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From: "porculus" <>
To: "nettime" <>,
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 18:25:06 +0200

> Yes! It is time we get back to such important issues as these...we need
to return to
> talk of Mr.Clintons sex life! What do you think he is doing RIGHT NOW?

my opinion is really the usans are lucky to be in the biggest democratie
and having blow job by the proxy delegation of democratic power of its
representatives, cause not even in their panz couldnt be concealed.
at each time i ask to an usan male or female if is it good,
i have no reponse or an haughly silent one. i am jalous. yes i am jalous
cause here in europe (except for these so old britain democratic subjects
perhaps) in our so monarchic contries when a president aka a king, a
monarch, fucks a sheepherdess (cause it could be happen sometimes)
it's -absolutely- not possible for us, the vilains, the paesants,
to have some sexual pleasure by way of political retrocession, nothing of
her sideway look above her cheeks, nothing of the twisted of her heaves
nothing of his lecherous words, nothing for the people, nothing, all for
her, all for him, all for them, nothing for us. it's disgusting. so i
believe we have right to copy the usa till in increasing europa military
investment, especialy in
hightech technologie, especialy in data acquisition system for the very
outpost soldiers, yeah when our fucking soldiers will burn the hair of ass
of a witch with flamethrower and will bake her brain with microwaves arm i
hope it would be direct send to our tv, you know those images whose
pentagon censors, in judging them quite private, only for the dirigeants :
here are what He is doing righ now for being sure america could make the
best way than all the others over the world next time. here are the
invisible hand of the adam smith's sister in a as free market as large
is the pants of a zouave, here are the public investment for dumping R&D,
here are public investment for all usan caution banking and for saying
again hahaha to fmi for the half debt of the world, here are what europa
will have to copy for having a good euro change and for politicaly existed
in the futur, here are the real results of election here : to increase the
already 2/3 of usan investment in military equipment: to coordinate
military effort in europe cause it is question of dobloons and to achieve a
threshold effect for getting back the economical and political benefit :
you know what it misses to euro for having good change, some laser bomb
collateral caution, then be sure we could share the blow job of our