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<nettime> Natasha's reports

    I already tried to send this message, but it never appeared on
    the list. I don't know if that's because of our ISP's mail
    filters or frequent power failures in Serbia (our civilian
    electricity system is on the brink of TOTAL destruction).

    Anyway, here are some reports about the Kosovo situation,
    written by Natasha Kanditch (hlc_nk@eunet.yu). She is director
    of the Humanitarian Law Center NGO in Belgrade (I personally
    trust her writings the most).

    YHRF #8 (3-29-99)

    YHRF #10 (4-12-99)

    YHRF #11 (4-29-99)

    A letter from Natasa Kandic (in Montenegro) (5-12-99)

    Letter from Natasa (5-23-99)


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