using the
Microsoft Winnov internet broadcast software programme and internet
technology.  Internet broadcasting is a rapid growing trend on the net
because it allows any form of events, for instance concerts, to be
broadcasted through the internet network to millions of audience in the
world at the same time without going through the channels of TV or
radio.  It creates a cyber event which allows internet users from all
over the world  to view the performance at a different angle at the same
time as the audience inside the theatre.

3. Web Page -
The web page is an extended art form of this multi-layer program. The
navigator idea on the internet will provide a different aspect of the
conceptual  development of the performance. Internet users can assess
the wed page to share images and sound clips of the program. During the
show time, they can see the whole performance in the four venues by
downloading the Winnov software from The Atlas web page

This is a city that belongs to travellers.  Therefore, we must all
encompass within ourselves the easily sated avidity and instantly
satisfied curiosity of a traveller.

Give comment to us:


Curator of the Microwave Festival 99'

Videotage seeks candidates for the position of Curator of the Microwave
Festival 99. The curator is responsible for the direction and programs
of the Festival, which is comprised of an international video screening,
CD-ROM exhibition, seminar and artist-in-residence workshop. Besides
supervising and coordinating the whole festival with the staff in
Videotage and other curator(s) in Hong Kong, the curator is also
expected to hold one seminar in video/media art during the festival.
Videotage will offer the flight ticket, accommodation and curator fee in
the amount of  HK$15000.

Candidates should have strong curatorial experience with video and media
art. Interested persons are asked to submit a curriculum vitae, along
with at least two or three samples of scholarly publications or works
(VHS, slide or photo) to the General Manager,
Videotage, 9/F., Block A, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong, China
before April 30,1999.

Videotage is a non-profit artist collective that focuses on the
development of new media in Hong Kong.  Starting out as a facilitator
for collaborative projects, Videotage has evolved into an operation
dedicated to the production, development and study of film, video and
other alternative time-based media arts.

Microwave Festival

In 1996, Videotage co-presented with the Urban Council and Zuni
Icosahedron Hong Kong's first international video festival.  Today,
Microwave Festival remains the only International media arts festival in
Hong Kong. Programs include:
-International video art showcase
-Artist-in-residence programs
Since its initial launch, Microwave Festival has expanded into the realm
of multimedia arts including a CD-ROM works exhibition in 1997.
International artists and curators attended the festival included:
-Rea Tajiri (U.S.A.)
-Steve Hawley (U.K.)
-Kathy High (U.S.A.)
-Mike Leggit (Australia)
-Kate Craig (Canada)
-Eder Santos (Brazil)
-Beth Jackson (Australia)
-Hsu Cheng-ren(Taiwan)

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