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01 . Reception             . The Citizens by Nick Crowe - launch 
                             tomorrow at 7:30GMT 
02 . CyberSalon Announce   . New Media Freelance Network
03 . Yvonne Volkart        . New Cyberfeminist International
04 . switch                . David Ross (SFMoMa) Lecture 
                             @ SJSU on 3/2
06 . Shane Walter - Arawak . onedotzero/FVU - heavy rotation prog 
                             keeps on spinning.
07 . [ear]                 . confusion solving

   ................................................................... 01

Date:  Fri, 26 Feb 1999 14:59:10 +0100
From: Reception <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  The Citizens by Nick Crowe - launch tomorrow at
7:30GMT      fgh

The Citizens
                Nick Crowe

...Ron and Nancy want to get in touch with Anne Francis ...
......Tim and Wendy want to show off their adorable daughter Sahara ...
.........Roy and Loyd are Gay and Proud ...
............Ryan is (possibly) autistic ...
...............Russell goes to Demolition Derbies ...

Channel and Book Works are delighted to announce the launch of The
by Nick Crowe at the ICA, London and at
on Saturday, 27 February 1999 at 7.30pm GMT

The Citizens is a new digital and book work marking a particular moment in
the development of the internet. It is a tribute to people's constant
desire to participate in the beginning of the future.

Nick Crowe has worked with the web sites of private individuals,
downloading hundreds of homepages, translating some of them from digital
code to simple line drawings that have been traced onto typographic detail
paper, and then returned back to code again - electronically 'gathered and
bound' and released back on the net as a downloadable movie.

Looking at the way the early internet has been claimed as a space for the
idiosyncratic and the banal, The Citizens presents a fascinating
sociological snapshot of its users through the means of their (digital)
self-representation. Often basic in layout and design, an individual's
homepage will usually be a simple photograph with a few paragraphs about
jobs, hobbies and family. Margo Barbour's website (dedicated to 'my son,
life, my Tyler-Logan') is mainly photographs of herself, her son and her
dead stepfather. Ron and Nancy Cutler's site shows pictures of 'Beautiful
Edmonton' and of a young girl in 1974. They'd love to hear from her. She'd
be about 29 now.

Nick Crowe has produced a work that is made both for and about the
in an attempt to understand it as a human space where the particulars of
everyday life really are as important as the revolutionary aspects of
digital communication. Essentially a site specific piece of work, it
the digital space as a populated landscape wherein patterns of human
activity can be read and understood.  The resulting publications - a book
of homepages existing both as a unique, lavishly bound work on paper and
1000 downloadable, numbered movie copies - has been co-published by
Channel/Artec and Book Works, and brings into play both old and new
technologies to present a picture of the internet as a space more
remarkable for its familiarity than for its strangeness.

Nick Crowe is an artist whose recent projects include, Projects for the
River Medlock, Artranspennine98; Ten Point Plan for a Better Helsinki,
KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki
(; Artaids, ISEA97,
Chicago and Mugger Music, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York. His
work has also been shown at The Annual Programme, Manchester; Transmission
Gallery, Glasgow; City Racing, London and the ICA London.  Forthcoming
exhibitions include Gallerie Celeste & Eliot, Zurich; Parts Gallery,
Minneapolis and Northview Gallery, Portland.  His 1996 work One Day and
of the Night is scheduled for release on CD-Rom to be published by
Channel/Artec during 1999.  Artec and Book Works have also previously
worked together to co-publish the Rehearsal of Memory CD-Rom by Graham
Harwood in 1996.

The Citizens will be launched tomorrow evening at the ICA in conjunction
with Two Speakers, a new sound work by Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson.  You
are cordially invited to attend - bring with you a print out of this mail
(to get free access past the ferocious ICA ticket desk) and a zip disk if
you would like to download a personal numbered copy of The Citizens during
the launch.

Personal copies of The Citizens limited edition movie can be downloaded in
Mac and PC versions (until they run out!) from Channel

The Citizens has been produced with the financial support of North West
Arts Board.  Channel/Artec and Book Works would like to thank the ICA for
launching this new work. For further information about The Citizens please
contact David Sinden at Artec on +44 (0)171 477 2775 or email

channel . commissions . residencies . network projects . information .
debate . webcasts . channel

The Citizens by Nick Crowe
a limited edition numbered movie download in PC or Mac format from

CHANNEL is is a unique home for collaborative and experimental networked
arts projects, debate and resources.

CHANNEL is funded by the Arts Council of England and managed by Artec who
provide production resources and artists' residency programmes.

For more information about Channel projects contact:
David Sinden, Arts Programme Coordinator, Artec on +44 171 477 2775 or

Editorial and design: Pete Gomes . Programming and artists' support: Andi

channel . commissions . residencies . network projects . information .
debate . webcasts . channel

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Date:  Fri, 26 Feb 1999 17:23:02 +0000
From: CyberSalon Announce <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  New Media Freelance Network

New Media Freelance Network

Programme and Venue announcement.

Jackson's Lane Community Centre.
269a Archway Road
London N6 5AA
Location: opposite Highgate Tube on the Northern Line, in the big Old

The evening starts on Wednesday the 3rd of March at: 6.30pm, and this is
a free event!

You are welcome to bring a Freelance or Contracting Friend

Theme : How to market yourself
Hear directly from the people you want to work with.  Work out how to
get them to notice you !

Guest speakers from Perfect World, The Hub Communications and Recruit
Media will tell you what they look for in a Freelancer or Contractor and
where they find their contacts.

In the second part of the evening we will be discussing ideas about what
the Network could do for you, it is your chance to have your say and
shape the network.

The evening finishes in the Caf and Bar!

See you there!
Vicki Wusche
Course Director

Dr. Richard Barbrook
Hypermedia Research Centre
School of Communications, Design & Media
University of Westminster
Watford Road
Northwick Park

+44 (0)171-911-5000 x 4590

"...the History of the World is nothing but the development
of the Idea of Freedom." - Georg Hegel

If you would like to keep in touch with what is happening at the HRC, you
can subscribe to our Friends mailing list on:

   ................................................................... 03

Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 12:55:36 +0100 (MET)
From: Yvonne Volkart <>
Subject: New Cyberfeminist International

The "next Cyberfeminist International",
organized by the Old Boys Network
in cooperation with tech-women and next5minutes,
is going to take place in Rotterdam,
March 8-11, 1999.

This conference is a follow-up of the
"First Cyberfeminist International"
which has been held in Sept. 1997
at documenta x in Kassel.

Please check our website for info and complete program.

Yvonne Volkart   Riedtlistrasse 30   CH-8006 Zuerich
fon/fax 0041 1 362 41 09  e-mail:

   ................................................................... 04

Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 23:55:48 +0000
From: switch <>
Subject: David Ross (SFMoMa) Lecture @ SJSU on 3/2

David Ross, Director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Tuesday, March 2nd, 1999    7:00 p.m.     Engineering Auditorium, San
Jose State University, Downtown San Jose (See below for directions).
All Lectures are free and open to the public. The event will be web
simulcast and may  be accessed via Switch <>.


David Ross, Director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, will be
discussing his perceptions of the emerging scene, the curatorial

challenges presented to the SFMOMA and appropriate theoretical
frameworks for its appreciation. Tuesday nights presentation will be in
the form of a dialogue with the audience.

David Ross has held positions at museums in Syracuse, Long Beach,
Berkeley's BAM, Boston, and New York's Whitney Museum.  He has also
taught at UCSD, SFAI, and Harvard. He is internationally recognized for
his curatorial endeavors involving Video Art.


Sponsored by:  The CADRE Institute, School of Art and Design and the
SJSU Fine Art Galleries

for information contact:    Art Gallery  Office   408-924-4328

To get there from the 280 north or southbound: Exit 7th street, head
north to the SJSU parking garage located at 7th & San Salvador (Parking
$2.00).  From the garage, walk north through campus, as if still on 7th.
The Engineering building will be to the right hand side, adjacent to the
Clark Library. Look for event signs posted.

   ................................................................... 05

Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 09:06:24 -0800 (PST)
From: Station Rose <>

STATION ROSE - WEBCASTING <fontfamily><param>Geneva</param>FAHRPLAN:

</fontfamily>STR is<fontfamily><param>Geneva</param> webcasting LIVE
audio & video at

STReaming hypermedia Kunst in Realtime.

neuer Sendeplan:   THU/FRI/SUN 21-22h CET:  LIVE @home

                             *next stop: Webcast 20 *  THU/25.2.99



We started with *webcast 01*  in Berlin, 22/1/99 during <<crossLinks>

After *webcast 01- 06* from there, we are sending from HOME now, from
the Frankfurt Studio,  live-mixing soundz (Gary Danner) + visuals
(Elisa Rose), and  sometimes "STR im Gespraech" (with guests).

Dislocation is Cool.=20

Gunafa !


STATION ROSE hypermedia (Elisa Rose & Gary Danner)

* LIVE-webcasting at <<>

* Frankfurt Community <<>

*"1st decade" (1988-98) - Das BUCH. ISBN : 3-85266-082-3

* homepage <<>


   ................................................................... 06

Date:  Mon, 22 Feb 1999 16:45:57 -0000
From: Shane Walter - Arawak <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  onedotzero/FVU - heavy rotation prog keeps on

hi there

onedotzero's collaboration with the Film and Video Umbrella,
double-programme video touring package, Heavy Rotation continues it's
successful tour programme with a number of upcoming dates...


Heavy Rotation Programme 1
National Film Theatre, National Film Theatre 2, London: Tue Feb 23

Heavy Rotation Programme 1+2
Filmhouse, Edinburgh sat/sun Feb 27/8

Heavy Rotation Programme 2
National Film Theatre, National Film Theatre 2, London Tue Mar 9 8.30pm

Heavy Rotation Programme 1+2
Soho House, London, weds Mar 17

Heavy Rotation Programme 2
Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, sat Mar 20

Heavy Rotation Programme 1+2
The Junction, Cambridge April date TBC

The programme, available throughout the UK at selected screening venues,
celebrates the continuing crossover between creative areas that are
feeding into a new digital moving image aesthetic. Fuelled by a
soundtrack predominantly of electronica, both of the active and ambient
variety, images have been constructed with this sonic input as the
defining framework of each piece. Music includes: The layering and
manipulation of this sound finally finds it's visual equivalent with
these digitally-informed short films.
Heavy Rotation: Programme 1 features:

 Second Bad Vilbel/Chris Cunningham
Loci/Luke Powell
Found Sound [Bamboo]: /Grant Gee
Timber [original version]/Hexstatic/ Stuart Warren-Hill
Correspondences#1/Matthew Rudd	
music4nomusicians/Protean Vision Quest	
untitled/Laurent Benner
Timber [EBN remix]/ Emergency Broadcast Network/Coldcut/Hexstatic
States_ /OS2
270 confessional/p2
Four/Man & Martin
Found Sound: [Hypo Allergenic/Interim] /Grant Gee
Heavy Rotation: Programme 2
 U-Man /Julien Dajez
Drive All Your Cares Away/Honey Brothers
Found Sound:/[Aphonia]/Grant Gee
Timber/[Clifford Gilberto remix]/Jean-Damien Charriere
Found Sound: [Central Heating]/Grant Gee
The Suspension Bridge at Iguaza Falls/Film Unit AV
Through the Square Window/underbelly
Rev /Seoungho Cho 
Found Sound: [Lowest Common Denominator]/Grant Gee

Heavy Rotation programmed by Film and Video Umbrella in association with

onedotzero has sent this to you as we believe you are interested in this
type of work and the digital creativity area in general. We only mail
low frequency. 
If you do now want to be informed of events and related activities then
please inform us by sending an email to
<> with 'UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject field and
we will glady remove you from our list.
We apologise if you receive this more than once or in error.

many thanks.

for more info on heavy rotation visit: and

NOTE: onedotzero digital creativity festival dates: 30 april - 9 may
1999 at the ICA, London, UK.

for more info + submission details visit: or mail

   ................................................................... 07

From: "[ear]" <>
Subject: [ear] confusion solving
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 15:25:11 +0200

on the 1st of february we posted the first [ear] message, called

[ear] proposal for partnership

then on the 9th we posted the second [ear] message, called

[ear] proposal for partner activities

and it was intended mainly for all those who wrote to us that are
in [ear]

then when we received several e-mails telling us that the [ear] proposal
partner activities (which was the second posting) looks somehow
it become clear for us that this approach of separate posting creates


we would like to announce the [ear] web site, where you can find all
postings and other [ear] related information

the site is at

it is very simple and easy to read text only site.


please, contact me at

wish you all best,

javor r raitchev

[ear] coordinator
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