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<nettime> Re: the baby boomers war

what a mess in your revelation and permit i read it as a not so bad snap
of italian procastination and delaying in this war rather a good point of
view of what you want to analyse. i don't jeer at you and to be a so
closed neighbor of this war is not a so confortable place, that one could
envy you and first i would say. but first you have right it's always the
fucking fathers who make war, some have been even nazi no so long time
ago, but yes good joke to call it nazi generation, is fascist generation
sound good to your ears?
anyway i notice that 'Paul Watzklawicz', 'an expert in pragmatic
communication disturbances' had find what all africa call palaver for
centuries, and i am not against this idea that europe delegate its power
to kabila and to a siberian staretz kinda rasputine to decide in balkan,
after all it could be good and deep justice : i say that without irony,
honnis soit : i remind rasputine was among the rares who were against the
war, and he could be assassinate a bit more easy for that.
cause also really when you speak about baby boomers war and post 68 utopic
intellectual who would make this war it's... a sheer delirum. especially
with your examples :
when i read 'The ideological genesis of this war can be found in the
theories of Glucksmann, Henri-Levy, Finkielkraut' the epitome is that
may be you have right but exactly in the reverse of the way you said :
this guys are kantian moralists, prefect liquidating of spirit of 68, the
2 first, 2 minus habens who know how to use of 'french aura of
intellectual', the last? just an honest right centrist who remember of
final solution and wouldn't want his child accuse him to be a vacuous
pacifist. and about cohn bendit ? all his supporter begin to be -a bit-
irritate by his position. except for camembert and godard this guys are
good atlantist you know, solanas ? yes the pacifist solanas also.. how
many times he has said that usan are the only one who win ww1 and 2 ? how
many times he said usan
came only for rescue europe from itself ? keep cool head hombre : my
opinion is it pointless to said that a politician could be a psychopath,
cause what it is aimed when you said that is simply the politic, as in
hollywood movie, but when dirty harry said 'the political ? all bullshit'
harry as a good supporter of nra hold his gun for making his own one, then
you, you are just quite ok for calling usan cavalry for making some order
in your country in looking at usan by shooting movies, but if b52
eliminate to much kinda barbaric indians so close of you, you said it's a
bit scandalous... make the sound louder hombre, adriatic kinda rio grande?
you know my opinion : may be the nra have some good hidden
raesons to make war against soros, and if the nra would be the last
democratic and popular justification of the pentagon ? no joy no job but a
gang and a gun and 'pride to be born in america' for may be making a good
GI ?. and if soros want guns only for pentagon ? and america only for him
? is it not an epitome this guy become the righter of wrongs in the
greeeatest democratie of the world ? really the usan preachers are not so
good as they were, is it not america needs of kabila and rasputine too ?
hold on tigh the politc as a crablouse clings the hair of the ass hombre,
moral is most of time just slippery shit, and when somebody tell about
moral during a war be sure he had just something to sell
When  primo levi went out in the courtyard of his concentration camp
during allied bombing, he knows these staline's bombs were not sent for
save and rescue him, as all those of the other allied, he knows he was
just near a war aim, he knew better to protect him under his couchette,
just and only him and his fellow prisoners knew why they were under
staline's bombing as a spring rain.
All the rest is revisionism
you know hombre, we were not booooorn in america, our gun is logos, may be
a more lethal one, yes may be, but don't let father soros to steal it.

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