Christine Treguier on Mon, 22 Feb 1999 04:43:04 +0100 (CET)

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Here is now what you find when you connect to Black
out. Dark veil on one of the last independant free server in France. 

A wide campaign, initiated by the Mini Rezo has started : "Defeat
Internet" connected to the official "Fete de l'Internet" programmed
for march 19/21 in France.See

We need international support in this battle to defend our freedom of
expression. Join the action, propagate widely.

We also urgently need financial participation to help Valentin in the
Halliday case ( see on money beeing
gathered, then Halliday lawyers will have to go for a real trial "sur
le fond", and allow us to argument and speak up. Every donation is
welcome, again on

Thanks to you all

Le Comite Valentin STOPS

     After 6 trials and judicial attacks for having permitted public
expression of citizens, I give up.

	The 47634  internet accounts hosted by are goin,g to
disappear, or to turn into advertising boards, somewhere else. The
societe du spectacle will have their skin, anyway.

     From these 47634 sites, only one stays :, to
understand what has happened. 

	Everything is not finished yet, everything can start again, but not
as long as I virtually owe several million francs to the civil
It's up to you to play, Messieurs les Politiques, the computer guy is
going to cultivate his garden. 

          Merchants not wanted - the cadaver is not for sale.

          Valentin Lacambre.
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