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josephine starrs: Fwd: academic position available

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Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 02:10:39 +1000
To: <>
From: josephine starrs <>
Subject: Fwd: academic position available

>The following position is currently being advertised. I'm keen to get a
>good field as it's an excitng opportunity with a lot of potential, could
>you pass it on to whoever may be interested.
>The Institute of the Arts is seeking to appoint an academic in the arts
>experienced in technology in the arts as Head of its re-organised
>Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology (ACAT)
>The Centre has been reviewed recently and has had its role and
>responsibilities re-focussed in recognition of the interdisciplinary
>potential of the field and to bring together relevant activities in the
>Schools of Art and Music.  The Head will advise on curriculum developments
>and applications in electronic arts including composition, music, visual
>arts and multimedia.  He or she will also participate in teaching and
>supervision of undergraduate and graduate students and advise on computer
>operations in the Institute.
>The appointment will be made at the level of Senior Lecturer (Academic
>Level C)
>Salary Range$A57,671 - $A66,204 pa
>plus generous superannuation benefits
>For further information and any enquiries contact the Secretary, Institute
>of the Arts, Mr Ross Cornwell
>Telephone +61 2 62495702
>Closing date 2 July 1999
>Responsible to the Institute Management Group for the management of the
>Centre and its facilities.  This involves the application of new
>technologies in ITAís music, visual arts, electronic arts and
>interdisciplinary academic activities and the administrative functions of
>the Centre.
>In particular, the Head will be expected to:
>Initiate, stimulate and facilitate innovative use of technology in the
>Undertake undergraduate teaching, graduate supervision and research as
>Co-ordinate curriculum development involving digital technologies;
>Be a member of the Canberra School of Art and Canberra School of Music
>Academic Committees and provide advice to them and to individual staff
>members on applications of technologies, including computing and audio and
>video recording, in teaching and research;
>Advise the Directors on the implementation of teaching and graduate
>supervision within the Centre including the deployment of appropriate
>academic staff, and recommend with respect to revenue and consulting
>Maintain professional practice and research in own field of artistic
>Oversee computer operations in the Institute including the work of IT
>support staff and audio/visual technical services;
>Promote the Centre within the University and beyond by providing national
>and international visibility through publications, performances,
>exhibitions, software development, conferences, consulting and
>collaborative relationships;
>Assume responsibility for planning and execution of specialist training and
>Assist in the planning and development of new buildings and facilities for
>the use of technology based activities.
>Special expertise in creative and applied use of digital technology in the
>visual arts and/or music and/or multimedia.
>Proven interest in the interdisciplinary application of these technologies.
>The University has an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recruitment and
>Career Development Scheme and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
>applicants are encouraged to identify themselves as such.
>Further information is available from the ANUís official Internet address,
>http// and the Institute of the Arts Internet site is
>The University is an Equal Opportunity Employer
>The Universityís EO Policy forms part of the Selection Documentation
>The University has a non-smoking policy effective in all University
>buildings and vehicles
>Martyn Jolly
>Head, Photomedia
>Australian National University
>Institute of the Arts
>Canberra School of Art
>PO Box 804
>Canberra ACT 2601
>Phone:  02 6249 5815 (wk)
>        02 6281 0141 (hm)
>Fax:    02 62495722 (wk)
>        02 62604242 (hm)
>e mail: