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<nettime> SERBAD


                 Today we're bombing. Tomorrow we are selling.
   War is always unfortunate. But so is not being able to sell all your
   Right now we're bombing Serbia destroying the infrastructure. In a
   year or two they will start rebuilding their country.
   They will need roads, bridges, buildings, toilets and
   telecommunications equipment. And they will probably buy it from
   leading European manufacturers. Will it be your company?
   USAF dropping bombs and advertisements
Make sure you win

   You have to make sure they will buy from your company and you can't
   start advertising to soon. That's why we at SERBAD have struck a deal
   with the US Airforce. Along with the bombs we will drop your print
   advertisements for your construction or telecommunications company.
   At SERBAD we target the audience specifically. If it's a bridge being
   hit, we'll only drop advertisements from bridge builders. If it's a
   road road construction companies will be abundant and if it's a town
   hall we'll drop advertisements for everything that goes into
   rebuilding it. Concrete, carpets, toilets, tables.
Play safe

   Every advertising study shows the immense benefit of being the first.
   At this point we offer you unbeatable acces to the Serbian market. Our
   competition have no chance getting their advertisements into Serbia.
   With SERBAD they just drop from the sky. You'll own that market soon!.
   The USAF has a high level of competence, and you can be assured that
   the advertisements will not reach the ground until the bombs and
   missiles have. A patented parachute makes the commercial containers
   fall with considerably less velocity than the explosive ones.

   SERBAD and USAF putting the last advertisements into place.
   Getting ready for another campaign.

   You pay by the campaign and by the kilogram advertising with SERBAD.
   We do give discounts on large orders.
   Our agreement with USAF is exclusive so order today.
   Please inquire for prices and ask for more info at our company
   address: serbad@fcmail.com.
   That's the way to open new markets!
     Company info: SERBAD is a privately held company specializing in
   reaching new markets with effective, direct mail. USAF is a operative
   branch under the US Department of defense.

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