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<nettime> Re: MMirapaul: Prix Ars .net for Linux

     [orig not to nettime; the quote is from a NYTimes article
      by Matt Mirapaul about an Ars Electronica prize being
      warded to Linux.--tb]

				Andreas Broeckmann, a cultural
                                historian who served on last year's
                                ".net" jury, said, "The Prix Ars is not
                                so much about art as it is about the
                                creative conjunction of technology
         			and human creativity."

Our eminent cultural historian is right. Well unpolitically speaking PrixArs
is not about art anymore, but policy and big bucks - what a happy couple. ;-)


PS - scenario #1

Almost may be sure that PrixNextYear will go to George Lucas of Star Wars 
xxx, it's not about movie (trivia), nor about cutting edge digital effects 
(far beyond Titanic), but merchandizing, yes merchandizing, with special
acclamation of jury and possible nomination for Nobel Prize in perspective,
since no one Mexican willage or comunity was afected by this breathtaking 
piece of art, furthermore ORF and AE dont need to acomodate and pay travel
(sky high) costs for bunch Mehicano anonymus. Evenmore there is big cut on
production expenses and great posibility that over the amazing Linzener coffe
George Lucas will provide good deal to ORF for broacasting of Star Wars xxx, 
and if everything goes well AE Center may be certificated to open first Star 
Wars shop in the Museum of Future, all that on amazing prices. So dont miss
Ars, dont mess with Art, get your favorite credit cards and see you there.

writtings on the wall
from the museum of future


NEW!!! -even more scenarios ;-)

Dear visitor feel free to explore our faq and learn more about.


Q: Why is so? (American art lover)
A: Well you know AE is biggest festival all around and we giving our best to
   match and recognize exceptional creative acheivments thru' technology.

Q: I see, but why Star Wars xxx for PrixArs? (European art enthusiast)
A: As i told already we are biggest and best festival in the Europe and
   PrixArs 2000 is great event as you may know, beside y2k project (which
   was politicaly speaking uncorect, but jury is above such insinuations)
   we were faced with problem of rather practical nature - how to give 
   Golden Nica to something which is not even bug (in the common sense)
   and even if we decide so we'll still need to incarnate authors, however
   we were working hard on our web servers in past years and connection 
   speed is great, thats out of question, in other hand our CAVE showing
   some aspects of ageing, so we decide to leave recent y2k on side.
   However second nomination for Golden Nica was person, phenomena and
   corporation, son of God, Jesus from Nazareth also known as Jesus Christ,
   altrough his divine contribution is not about creativity (in the pagan)
   sense, his acheivement is unparallel in seting of something which will
   emerge later as global model of corporate networkig, evenmore his legacy 
   corporation is still amongst strongest, even smartest - share holders 
   are everwhere but there is point of dfistinction this is not Plug'n'pray
   claim rather pure Pray concept - however Jesus was not contribute any 
   work to this year competetion, also we (jury members) were exposed later
   to unforgetable cross examination of respective copyright holders by 
   their very special lawyers department from famous Congregation for the 
   Doctrine of the Faith, or if you are not up to date Holly Incvisition.
   So was obivously for us that we may run in serious violation of positive
   copyright laws so we decide to put hands of from this 2yk bug.

   Of course some voices are argiung from very begining in favor of Lucas
   Star Wars xxx, however there was problem since we are bigest festival
   in Austria, but our jury is international and not all of jury members are
   Star Wars xxx fans (what is of course big plus in the terms of objectivity)
   but no one of them was waiting for more than 48+ hours in row for tickets
   no one of them was saw movie (trivia anyway) but all of them were buy/order
   more than (in value) $100 products from Star War creative productions 
   merchandising, all of them are happy users and this venue is wide accepted
   and recognized by jury members as great place for philosophical advancement
   and exchange of Star War puppets and accesories as well, in great social
   context common and familiar (unlike situation from past year when nobody
   from the jury was familiar with, not to speak active user of system 
   nominated and awarded as winning Golden Nica project) to anybody. 
   At very dawn of new millenia we greeting the world and looking forward 
   to make it better place join to us AE SW merchandise program and find your
   self out of system realted issues be active* part of it.

* consumer


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