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Is there a scene developing
    or is the world around
     here is getting smaller.
           (notes from working on l'audible)

    an electronic sound manipulator
from brisbane arrives and gives a
   track to the laudanum designer
  (an old friend and flatmate from auckland)
who is working at a summer school
where an artist who used to live across
  the road from us is attending,
he to hands over a track;

   -i hear that his track sounds
          like cut up electronic dada-

   the summer school is put on by an
institute where a friend from dunedin is
  working. The guy from brisbane is
making music with a sydney based
     music freak who i sat with to have a coffee
          and get more tracks for the station;

    -music made from fan heater
                    and thunder storm-

  I meet up with a sydney based artist/sound maker
 and the brisbane guy is there...
perhaps i've been to at least four events over
the last few weeks where he has been...
    I try to talk to them but the music is too loud
          at frigid;
      and there is a film with men in orange jumpsuits.

  then while out at The House of Laudanum putting
             these tracks up
        a sydney artist who lives across the
road comes in with a double GATE fold
     album of an outfit from dunedin and proceeds
       to put two tracks up!

         			  dunedin will always follow.

  c a  l  e  b..._K

             references to
                -mutanté frequenté
               -kazumichi grime
-                     all at l'audible

-                       pfe at
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