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Boring Melodramatic Advertisements for Macromedia will not stop the war or even
educate about the war enough for it to be relevant. Design Firms do more damage
than good with their artistic protests if they create very superficial, shallow
and simplistic images of war. Which is the major problem with most large
american news outlets. The childrens singing and pictures of a happy earth is
straightforward propaganda, as if there were no mass graves in Kosovo, as if
there isn't ANY proof that anyone of the thousands reputed to be "ethnically
cleansed" by Milosovich were. 

I myself am anti-nato, and anti-Milosovich. In the days of "enlightened
propaganda consumption", the majority of propaganda implodes against itself.
NATO leaflets against Milosovich don't make anyone desert Milosovich- they just
stir up resentment for NATO. This sort of thing- and I am not commenting on
this piece alone, but much of the anti_NATO work coming about these days- just
makes me feel as though the creator thinks I am a puppet, led by the emotional
imagery of "childrens laughter"  vs my own rationality. 

Its an interesting technique for NATO to look into- how about dropping very
badly done, condescending anti-NATO literature into yugoslavia, in an attempt
to make clear that Milosovich feels everyonein his jurisdiction is an idiot? Or
Milosovich should letB92 back on, provided they play pro-NATO endorsements,
declare them sponsored by NATO, which is based on the truth- something most
Yugoslavians are so far removed from they will scoff at and grow to resent NATO
even more than they (deservedly) already do.  "Taking a Strong Stand
PublicizesThe Opposition." (Jenny Holzer)'s ( ) material
is a perfect representaitive of an unbiased look at both sides of the conflict,
which actually makes one think about the issues at hand, rather than attempt to
sweep someone away with emotional rhetoric- a practice at the very basis of
fascism to begin with.


At Wed, 2 Jun 1999 17:01:28 GMT, "MR JAVIER  BERNAL" <> wrote:

>The Shockwave File below is the first in the series of anti-bombing Shockwave 
>files create by 
>the domino design group. You may download this file for use on your web 
>page or other 
>media projects. 
>    {HYPERLINK "targetswf.htm"}View The Target Shockwave file ON
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