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<nettime> global anti genetiX

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Please feel free to add, remove, cut and paste, translate and distribute

fellow anti-genetiX campaigners

all inclusive anti-genetiX network developing at 

genetiXlinX is a means to encourage linking up in a broad and inclusive
campaign against genetiX. Will act as filter for activists to lakota if

global anti genetiX network
The idea of a broad anti-genetiX network has received unanimous support so
far from many individuals and networks and ngos. Therefore the people
behind the PinoFacts and PinoFiction site will develop a website starting
8.2.99 at, at first on the present Pinochet page. This
will be along the lines of genetiXfaXts and genetiXfiXtion, and have an
archive and have an often updated news section to rapidly combat

They are open to ideas about how to develop it upon lines necessary to
accomodate the broad alliance. This could be anything from a newsgroup,
email groups, weblinks or a whistleblowers line etc ASK! If you want to get
involved get involved. See if they can do it, or if you prefer ask via
genetiXlinX and I will pass the message.

genetiX definition
we are not getting hung up on definitions. It can mean what you want it to

pinofacts/pinofiction network
This network have been influential in the Pinochet case in quickly
countering the 200,000 of extra support the pro Pinochet lobby got from ad
agencies, and done on a relative shoestring. They have developed expertise
in selecting the appropriate documents to make the key legal, political and
news points. They also have  connections to the mainstream press, and use
them for promoting a more accurate agenda. Their site is at
They have a developed a network of sympathetic human rights contacts,
mainstream journalists and lawyers who may just be tempted into getting
their teeth into allsorts of interesting cases and investigations, this
time with the REAL genetiX criminals being investigated, from many diverse
I have personally met one of the group and can affirm as to their
commitment, and the Pinochet work stands up to scrutiny. The idea is to all
learn from and bounce off and influence each other. They have a sense of
humour, an irreverent attitude to establishment and a keen eye for accuracy
and the relevance of a story.

There was some concern as to whether I was part of the corporate lobby,
trying to spread confusion. . PLEASE! but I understand your concern.
Although the corporate mob do frequently use these tactics,  I find it more
constructive to take a positive agenda. 
As this global anti genetiX network snowballs, please spare a thought for
the many years of direct action already undertaken by activists in all
spheres and countries, on and off net to get us thus far as a movement.
In the UK this focussed largely on road protests which are still ongoing,
though credited with having turned the tide of roadbuilding. neXt came
genetiX snowball.

The original genetiX snowball
4 intelligent, well spoken, recent graduate girls peacefully pulled up
about 30 genetiX plants each in a field in Oxford, Britain. They put the
plantX in plastic bags to prevent their pollen from escaping. There were
just those 4 girls as arranged, about 20 journalists and cameramen and no
other protest.
To deal with this outrageous snub to Monsantos global dominance and loss of
a square yard of plantX, over which Monsanto claims outrageous property
rights, the police felt it necessary to employ a helicopter and about 20
The exact legal status of further groups calling themselves genetiX
snowball is unclear to many protesters as of writing, because a wide
ranging injunction was put on the protesters including their publicity
officer who did not take part in any plant pulling or polluted pollen
escape prevention. This did not stop the movement in Britain and Ireland
which continued to grow using new names.
Its about time for the snowball posts to be reposted, long since lost in my
browser crashes, and revolve a discussion around the issues.
Bearing in mind the heavy handed way this all female peaceful protest  has
been handled  by  Brit police, courts and mono$anto, as well as recent
overzealous police activity against RTS and PGA, then genetiXlinX
understands only too well the reasons for anonymity for contributors, and
genetiXlinX will respect that, and can be a filter to genetiX website,
Diaries are useful, even if only a few words per day during events, with
changed names or a one page summary of an issue

Latest 1999  UK genetiX plantX forecast from genetiXupyours using the
latest digital thoughtwave reader

genetiX plantX planted forecast 	goodish
genetiX plantX established		fair
genetiX plantX producing pollen 	poor to none

In this broad alliance we could do with more links from anticorps, direct
activists, farmers, non english speakers, scientists, whistleblowers, art
and culture movements, peasant movements, computer people, language people
etc etc to form a global anti genetiX chain round the world. Think of a
link and make it now.

 let us not forget those
who have no access to the net
who have limited access, or use different parts of the net ie chat,
newsgroups, 	emaillists, websites, email, webemail for diverse and
differing purposes
wish to remain anonymous 

Please feel free to add, remove, cut and paste, translate and distribute
diversely or make up your own posts and spread the antigenetiX alliance

genetiXlinX will post again in approximately one week to update, but it is
already apparent that different posts are needed for different sectors, and
perhaps a shorter post next time

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