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Subject: Re: Does the long dark really begin? You have no CLUE !
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 11:36:21 GMT

>The Long Dark

Yes, how long has it been now... a couple
of hundred years?

>Barbarians are inside our gates.

Now this is very true.

>If Bosnia is any example, the occupation
>will be neither kind nor fair.

Kind. Fair. Interesting choice of words!

>We can expect a military governor [...] to approve what is to
>be aired on the evening news.

Well, you must be used to your share of propaganda
by now so that shouldn't be much of a problem.
>To decide which books we can read, what music we can listen to, what films
>we can watch. And, what is most important, who gets the aid and how much.

Hmm, sounds more like Hitler to me.
You know, the guy that was totally into
ethnic cleansing?

>Again, if Bosnia is any example, we can expect Serbs to get about 2% of the
>total aid that is to come.

But surely, your superhuman strength and pride
will compensate for this?

>We can expect unemployment, malnutrition, sporadic healthcare, flourishing
>black markets, and increased crime.

It's a little late to think
about that now, don't you agree?!

>But we must not despair.

Nah, if you all put your shoulders into
it you can have your military machine all
organised again before christmas!

>Those who thought they could impose their decaying culture with bombs have
>revealed themselves to the world.

As being The Guys That Get The Job Done,
however annoying or brutal the enemy may
be, whatever financial costs it may involve,
even if it means sacrificing a few thousand
civilians to save the lives of millions
(compare Nagasaki-Hiroshima).

The only problem with NATO is that they're so  s - l - o - w .

>New alliances, awakened by our plight, are forming to oppose them.

You seem to be blinded by hate,
which is fed by lies. You will not
be able to recognize this. Your programming
has been done on a sub-conscious level.
It is to be expected that you call
this a blatant lie in itself.

Since I am the one to tell you this,
you will now hate me and call me a propagandist
or a yankee-lover or whatever.

>Six hundred million against ten million.

Maybe a look at any of the several
hundred Kosovar help camps around europe
would help you with your reality check.

You do need a reality check.

>They have destroyed us but they have not defeated us.

There is no war in that sense. You are not the
enemy. You are simply ignorant, and need
to be protected from yourself.

And you have obviously not been
destroyed. Get a grip. Stop whining.

>Real resistance begins now.

Resist to reason.
Resist to compassion.
Resist to love.
Resist to diplomacy.
Resist to things taking a normal course again.
Resist to swallowing your pride.
Resist to admitting a mistake.
Resist to some form of substitutional shame.
Resist to history.
Resist to truth.

>This battle is for the mind and the soul.

Real breakthroughs often start really
small. You're on your way to solve the puzzle!

>We must stay united.

Staying united... now there's a thought!
I like it! You mean, united all over the world
or just your own pack against the rest?

>We must continue to preserve our culture, our religion, our uniqueness.

And respect the uniqueness of others
as well, please, thank you very much.

>We must not allow ourselves to be assimilated.

Imagine that... one currency... one nation...
free trade... NOOO!!!


>Branislav Andjelic

Sorry Branislav, I'm not all pro-NATO myself
but I had to counter your completely one-sided
letter. I hope you will come to realize that
you are mostly the victim of historical falsication.

You've been played a terrible trick on.
It must hurt to realize this. I'm not
being sarcasted here. This is dead serious.