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From: Igor Stepancic <igor@blueprintit.com>
To: undisclosed-recipients <undisclosed-recipients:;>
Subject: POW program bg.
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 21:50:54 +0100 

We know that the time is runnig out to organize the on line chat so here
is the program. We hope to establish the caht line either from Beograd
or from Venice if get there. The dates are 19th and 20th June, time
11am-1pm and 4pm-6pm on both days. You are active participant so we hope
you'll take active role in starting the chat. The link for chat will be
on www.blueprintit.com and look for Biennial logo. We propose some of
topics. You can add any you want. We want to present the project, how it
emerged, how we gathered in group and how it lives up to now. Also we'll
print A4 size/in B/W leaflet about the project and short info about the
POWs. That includes you too so give us your approval. That will be dealt
free on biennial at all days(Italians will print it and we have to send
layout by Monday, June 7th. In order to make more people participate we
thought of organizing on line chat about the project and subjects that
are involoved. Topics will be: Communication in isolation, closed
environment. Subtopics are 1) Ways and means of communication/ How one
communicates when confined to closed and isolated environment. How does
communication goes within that environment and how it goes with outside
world. ( We suggest that teo_spiller makes contribution abut technically
most difficult way to establish contact/ via GSM/ radio amateurs and
other alternative means having in mind that one wants to communicate
from realy isolated environment, without electricity, limited phones
etc, think of worst nightmare and how would you establish connection).
2) The content of such communication. What are the contents of such a
communication. Being in isolated environment and without usual means and
technical suport it is not complete. There is something missing,
mistakes are made and so on. ( We suggest that skipsil, dan and Brigata
Es make contribution on that topic) 3) Estetics of such communication.
Does it make sense. Can and should we speak about estetics of such
communications. ( We suggest that all of you make some remarks about
that) Also inform your friends about dates/time so they can take part.
The more of us on line the better chat can get. Let us know what do you
think? Do you have any questios? Suggestions maby? Answer as quick as
you can. Time is running quickly. Love POWs from Beograd

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