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<nettime> N5M3 Conference Report

<This is aimed at people who did not attend the conference>

N5M3: Report on a conference on tactical media. March 11-14, 1999.

A short time  before the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia started, a very interesting
conference convened in Amsterdam. Next Five Minutes 3 was hosted by several
groups including V2 in Rotterdam, De Waag (Society for Old and New Media), and
Paradiso. There were over 700 participants, more than 100 volunteers, and
speakers from Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Serbia, Kosovo, Lativa,, Colombia, and
most of W. Europe and N. America.  Topics included art and social change,
corporate countermeasures to grass roots campaigns; post governmental
organizations, using satellite and wirless networks; ascii art; robots as
propaganda devices; public access; cyberfeminism; the use of new media in
repressive regimes (a full session on Belgrade's B92 radio/web site); Lowtech
Slowtech Notech; Tactical education for social change; and the art of

There were dozens of more intimate and informal sessions, art and technology
demos, and much of this is covered in detailed reports on the conference web

My report (26 kb of text and 140 kb of images), only one path among the many
parallel activities and sessions, is on my web site:

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