brian carroll on Sun, 6 Jun 1999 21:59:20 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> information archaeology

 looking for architectural research for
 i've come across this artifact from nettime's past..

 the nettime city metaphor list...

 the smooth and carved spaces

 the city metaphor

 "There are no metaphors" (Gilles Deleuze +)

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 it brought to surface an idea i've been thinking about for
 some time now.. it may be (my only) methodology..

 something about the contextual nature of information, how
 it has a start date, a place, relationships.. a space-time,
 an aesthetic, a culture..

 information architecture, to me, is a constraint, whereas
 the idea of information archaeology is about interpretation,
 about not knowing everything in advance, about not building,
 but unearthing, uncovering, revealing, excavating..

 for example, i am working on a website and creating links,
 which will rapidly obsolesce.. things change.. some of the
 information becomes data compost.. a trace..

 one can press a link and have a broken 'file not found',
 then, they can try to backtrack the url, taking bits of
 information off the path to see if any information survives..

 if nothing materializes, they can search the Internet with
 an engine.. finding or losing the data.. signifier without
 a signified..

 what happens in the coming hyperlinked economy when the
 information transmutes, transfers, disappears..

 it makes me think of a 100 year old network of information..

 and what might be called the practice of info-archaeologists...

 that of reestablishing connections, relationships between
 information, assembling meaning from fragmentary bits and

 such as a story.. such as the nettime citymetaphor list..

 what was it, i wonder.. will i ever know.. will someone
 100 years from now come across this information and know
 any more than i know about it today..?

 keyword: information archaeology, hyperlinked economy

 `architecture and revolution'


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